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Polls for 2023
16-02-2023 Is Government Size Still Justifiable In This Economic Hardship?
01-02-2023 Do you support the reshuffle of the Minority Caucus?
05-01-2023 Year in Review: Has the minority served the people well?

Polls for 2022
09-12-2022 Is Ghana On Track For Recovery?
18-11-2022 Can Ghana Win The World Cup?
02-11-2022 Economic crisis: Do you support the call for Ken Ofori-Atta to resign?
14-10-2022 Who wins NDC General Secretary race?
01-07-2022 Is IMF the solution to Ghana's economic challenges?
20-05-2022 Who wins NPP Ashanti Regional Chairmanship race?
30-03-2022 Is E-Levy Good For Ghana?
20-02-2022 Do You Support E-levy?
05-01-2022 Are There Too Many Public Holidays in Ghana?

Polls for 2021
29-12-2021 Which Country do you tip to win AFCON 2021?
26-07-2021 1992 Constitution: Indemnity clause, Ex-gratia, etc... Do we still need these?
14-07-2021 Should the State continue vehicle loan arrangement for MPs and Council of State members?
19-05-2021 Should we fix our attitude or fix the country?
14-05-2021 Are the AFRICAN leaders the ONLY reason to why Africa is not UNITED?
11-05-2021 FIX THE COUNTRY: Which top critical areas do you think gov't should fix?
26-04-2021 Which Presidential ticket is your preferred choice for the 2024 election?
11-04-2021 What do you think is to blame for Ghana's revisited power crisis in recent times?
12-02-2021 Why do African Judges still wear wigs?
08-01-2021 Is Alban Bagbin's Speakership Victory Good For Ghana Democracy?

Polls for 2020
17-11-2020 What Caused Martin Amidu To Resign From His Job?
30-10-2020 Does NPP Deserve Another Term?
28-10-2020 US Presidential Election 2020 - Who Would Be The Next President?
21-09-2020 Who Stands Better Chance Of Winning The 2020 Presidential Election?
04-09-2020 Do You Believe Ghana Has So Far Managed COVID-19 Very Well?
19-08-2020 WASSCE Examination Leakages: Do You Agree That WAEC Monopoly Should Be Broken??
23-07-2020 Mid-Year Budget Statement: Are You Impressed By The Various Economic Interventions Gov't Is Undertaking?
07-07-2020 Do You Believe John Mahama Selecting A Woman Running Mate Will Change Ghana Politics?
01-06-2020 COVID-19: Do You Think Safety Protocols Will Be Strictly Adhered To As Restrictions Ease Up?
11-05-2020 Do You Believe It Is Wise For The Government To Lift Ban On Churches And Social Gatherings??
23-03-2020 Coronavirus Pandemic: Are You Happy With The Measures So Far Introduced By The Ghana Gov't??
05-03-2020 Ghana Celebrates 63 Years Of Independence: Are You Proud Of All Achievements So Far??
20-02-2020 Minority ‘boycott’ of 2020 State of the Nation Address: Is it Justifiable?
19-01-2020 Ghana Needs A New Voter's Register: Do You Agree With The EC??

