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How Human Procreation by Sexual Means came as Punishment for Sin (Part 2 of 3)

How Human Procreation by Sexual Means came as Punishment for Sin (Part 2 of 3)

As all holy and powerful programs and things of creation only begin to deteriorate toward extinction and or degenerate into death and forgetfulness whenever sin enters that program or item of creation, so was this holy asexual manner of procreation of humans destined to suffer its first casualty to sin.

Note that when Eve was first presented to Adam as a companion and helpmate, they were both naked. At the time, all that was today used as organs in procreation, sexually, were somehow not visible or were deemed useless to them except for urination!!

Adam and Eve at the time lived in the era of innocence but only knew how to live in obedience to the few instructions of Barashayath 1:26-30. And yet, they procreated a rare type of holy humans without the use of their genitalia or knowledge to play with them in manners even toddlers of the opposite sex play with theirs today!!

And with the vaginal passageway of Eve securely located in her underside and firmly shut and sealed with a tough unbreakable hymen at her coming to be with Adam, that area of her body was forever made a no-go area and was not a playground for big boy Adam; or at least it was not yet time to play any ‘big boyz’ games in that area of her body. And yet, human procreation through non-sexual means was possible and progressed steadily according to their obedience to the instructions of Yaoh in Barashayath 1:26-30.

All this was because Eve was never to be a wife to Adam, in the thinking of mankind today, but a companion. And for all other would-be newcomers to Earth after Adam, they too were to live through these same restrictions to playing in the vaginal area by the existence of hymens in women as a matter of course!!

And so, reproduction of humans must have continued in the only manner that Eve was produced by her male companion who had no such female genitalia by which women bring forth today; and therefore, the only means of procreating was by an asexual means!

Therefore, Adam must have brought forth a man (and other men too) after his image after he had begotten Eve since that is what human procreation truly means—that is, a self-reproduction; without the use of the vaginal passageway of Eve which was sealed from sight and any activities anyway.

As all this happened while Adam and Eve watched how the baser animals procreated, unamused by the raw pornography they saw happening in broad daylight under shady trees, they still had no inkling to procreate by sexual means simply because they saw not themselves as of the stock of baser animals but in the image, likeness, and class of Yaoh who only procreates asexually.

You see, the baser animals procreated sexually right from the beginning of creation because, primarily, they had no instructions directing them to procreate or laws controlling their sexual activity towards procreation; they simply did what seemed right to them.

Secondly, with the genitals of the female baser animals located as they are, and with no hymens to obstruct penal entry, it seemed that procreation by sexual means is the only permissible means for them. And so, they went for it with no restraint.

Therefore, if humans who have laws of the Creator concerning how they were to live could ever break any of these laws and thus become just as lawless as the baser animals, they could also then descend to the level of having sexual intercourse toward procreation just as the baser animals by their lawless state are permitted by Yaoh to do.

And so, the turning point from asexual procreation of humans to sexual had to be hinged on sin. This fact, the wise serpent knew and exploited to his advantage when he managed to get Eve and Adam to disobey the Creator’s law to thus become lawless like all animals to draw them into copulation-mode and -mood to reproduce themselves sexually.

After their sin of eating the fruit of the forbidden tree, they started having a certain consciousness of themselves, and a kind of horniness in their genitals in particular, and therefore decided to hide them with fresh leaves.

Thereafter, it was the curse of Yaoh which was pronounced directly on the usage of the hidden and sealed vaginal passageway of Eve that permitted for the first time the sexual procreation of humans; and this has led to the degradation of the quality of life of the human personality and his holy spirituality, ever since this curse of Yaoh was pronounced, thus causing every man to lose his power to procreate asexually just like Yaoh procreates.

For, all evil human lifestyles have always originated and continued from sexual intercourse among humans ever since Eve ate the fruit of the forbidden tree.

Reproduction of humans through sexual intercourse has gradually degenerated as a result of man’s violation of the laws of the Creator to the level that we see man’s actions in this regard match boot for a boot with the baser animals; as evidenced in such beastly acts where even a man’s pet dog can enjoy sexual activity with humans and be paid a tip by humans through giving them lavish treats thereafter. What a world!

The first two humans that came through sexual activity had one being good and the other evil, which subsequently led to the killing of one by the other. This is the well-known account of Kayan (Cain) killing Abal (Abel).

This 50-50 rating of holiness versus evil birth at the onset of sexual procreation of humans was to go downhill steadily to eventually draw even non-human beings into begetting strange humans with female humans, to the extent that there were at some time only four men with a holy human seed in them on the whole Earth!!

Even as this sorry state of affairs led to the destruction of all humans ill-begotten through sexual activity by Yaoh, except the household of Nakh (Noah), through a deluge of world-wide proportions, there seems to be no cure to the evil that arises among humans through sexual procreation.

With the evil birth of Kanayan (Canaan) by Cham (Ham) through rape and incest of his biological mother who was the wife of his father Nakh, pegging all evil births after the flood of Nakh at some over 33 percent, this percentage continued to rise uncontrollably until Yaoh again intervened by His Thorah instructions to the children of Yaohsharal in trying to save a holy seed for posterity.

This led to the enactment of the Thorah that forbids marriages to non-virgin women; that is, women who have had their hymens broken in some sexual escapade before marriage. Any woman who married while claiming to be a virgin among the descendants of Abram but failed to establish proof of her virginity on the first night of her marriage was stoned to death the next morning to maintain sanctity in sexual procreation of humans.

Thus, all women who bore children to any man in Yaohsharal were of virgin births; and these were the only children who were acceptable to Yaoh for and in His service.

This law on virginity in marriage ensured the shedding of blood during penal entry into the female genitalia as the arrowhead tore open the hymen, for some remission of sin, aimed at ensuring purification of both genitalia of the couple, the sexual act itself, and the seed of the man that was spilled to cause a holy conception of the human seed.

