Polls for 2024
10-06-2024 Ghana's Future Under Mahama: Hope or Illusion?
19-05-2024 Has President Akufo-Addo managed the cedi depreciation better than former President John Dramani Mahama?
01-04-2024 Who do you want as Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia's Running Mate for 2024 elections?
06-03-2024 Should President Akufo-Addo sign the Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill into law?
25-02-2024 Will the recent ministerial reshuffle by President Akufo-Addo make any impact?
08-02-2024 Are you convinced to vote for Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to become president after his address?
02-01-2024 Can Ghana win AFCON 2023?

Polls for 2023
05-11-2023 Who Do You Want To Be Your Next President?
26-10-2023 Who Wins NPP Flagbearer Race?
27-09-2023 Do you believe Alan Kyerematen is the third force to break NPP and NDC duopoly?
19-09-2023 If you were a Dome Kwabenya constituent, would you re-elect Adwoa Safo as your MP?
11-08-2023 We must adopt a local dialect as our official language - Bagbin
03-07-2023 Should government abort the criminal trial of James Gyakye Quayson?
30-04-2023 Is there a genuine willingness from the authorities to fight Galamsey?
16-02-2023 Is Government Size Still Justifiable In This Economic Hardship?
01-02-2023 Do you support the reshuffle of the Minority Caucus?
05-01-2023 Year in Review: Has the minority served the people well?

Polls for 2022
09-12-2022 Is Ghana On Track For Recovery?
18-11-2022 Can Ghana Win The World Cup?
02-11-2022 Economic crisis: Do you support the call for Ken Ofori-Atta to resign?
14-10-2022 Who wins NDC General Secretary race?
01-07-2022 Is IMF the solution to Ghana's economic challenges?
20-05-2022 Who wins NPP Ashanti Regional Chairmanship race?
30-03-2022 Is E-Levy Good For Ghana?
20-02-2022 Do You Support E-levy?
05-01-2022 Are There Too Many Public Holidays in Ghana?

Polls for 2021
29-12-2021 Which Country do you tip to win AFCON 2021?
26-07-2021 1992 Constitution: Indemnity clause, Ex-gratia, etc... Do we still need these?
14-07-2021 Should the State continue vehicle loan arrangement for MPs and Council of State members?
19-05-2021 Should we fix our attitude or fix the country?
14-05-2021 Are the AFRICAN leaders the ONLY reason to why Africa is not UNITED?
11-05-2021 FIX THE COUNTRY: Which top critical areas do you think gov't should fix?
26-04-2021 Which Presidential ticket is your preferred choice for the 2024 election?
11-04-2021 What do you think is to blame for Ghana's revisited power crisis in recent times?
12-02-2021 Why do African Judges still wear wigs?
08-01-2021 Is Alban Bagbin's Speakership Victory Good For Ghana Democracy?

Polls for 2020
17-11-2020 What Caused Martin Amidu To Resign From His Job?
30-10-2020 Does NPP Deserve Another Term?
28-10-2020 US Presidential Election 2020 - Who Would Be The Next President?
21-09-2020 Who Stands Better Chance Of Winning The 2020 Presidential Election?
04-09-2020 Do You Believe Ghana Has So Far Managed COVID-19 Very Well?
19-08-2020 WASSCE Examination Leakages: Do You Agree That WAEC Monopoly Should Be Broken??
23-07-2020 Mid-Year Budget Statement: Are You Impressed By The Various Economic Interventions Gov't Is Undertaking?
07-07-2020 Do You Believe John Mahama Selecting A Woman Running Mate Will Change Ghana Politics?
01-06-2020 COVID-19: Do You Think Safety Protocols Will Be Strictly Adhered To As Restrictions Ease Up?
11-05-2020 Do You Believe It Is Wise For The Government To Lift Ban On Churches And Social Gatherings??
23-03-2020 Coronavirus Pandemic: Are You Happy With The Measures So Far Introduced By The Ghana Gov't??
05-03-2020 Ghana Celebrates 63 Years Of Independence: Are You Proud Of All Achievements So Far??
20-02-2020 Minority ‘boycott’ of 2020 State of the Nation Address: Is it Justifiable?
19-01-2020 Ghana Needs A New Voter's Register: Do You Agree With The EC??

Polls for 2019
31-12-2019 Do You Support The Single Currency Agenda Mooted By West African Countries?
02-12-2019 Is The Introduction Of New Ghana Cedi Notes 100 & 200 Cedis Necessary?
20-11-2019 December Referendum: Do You Think A YES Or NO Vote Will Make Any Difference In Ghana??
11-11-2019 Do You Believe Nepotism And Cronyism In Ghana's Politics Will Ever Stop??
26-10-2019 Rotten PDS Scandal: Do You Think Heads Must Roll And Shouldn't Just End At Termination?
01-10-2019 Sexuality Education Brouhaha: Do You Think Ghana Needs This Education So Badly??
28-09-2019 Recent Coup Plot Scare: Do You Believe Ghanaians Should Take It Serious?
05-09-2019 Xenophobia: Do You Agree With The SA High Commissioner To Ghana That Government Should Create Jobs For Ghana Youth
29-08-2019 Politicians Spend Hard Cash To Win Power, Do You Think Corruption Will Stop In Ghana?
12-08-2019 Do You Think Politicians Are To Blame For PDS Brouhaha??