Polls for 2019
31-12-2019 Do You Support The Single Currency Agenda Mooted By West African Countries?
02-12-2019 Is The Introduction Of New Ghana Cedi Notes 100 & 200 Cedis Necessary?
20-11-2019 December Referendum: Do You Think A YES Or NO Vote Will Make Any Difference In Ghana??
11-11-2019 Do You Believe Nepotism And Cronyism In Ghana's Politics Will Ever Stop??
26-10-2019 Rotten PDS Scandal: Do You Think Heads Must Roll And Shouldn't Just End At Termination?
01-10-2019 Sexuality Education Brouhaha: Do You Think Ghana Needs This Education So Badly??
28-09-2019 Recent Coup Plot Scare: Do You Believe Ghanaians Should Take It Serious?
05-09-2019 Xenophobia: Do You Agree With The SA High Commissioner To Ghana That Government Should Create Jobs For Ghana Youth
29-08-2019 Politicians Spend Hard Cash To Win Power, Do You Think Corruption Will Stop In Ghana?
12-08-2019 Do You Think Politicians Are To Blame For PDS Brouhaha??
09-07-2019 AFCON FIASCO: Coach Akwasi Appiah Should Still Handle The Black Stars
08-06-2019 Should Churches be Regulated For Abuses?
09-05-2019 Is Public Education In The Ongoing National ID Exercise Not Enough?
13-04-2019 Can Ghana win AFCON 2019?
27-03-2019 Okada As Commercial Transport Should Be Banned??
16-03-2019 On Vigilantism And Militia Politics: NPP, NDC Are All Guilty?
06-03-2019 Uprising After 2020 If Things Don’t Change - Duncan-Williams
11-02-2019 Ayawaso West Shooting: Do You Believe The Work Of The Commission Of Inquiry Will Help Prevent Future Electoral Violence??
12-01-2019 MenzGold Brouhaha: Do MenzGold Customers Deserve Government Compensation?
01-01-2019 Doom Prophecies: Should parliament pass law to regulate churches establishment?

Polls for 2018
13-12-2018 Drones For Medical Supplies Is A Misplaced Priority
25-11-2018 Kenya & Rwanda have banned plastic bags - should we all do the same?
19-11-2018 Is 2019 Budget Achievable and to Your Expectations?
24-10-2018 KNUST UNRESTS: Who should be blamed for the riots?
06-10-2018 Is Ghana's abysmal state of development solely as a result of?
18-09-2018 Fuel Politics: NPP/NDC Have Both Failed Us
09-08-2018 Should The Same Bank Of Ghana Officials Be Blamed For The Mass Collapse Of Banks??
20-07-2018 Did The Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta's 2018 Mid-Year Budget Review Meet Your Expectation??
03-07-2018 Do You Believe The Exit Of EC Boss Charlotte Osei And Her Deputies Will Pave Way For New Reforms At The EC??
07-06-2018 Anas' Ghana Football Corruption Video: The Entire GFA Machinery Needs Total Overhaul?
24-05-2018 The Nature Of Ghana's System Makes People Corrupt...Do You Agree??
07-05-2018 Do You Think The Nation Builders Corps (NaBco) Will Help Address Unemployment??
12-04-2018 Ghana Needs Underground Drainage System To Boost Its Tourism Industry
27-03-2018 Are We Serious As A Nation With A Controversial Indemnity Clause That Protects Wrongdoers?
27-02-2018 Is Corruption Ghana's Major Problem?
08-02-2018 2018 State Of The Nation Address: Did Akufo-Addo Offer Any Hope In The Coming Months?
13-01-2018 Do You Think Martin Amidu Can Deal With Corruption As The Special Prosecutor??

Polls for 2017
31-12-2017 Special Court For TV Licence Defaulters: Are You In Support Of This??
10-12-2017 Akufo-Addo And NPP's First Year In Office...So Far Impressive??
17-11-2017 Ghana 2018 Budget To Ensure Shared Economic Growth; Do You Agree??
07-11-2017 Ghana Post GPS: Do You Believe This Tech Initiative Is A Good Idea??
04-10-2017 Ghana Interested In Hosting 2038 FIFA World Cup...Do You Believe We Can Host It??
02-10-2017 Do You Support NCA Sanctions Against Radio Stations??
15-09-2017 FREE SHS Successfully Takes Off...So Far So Good??
26-08-2017 1-District-1 Factory Intitiative: Are You Impressed With The Take Off So Far??
16-08-2017 UT Bank & Capital Bank Collapse...Do You Believe Regulators Will Draw Any Lessons Moving Forward??
18-07-2017 What Do You Make Of 6-Months Of NPP And President Akufo-Addo's Government...So Far So Good??
09-07-2017 BOST Scandal: Are You Convinced Government Is Fighting Corruption??
12-06-2017 Series Of Mob Attacks In Seeking Justice...Can We Bring An End To This Street Madness??
20-05-2017 Is The Special Prosecutor Long Overdue?
12-05-2017 Do You Believe Ghanaians Have Confidence In The New Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo?
27-04-2017 Election Of DCEs Is The Only Way To End Chaos Across The Country??
07-04-2017 Disturbances of Vigilante Groups, Are Political Parties to be blamed?
20-03-2017 Should There Be A Cap On The Number Of Ministers A Government Can Appoint?
03-03-2017 Budget Day 2017: Finance Minister Has Brought Huge Relief To Ghanaians
21-02-2017 SONA 2017: President Akufo-Addo Has Brought Hope To Ghanaians??
06-02-2017 Black Stars' Poor Show At AFCON 2017: Kwesi Nyantakyi & Entire GFA Executives Must Go
08-01-2017 Ghanaians Are Confident President Akufo-Addo Will Meet Their Expectations???

