Internet shutdown an abuse of human rights — CSOs to gov't

Technology Internet shutdown an abuse of human rights —CSOs to gov't

A coalition of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) has criticised internet shutdowns, describing it as a severe infringement upon fundamental human rights.

Felicia Anthonio, Manager of the Keeplton Campaign, representing the CSOs, urges government to refrain from imposing internet shutdowns under any circumstances.

"Internet shutdowns violate fundamental human rights, and governments have the duty to protect these rights. The media needs to re-echo these calls that we are making," Anthonio asserted.

Citing national security during election periods as a reason to shut down the internet, Anthonio urged authorities to desist from using such justifications and instead focus on enhancing internet access to foster national discourse.

"Many governments resort to shutting down the internet during election periods, making reference to national security concerns.

“However, we urge them to cease using this as an excuse and instead prioritise increasing access to improve national dialogue," she stressed.

The CSOs further highlighted the role of the Internet as a platform for communication, access to information, and expression of opinions, particularly during critical events such as elections.

Therefore, any disruption to internet access constitutes a violation of an individual's rights to freedom of expression and access to information.

Internet shutdowns have become increasingly common globally employed by governments to suppress dissent, control the flow of information, and maintain authority, especially during elections.

According to reports, 24 countries have implemented internet shutdowns during election years, impeding the full enjoyment of a wide array of fundamental rights and freedoms.

Gideon Afful Amoako
Gideon Afful Amoako

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