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March 24, 2018 | Celebrity

Lawrence Tetteh Has Explained Why Ebony Would Go To Heaven

Akoshia Otoo/ Modern Ghana
Lawrence Tetteh Has Explained Why Ebony Would Go To Heaven

Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, the officiating minister of Ebony’s funeral ceremony which just ended said he is completely sure that Ebony will be “enrolled” in heave.

According to him, his last encounter with Ebony gives credence to the “fact” that Ebony is going straight to heaven.

He said in 72 hours before her sad demise, he had a meeting with Ebony, and at that meeting, he led Ebony to accept Christ – the condition under which one can be saved – therefore she is bound for heaven.

Dr. Lawrence Tetteh made a similar proclamation when the news of Ebony’s first broke, but he was lambasted him.

According to those who held a different view from his, they claim Ebony “was engrossed in indecent exposures” therefore she can’t make it to heaven.

But Dr. Lawrence Tetteh has asked Ghanaians to stop being judgemental.

He said they should rather, they should focus on working out their own salvation with fear and trembling.

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