Polls for 2016
29-12-2016 Can Ghana really win AFCON 2017?
10-12-2016 Nana Akufo-Addo & NPP Historic Win 2016... Were Ghanaians Simply Fed Up Of NDC?
10-11-2016 Election 2016: Do You Think Ghana Is Likely To Experience Change?
14-10-2016 Ghana Election 2016: EC's Charlotte Osei Was Right To Disqualify Dr. Nduom & Others
20-09-2016 Money Has Replaced Respect In Ghana—JJ Rawlings
22-08-2016 Mahama pardons Montie 3
01-08-2016 Montie FM Trio Saga: Should They Be Pardoned?
29-07-2016 Ghana Votes On December 7th: Do You See The Electoral Commission Ready For The Elections?
18-04-2016 2016 Elections: Will Akufo-Addo be Third Time Lucky or Mahama Secure a Second Term?
24-03-2016 Emerging Terrorist Threats: Are We Safe In Ghana??
14-03-2016 Comedy Of Errors At 59th Independence Of Ghana: Are You Happy With The Actions Taken By Government?
25-02-2016 State Of The Nation Address 2016: Does President Mahama's Statement Offer Any Relief To Ghanaians??
09-02-2016 Death of Abuakwa North MP: Should The State Give Our Members Of Parliament Police Protection??
08-02-2016 The Revival Of Tema Oil Refinery (TOR): Is Government Likely To Turn Things Around In The Oil Sector?
08-01-2016 Guantanamo Bay Asylum Seekers: Should Ghana Be Worried Over Terrorist Threats??
04-01-2016 EC Reforms: Do You Think Election 2016 Will Be One Of The Most Credible Ever??

Polls for 2015
09-12-2015 On Utility Tariff Increases: Do You Believe The PURC And Their Stakeholders Have Been Fair To Ghanaians??
12-11-2015 2016 Budget: Do You Have Confidence That Government Would Offer Any Economic Hope In The Election Year??
26-10-2015 Has Afoko Chairmanship Brought Peace To The NPP??
09-10-2015 President Mahama: Ghana needs strong institutions, not aggressive leaders.
26-09-2015 What Form Of Punishment Is Suitable For The Judges Implicated In The Judicial Bribery Scandal?
10-09-2015 Era Of Corruption In Ghana...Do You Think Our Leaders Will Ever Learn To Do The Right Things??
24-08-2015 Ahead Of Elections 2016: Do We Need A New Voters Register??
11-08-2015 Doctors' Strike Action: What Do You See From Afar, Have They Been Overly Unreasonable With Demands???
24-07-2015 Do You Think It Is Too Early To Sing Praises Over Rise Of The Ghana Cedi Against Major Foreign Currencies??
07-07-2015 Political Violence At Talensi By-Election...Do You Believe Ghanaians Should Be Worried Ahead Of 2016
12-06-2015 Rejection of Ebola Vaccine trial a sad day for science - Prof. Dodoo
02-06-2015 Should Ghana Revert To The Old System Of Education?
19-05-2015 Has NPP Become Useless And No Alternative Opposition Party In The Fourth Republic?
12-05-2015 Dumsor Getting More Frustrating...Do You See Any End To This Crisis?
13-04-2015 Should The Death Penalty Be Introduced For Corrupt Officials?
12-03-2015 The Current Energy Crisis Is The Worst Of All Times In Ghana, Do You Agree?
12-02-2015 Ghana's Major Problem Is Corruption, Do You Agree?
09-01-2015 Can Ghana really win AFCON 2015?
08-01-2015 Do You Think Fuel Prices Should Go Down Further From The Initial Adjustment Of 10%?

