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Opinion | May 28, 2018

The 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana soon to be purged of the word “God”.

The 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana soon to be purged of the word “God”.

Dear Ghana:
A word in the Presidential Oath, and indeed in all forms of oaths under the Second Schedule of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana, is a cause of great worry and concern to me! This word is “God”! It was lifted from the English Bible and planted in this constitution, but has sadly never benefited Ghana and its citizens in any way.

Today, the word “God” is deemed by progressive believers of the English Bible not to be of any value and relevance to their aspirations, not that it had ever been to any bible-believers, and for which reason it has now been expunged from the third and latest edition of the popular King James Version (KJV) Bible!

In 1999, exactly seven years after the promulgation of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana, a third edition KJV bible was published on the internet under the title The Restored Name King James Version Bible (RNKJVB). This RNKJVB is, to me, the most radical revision of the KJV Bible ever attempted.

In this very radical RNKJVB, the Ivrit (Hebrew??) word “Elohim” replaces the Goy (Gentile) English word “God” in all the 4456 times that the word “God” is found in earlier editions of the KJV Bible.

But, of course, the word “God” had existed not only in the KJV Bible but also in all other English Bibles! And so, all other English Bibles must now also go this same way of the RNKJVB by expunging the word “God” from their narratives, since they are all derived from the KJV Bible!!

By this expunction, lovers of the now defunct KJV Bible will soon be missing some of their cherished words such as Godhead, Godly, Godliness, God’s, etc., because they are all now extinct by the courtesy of the RNKJVB of 1999. And so, it is no longer possible nor can it be deemed inspirational, at all, for anyone to name his son Godson, Godwill, or Godwin, for obvious reasons!! Again, very soon, no man on Earth will be able to take upon himself the title "Man of God" any longer. Awwww! What loss of power and fame many will feel by this!!

It has been almost two decades now since Elohim was restored to the English Bible in order to correct the error in and cure an obvious mischief of the first English Bible by Wycliffe that was published in 1350 with the word “God”.

Sad to note that the word Elohim has, since the year 1350, consistently suffered the wrong and illegal rendition and translation as “God” by every English translator of the Holy Writ of the Creator, which was originally delivered to the children of Yisroel in Ivrit to be held in holy custody and trust for the inspiration of all mankind throughout all ages!

This radical breakthrough in change from “God” to Elohim has come about because mankind now recognizes, upholds and enforces the rule in script translation which necessitates that no name or title of any person in the language of any people and culture, and indeed all other proper nouns of any culture, should ever be rendered differently or translated to mean or sound differently in any script translations that are made into any other languages.

This rule, translators of old violated with impunity and thus always did a shoddy job at translating an Ivrit scripted word of the Creator into their English Bible by rendering Elohiym as “God” in it! Thankfully, this violation of the rules in script translation is now being righted by radical and bold truth seekers such as those who published the RNKJVB!!

The restoration of Elohim to the accounts of the English Bible is a bold attempt aimed at curing the obvious deception, mischief, and spiritual harm done by English translators in forcing down the throats of unsuspecting readers of their English Bible the word God as if it were indeed the true name (title??) of the Creator!

So then, because the word “God” is no longer relevant, not that it had ever been relevant to any message from the Most High One for the salvation of mankind, no Ghanaian must any longer be made or compelled to swear by any form of oath that has this word, “God”, in it; as if it ever had power to inspire anyone to a truthful and holy life that could benefit one’s nation and his fellow citizens in and by one’s swearing by it!

The 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana must therefore be purged of this word in order to infuse sanctity into this spiritual document that is meant to breathe the very life of the Creator into the being of every Ghanaian, especially those who take up public office and leadership positions and must therefore swear oaths while upholding the message of the English Bible they claim to live by!

It must be stated that every English Bible published just before the close of the last millennium, and thereafter, is devoid of the word “God” in it!

Some of these modern Bibles are the Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB), the Hebraic Roots Bible (HRB), the Halleluyah Scriptures (HS), to mention but a few!

So then, the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana must be made to become a part of these progressive living documents of modern times, in toeing their line by having “God” replaced with Elohim in it, or else remain forever spiritually lethargic, comatose or even completely dead as has now become of the Old (1611) and New (1982) KJV Bible, and in fact all its kind such as the NIV, NASV, NLT, RSV, etc. which still have the word “God” in them!

I therefore deem it imperative that an amendment be made to the wording to the Presidential Oath and all such oaths of the Second Schedule of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana from “I, . . . in the name of the Almighty God swear, . . . So help me God” to “I, . . . in the name of the Almighty Elohim swear, . . . So help me Elohim” in order to enable the country reap the blessings that must accrue to its citizenry from the holy words of an oath when sworn by our Presidents and other Public Servants whose mandates are defined by Article 71 of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana.

I must say that, interestingly, the RNKJV has also expunged the names and words, Jesus, Christ, Christian and Christians, hitherto found everywhere in the now-defunct KJV from it, and replaced them with Yahushua, Messiah, Messianic and Messianics, respectively!

What fun and humor some of these names and changes pose in the minds of truth seekers of Bible persuasion like me!

But then, because I deem the Restored Name King James Version Bible as a work in progress by its publishers in the light of commentaries on it by truth seekers of Bible persuasion, some of these funny names of the Goyim (Gentiles??) will soon give way to the appropriate Ivrit names and or terminologies used to reveal the actual intent and meaning of the Word of the Most High One to mankind.

I am optimistic that when this happens, mankind will be blessed with what holy truths and meanings there are in the Ivrit word HaMashakhYahu (which means, The Anointed [One] of Yahuwah) or even, remotely, Masayah but not Messiah (an Anglophone corruption of Masaya??); Ruwakh Kodesh but never or any more Holy Ghost/Spirit; and that such Goy words as Christian, Christians and Christianity would no longer ever be heard again since they neither have a place nor an inkling of being in the thoughts of the Creator when in the beginning He delivered His Word to mankind in Ivrit!

A few years ago, I published in this same column of mine on the Modern Ghana internet site two features articles seeking to create an awareness for the need to have the word “God” expunged from the Presidential Oath of Ghana. Sadly, these articles never caught the eyes of any of the movers and shakers of policy direction in Ghana!!

These articles were titled President John Mahama Must Re-swear his Oath of Office—Open Letter to the Chief Justice of internet link and Latest King James Version Bible Rendered Ghana’s Constitution Invalid Since 1999 also of internet link which I am sure will interest readers today.

I pray and hope that these old features articles of mine would in addition to this current one published today help raise consciousness on the urgent need to amend all forms of oaths under the Second Schedule of 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana as is sought by this write up.

And may all true and genuine patriotic citizens (no spectators here please!!) come to join hands to bring this about in order for our dear country to reap the spiritual and economic benefits to be derived from such a true and genuine change also bound to enrich our national spiritual psyche!

I would like to end this piece by attaching herewith, the Introduction to the Restored Name King James Version Bible by publishers of the RNKJVB which I am hopeful would be a source of valuable information to all my cherished readers.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
NngmingBongle Bapuohyele
(Towrah-Base Life-Coach & Author)
Writer’s Email Contact Address: [email protected].

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