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Modern Ghana Quotes

quot-img-1In terms of treatment, I prefer to die in the hands of experts than to die in the hands of a bunch of fools and illiterates.

By: Desmond Ayim-Aboagye quot-img-1

quot-img-1If you should ask me if I have any famous relative, ...without bragging I will not hesitate to tell you, my parents are Children of God, so it tells you, God is my "Grandfather."

By: Francis Tawiah, Duis quot-img-1

quot-img-1Laws are there to strengthen them that need to be corrected for perfection

By: Boaz Akude quot-img-1

quot-img-1Never belittle anyone younger in anything than you; bosses soon become subordinates and enduring subordinate steadily become leaders.

By: Collins Badu Agyeman quot-img-1

quot-img-1Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

By: Unknown quot-img-1

quot-img-1Africa as a continent is not potentially poor only that Africa is poorly managed by most of our greedy, selfish and incompetent leaders.

By: Francis Tawiah (Duis quot-img-1

quot-img-1No matter how evil money is, don't think being broke is holy.

By: Bright quot-img-1

quot-img-1Men who need guidance to be in position for correction are justified to make success a passion

By: Boaz Akude quot-img-1

quot-img-1You are what you eat, and when you eat.

By: akoAso HH GER quot-img-1


By: akoAso HH GER quot-img-1

quot-img-1The tail of a snake is dangerous as the head, only watch your steps in everything you do in life

By: DR. JULIUS KWAKU KAT quot-img-1

quot-img-1Don't be the shoemaker who goes barefoot

By: Francis Tawiah (Duis quot-img-1

quot-img-1Good health is more to be desired than wealth

By: Francis Tawiah (Duis quot-img-1

quot-img-1Desperate times call for desperate measures

By: Francis Tawiah (Duis quot-img-1

quot-img-1Honour the old ones and teach the young ones

By: Francis Tawiah (Duis quot-img-1

quot-img-1The devil's favourite piece of furniture is the long bench ("procrastination")

By: Francis Tawiah (Duis quot-img-1

quot-img-1Most Prisoners are not necessarily criminals or offenders in some way, but because either their prosecuters or judges are corrupted criminals.

By: Francis Tawiah, Dui quot-img-1

quot-img-1I rather talk to my self rather than talk to people and they showing fake to me............. Fake friends

By: Akayla quot-img-1

quot-img-1The laws are stable and neutral but we as people are inconsistent and non-abiding to the laws

By: Francis Tawiah (Duis quot-img-1

quot-img-1An excessively successful market day begins in the early morning.

By: Francis Tawiah (Duis quot-img-1


By: Asobaakosua, Kwamo quot-img-1

quot-img-1Had I known is always at last.

By: Sir Roy Kelly, Avian quot-img-1