Polls for 2014
03-12-2014 Should churches in Ghana be regulated?
19-11-2014 Do You Believe The 2015 Budget By Government Offers Any Hope To Rebuild Ghana's Economy?
06-11-2014 Controversy At Ghana Parliament: Do You Think Our Leaders Have Lost Confidence In Made-In-Ghana Goods?
16-10-2014 Is Ghana Indeed Ready To Host AFCON 2015 Amidst The Ebola Threat??
03-10-2014 In Africa We Celebrate The Corrupt Officials...
12-09-2014 Sacking Of Coach Kwasi Appiah: Do You Believe GFA Boss, Nyantakyi And Others Must Follow Suit?
04-09-2014 Do You Believe The Black Stars Deserve Our Full Support After No Show In Brazil??
04-08-2014 Do You Believe IMF Is The Last Resort To Save Ghana's Economy?
10-07-2014 Do You Believe Ghanaians Are Tired Of Too Many Assurances And Promises??
27-06-2014 Do You Think Ghana Was Eliminated From The World Cup As A Result Of Poor Management Of The Team?
11-06-2014 Do You Believe Ghana Black Stars Can Reach The Semi-Finals At World Cup Brazil 2014??
16-05-2014 National Economic Forum: Do You Believe The Senchi Consensus Can Bring Anything New To Ghana?
30-04-2014 Rising Cost Of Food Prices: JJ Rawlings Says Ghanaians Are Hungry... Do You Agree With Him??
20-04-2014 VAT On Banking Services...Do You Think It Is A Good Idea And Are Ghanaians Ready For This??
16-04-2014 Churches operating businesses must pay tax
06-04-2014 Will the benefits for Ghana signing the Economic Partnership Agreement EPA with the EU exceed its advantages?
24-03-2014 Do You Think Ghana's Energy Crisis Could Be Over Anytime Soon As We Are Made To Believe?
13-03-2014 Grade Competency of Mahama's Led Government
04-03-2014 Ghana @ 57: Do You Agree With The Assertion That Our Leaders Have Failed Us?
25-02-2014 Would Ghana Need A Change Of Government Come 2016?
24-02-2014 On The President's State Of The Nation Address: Do You Believe President Mahama Will Offer Any Hope??
11-02-2014 Do you support ending the dollarization of the economy?
06-02-2014 Is the Mahama led government the right choice for Ghana at the moment?
29-01-2014 Do You Believe GMOs Should Best Be Kicked Out Of Ghana??
16-01-2014 Do You Think Providing Pre-Paid Systems To Regulate Water Supply In Ghana Is A Good Idea? Are We Ready For This??
02-01-2014 Do You Believe The Year 2014 Would See President Mahama Perform Better???

Polls for 2013
13-12-2013 Do You Think Our Corrupt Leaders Will Learn Anything From The Selfless Nelson Mandela??
21-11-2013 10% Salary Cut For President, Ministers: Is That The Solution To Our Economic Woes As A Country???
18-11-2013 Is The 2014 Budget Going To Offer Any Economic Hope For Ghana??
29-10-2013 Judiciary is Ghana's most corrupt institution - Dr Raymond Atuguba
29-10-2013 Ghana Has Become A Lawless State...Do You Agree?
11-10-2013 Can We Win The War On Corruption When There Is No Political Will But Only Words To Fight It?
26-09-2013 Era Of Terrorism Has Given Cause For Grave Concern...Can We Say Ghana Is Safe From Targets Of Terrorist Attacks?
17-09-2013 Ghana needs ‘thinkers' not 'talkers’ – Majority Leader
16-09-2013 Do You Really Believe Ghana Is Free And Free Forever As Nkrumah Declared On 6th March 1957?
09-09-2013 Electoral Reforms: Do You Think Any Reform By The EC Can Help Curtail Challenges In Future Elections?
05-09-2013 Do You Think Anything Can Change Should The NPP Seek For Review Of The Supreme Court Verdict?
05-09-2013 Can Anything Change Should The NPP Seek Review Of The Supreme Court Verdict?
31-08-2013 Mahama wins, but can he move Ghana forward?
29-08-2013 Was it a fair verdict?
28-08-2013 Do you think Ghana will soon be heading towards betterment if...
27-08-2013 Do You Think Justice William Atuguba Can Restore Confidence Lost In The Judiciary With A Very Fair And Just Verdict?
13-08-2013 Will Bawumia be a better vice president than Amissah?
06-08-2013 Is Mahama himself clean enough to fight corruption in Ghana?
30-07-2013 Did Mills, Mahama and Betty Mould benefit from the 52 Million Cedis paid to Woyome, since we now know from Betty Mould that Mills was aware ?
26-07-2013 Has the Mahama led NDC government made any positive changes in Ghana since January 2013?
21-07-2013 Who can move Ghana forward as a president?
17-07-2013 Who was the best lawyer so far at the supreme court?
15-07-2013 Are the supreme court judges sometimes being dictated to by Tsatsu Tsikata?
10-07-2013 Who will win, in case of a Re-Run election?
06-07-2013 The Presidency of John Dramani Mahama as compelled to that of the Late President John Evans Atta Mills, who or which is better?
25-06-2013 Is Atuguba using his position as the president of the supreme court to rule over the democratic right of the Ghanaian people?
19-06-2013 Do you think Justice Atuguba is acting more as a 4th respondent than as a supreme court judge?
17-06-2013 Will President Mahama remains or Akufo-Addo takes over or a run-off election?
12-06-2013 Do you opine that some of the supreme court judges, especially Atuguba are Partisan?
08-06-2013 Judging so far from the supreme court proceedings, can you say the 2012 election was rigged?
05-06-2013 Are the petitioners counsel being mobbed in the supreme court on behalf of the respondents?
03-06-2013 Which of the two parties seems to be loosing the ongoing supreme court case?
30-05-2013 Did Kwadwo Afari Gyan collaborate with the NDC (Aseidu Nketia) and therefore got something to hide in his testimony?
29-05-2013 Is Atuguba giving a preferential treatment?
26-05-2013 What is your judgement so far about the supreme court proceedings as at now, which of the two parties is HEADING?
21-05-2013 Which role is the King of Ashanti, Nana Otumfour Osei Tutu II playing?
16-05-2013 Is the supreme court overall, Atuguba somehow bias?
13-05-2013 Is the economist, ("Over Voting" and "No Verification No Vote") Bawumia better than his cross examiner, ("The Pink Sheet Lawyer") Tsikata?
12-05-2013 Has Tsatsu Tsikata been fair in cross examining Dr. Bawumia?
29-04-2013 Can the EC Chairman, Kwadwo Afari Gyan be trusted?
13-04-2013 The Current Ghana Economic Situation Is...
12-04-2013 Were the 2012 General Elections Credible?
27-03-2013 Is The Size of Mahama gov't too large for Ghana?
12-03-2013 Can the Mahama led NDC Government really move the Country forward?
08-03-2013 Did the budget statement offer hope for the economy in 2013?
18-02-2013 Ghana's Underdevelopment Is Due To
08-02-2013 Do We Have To Hand Over The Management Of The Osu Castle, A Property Of Ghana To The Ga Youth, As Proposed?
08-01-2013 Was Kufuor right to have attended Mahama's inauguration?

Polls for 2012
27-12-2012 Is it right for a president elect to absent himself from his victory rally?
14-12-2012 Has the EC been fair in its decisions?
09-12-2012 What is your impression about the electoral proceedings?
12-11-2012 Who Stands Better Chance Of Winning The 2012 Presidential Election?
20-09-2012 Do you think Nana Addo's Free SHS is worth investing in?
09-09-2012 Is Ghana Safe Under NDC Or NPP?
10-08-2012 Immortalize Professor Mills With Unity, Selflessness - President Mahama
29-07-2012 Do you agree that President Mills should be bury at the Flagstaff House?
18-07-2012 Causes of the Judgement Debt Menace
26-05-2012 To preserve Rawlings NDC must win 2012 elections - Okudzeto Ablakwa
14-05-2012 MTN Footballer of the Year 2012
14-05-2012 MTN Sports Personality (Year 2012)
22-04-2012 Was Hon. Ken Agyapong right of what he said?
31-03-2012 Does the NDC really need Jerry Rawlings to win the 2012 elections?
26-03-2012 Was government's decision to boycott some media houses right?
19-02-2012 Did President Mills' State of the Nation address meet your expectations?
04-02-2012 Woyomegate: The best way forward
19-01-2012 Is President Mills right to dismissed the Attorney-General?

Polls for 2011
06-11-2011 Decentralization of powers to regional levels in Ghana is long overdue.
25-09-2011 Does the NDC deserve a second Term?
29-08-2011 Should Government terminate STX deal?
06-08-2011 Is Government Buying Journalists?
23-07-2011 Will the Rawlingses break away from NDC?
07-07-2011 Is Google+ a threat to Facebook?
31-01-2011 Which Of These Personalities Would You Prefer Leads The NDC In 2012?

Polls for 2010
29-12-2010 Constitution Review: The indemnity clause
20-11-2010 Should Government impose taxes on religious bodies? (2011 Budget)
17-11-2010 Let's make Akan Ghana's official language
13-11-2010 Who is the HOTTEST female artist in Ghana?
13-11-2010 Who is better placed to represent Ghana, Abedi or Nyantakyi?
24-09-2010 Approval ratings for the last two former Presidents behaviour in public and in politics.
09-08-2010 Should Other Political Parties emulate The NPP's Process Of Choosing A Presidential flagbearer?
22-07-2010 Who Wins the NPP's Flagbearership Race?
08-07-2010 Don't you think it's time we try our own coaches instead of imported coaches? Ghana won all its' African Cup by local coaches.
06-07-2010 Must Kofi Wayo apologize for denigrating Parliament?
05-07-2010 Is Luis Suarez one match banned justifiable and enough?
26-05-2010 What will happen to Ghana Black Stars at the World Cup?
23-05-2010 Should old politicians make way for the youth?
20-04-2010 Can reforms eliminate political and ethnic instability in Ghana?
01-04-2010 Can Ghana adapts a coalition system of government?
23-03-2010 Ghana at the moment, are you satisfied with the current progress?
10-01-2010 Who do you think will win the CAF African Cup of Nations?
10-01-2010 Is it not about time for Ghanaians to vote young charismatic leaders to move the country forward? Leaders like Nkrumah, Obama, etc.
03-01-2010 Whose Face Sells Movies?

Polls for 2009
16-12-2009 Which party will u vote for if elctions were held today?
15-11-2009 Are modern churches in Ghana preaching the Gospel , making money or performing miracles?
15-11-2009 Who wins the FIFA U-17 World Cup?
21-10-2009 Do you think TB Joshua helped Ghana win the U20 World Cup?
11-10-2009 MABEY AND JOHNSON: Should Government accept the awarded reparation money?
11-10-2009 Do you think Okomfo Kwaadee is back to take his crown?
31-07-2009 With the recent killing of suspected "armed robbers" by police, I am beginning to feel secure...
12-06-2009 Oge Okoye wants to go international
12-06-2009 Would you change your skin colour?
05-06-2009 Should a president or a minister resigns if he/she lies to the state?
15-03-2009 President Mills approval rating so far?
21-01-2009 Do you think Prez Mills can fulfill his 100-day Promise?
08-01-2009 Do you believe any of the following accounted for the parliamentary losses in Election 2008?

Polls for 2008
10-12-2008 Who among the following do you tip to win the December 2008 Runoff election?
14-11-2008 On December 7, Ghanaians will vote a new president into office. Who among the following do you tip to be the president?
08-11-2008 Nollywood Actresses Are Increasingly Revealing More Skin In Photoshoots
09-09-2008 Was the 70% sale of Ghana Telecom to Vodaphone good for Ghana?
07-08-2008 Will Crunk music overshadow Hiplife music in Ghana?
04-08-2008 WHO'S THE SEXIEST?
27-06-2008 Who Will be Ghana's Next President?
25-06-2008 Should the Government Review the Law on causing financial loss to the State?
03-06-2008 Is Ghana Ready For Election 2008?
05-03-2008 Do you have a wish to buy or to build a house in Ghana?
11-02-2008 Who must take the biggest part of credit to the success of the African Nations Cup in Ghana?
10-02-2008 Egypt vrs Cameroon. Who wins the 1st Place of the Africa Nations Cup today?
09-02-2008 Ghana vrs Ivory Coast. Who wins the 3rd Place of the Africa Nations Cup today?
03-02-2008 Can the Blackstars reach the finals of the on-going Africa Nations Cup?
01-02-2008 Who wins the epic Africa Cup of Nations Ghana-Nigeria quarter-final encounter coming Sunday?
25-01-2008 Who will win the Cup of Nations?
13-01-2008 Can the Ghana Black Stars make it to the 2nd Round of the Nations Cup?

Polls for 2007
23-12-2007 Can the CPP become a third force in deciding the winner of the 2008 Ghana Presidential elections?
30-11-2007 Choose five NPP presidential aspirants who would qualify for the 2nd round of the race after Dec. 22
26-10-2007 Do you think Ghana is ready for a female President now?
25-09-2007 As an NDC or NPP fan will you go for a viable independent presidential candidate in the next vote?
07-09-2007 Your presidential choice for NPP in 2008 (II)
04-09-2007 Do absent dads hurt the family?
30-07-2007 We have had so far 5 civilian governments in 4 republics. Which civilian government is the best ever?
08-07-2007 Is Funeral Most productive industry in Ghana?
08-07-2007 Globalization!!! Is this good for Africa? Does it Increase Poverty and Inequality?
20-06-2007 Oil found in Ghana. Will this reduce the Brain-Drain and move the nation forward economically?
21-05-2007 Do you think the redenomination of the GH Cedi going to help?
15-03-2007 Should VALCO Close Down?
04-03-2007 Was It Right For The Ex-President To Decline President Kufour's Invitation To The [email protected] Events?
27-01-2007 Should Ex-President JJ Rawlings Feature in The [email protected] Programmes
09-01-2007 Your presidential choice for NPP in 2008 (I)
02-01-2007 Can Prof. John Evans Attah Mills Of The NDC Win The 2008 Elections?Send Your Comments

Polls for 2006
11-12-2006 Should Government Spend Much Money On The 50th Anniversary?
04-11-2006 Who Should Be Blamed For The Current Political Tensions Involving The Current and Past Presidents?
08-10-2006 Rate Ghana's two-game Asian friendly test?
13-09-2006 Is Ghana mature enough for democracy?
11-08-2006 Is Ghana capable of winning the 2008 Africa Cup of Nation?
25-07-2006 Is MTV good for Africa?
25-07-2006 Who will win? Ghana vrs Czech Republic (wc2006)
25-07-2006 Who will win? Ghana vrs USA (wc2006)
25-07-2006 Who will win? Ghana vrs Brazil (wc2006)
25-07-2006 Who will the Worldcup 2006? (wc2006)
04-07-2006 Should Daasebre Gyamena be jailed for his crime?