But then, even as in days of old and before the coming of this Thorah of Yaoh concerning virginity in marriage, there was already a hymen in place to give the same effect of remission of sin at sexual intercourse which still experienced abuses and led to ineffectiveness in producing a holy seed, so has this Thorah also been grossly abused till there seems to be no holy offspring born through sexual activity on Earth today!!

It, therefore, seems to me that with the over 98 percent of humans on Earth now being born through sexual activity with women of broken hymens before their marriages and childbirths, it seems imminent that the Earth is at the edge of another world-wide destruction of humans like in the days of Nakh, not by floods this time around but by fire and brimstone to be rained down from above on human targets,; after which a return to the original asexual manner of human procreation must be imperative.

From all the foregoing, it seems quite a variety of humans have so far come to live on Earth, all of whom have left evidence and relics of their habitation for mankind to know about them as to give honor to whom honor is due.

The first group, batch, or dispensation of humans to have inhabited the Earth are those described to have been begotten asexually and thus came to Earth in the very image and likeness of Yaoh the Creator Himself, untainted by the sin of Eve and Adam, to be His worthy representatives over His creation.

These are the immortals that all mankind was supposed to forever be, and who on rare occasions do show themselves to ordinary mankind on Earth today deemed worthy by Yaoh. These have not been denied the immortality that was meant for all who never ate fruits of the forbidden tree in the middle of Eden.

All comprising this group came to Earth individually as matured males who were also pregnant within them, with their would-be female life-long partners and help-mates to be begotten in due time according to the plan of Yaoh. Such men had specific assignments to perform on Earth and thus vanished from Earth when they were done with it, thus leaving Earth in the same way they came with their female companions once again laden in them as they departed Earth or simply vanished from sight.

And so, whenever such primate holy males were later to be seen on Earth by any latterday earthlings, they were with no visible female companions or even any of their male counterparts in this group of theirs. Such men only appeared toward running a holy assignment to holy servants and instruments of Yaoh.

Some of such male servants are Anakh (Enoch) of Barashayath 5:21-24 who served as a special companion to Yaoh during His frequent visits to Earth and is today known to be alive and in perpetual companionship with Him (Yaoh); and also Malak Tsadak (Melchisedek) of Barashayath chapter 14 fame who rendered service to the number one and the only true leader, Abram (Abraham), of the law dispensation that was later tabled into motion by Mashah (Moses).

These two are not born human as by woman and are thus invisible but can and do appear as being visible to humans of the post-asexual procreation era whenever necessary, just as Yaoh Himself often does to holy ones of this same era of post-asexual procreation to whom He chooses to appear so He may have fellowship with them.

So then, it is this group of humans who first came to Earth, born not of a woman but of man in the image and likeness of the Creator who too is Man, which can truly be called or call themselves, Son of Man and yet not lie or commit any sacrilege in that.

Another member of this class of holy servants of unknown parentage and thus also begotten asexually and made to exist forever in the image and likeness of Yaoh the Creator is the naba (prophet) Alyaoh (Elijah) of the English Bible in the book of First Kings 17ff.

This naba could even appear in physical form and even live normally like humans for a long time among men of the house of Yaohsharal after a first Earthly sojourn; rendering service to the people of Yaoh and exiting Earth by also eventually being miraculously carried away by the rawakh (spirit) of Yaoh without a trace in a final departure from Earth into the Heavens.

The Ghabaray name, Alyaoh, of this naba is a two-part name of the Creator’s title, Al or Ala’aym, (aka El or Elohim of ancient Canaanites and God of modern English Canaanites as corruptions to the holy and divine title), and of His only true name Yaoh in Ghabaray, combined into one and first borne by a being who was made in His image and likeness; and hence, the nature and sort of service, the works and the destiny of this choice and extraordinary naba of Yaoh, such as are known to all readers of even the English Bible.

As the holy dispensation of procreation of humans by asexual means came to an end, it ushered in the dispensation of human procreation by sexual means, which, not being controlled directly by the hand of Yaoh, was prone to abuses and pollution even by even strange non-human beings, all of which led to corruption and the near destruction of the human seed as well as the births of wrong unholy and deformed seed upon the Earth.

This state of pollution to the human seed continued to spread until it almost became impossible to have any holy seed through sexual procreation on Earth. This led to the coming of the flood of Nakh in an attempt by Yaoh to save the entire human seed from utter corruption and loss.

Using the three sons of Nakh to re-start the effort at procreating humans on Earth by sexual means, this initiative of Yaoh too was to suffer a downslide in holy values of the human product and thus caused Yaoh to enact the law or Thorah on female virginity to ensure the procreation of a holy offspring by restricting childbirth to only men who could get to marry virgin wives. But, sadly, an easy violation of this law has led to the births by non-virgin mothers of all manner of illegal babies who swarm the Earth today.

However, every dispensation of sexually procreated humans seems to bear record and a witness of some products that were deemed holy and thus useable in the workings and services of Yaoh as some kind of consolation to the Creator.

And so we can identify some holy men throughout the dispensation relating to sexual procreation of humans, even before the coming of the Thorah of Yaoh to the house of Yaohsharal to sanitize the sexual procreation of humans on Earth.

Interestingly, all such holy men who were sexually begotten are recorded to have rendered one service or another to only the house of Yaohsharal long after their first coming or appearance on or to Earth.

Among them is one group comprising the following men—the man who served Yaohsap (Joseph) by showing him HaDarakh (the way) to finding his brothers in the area of Dothan as Yaohsap searched for them according to Barashayath chapter 37 of the Tanakh; the man with a drawn sword who met with Yaohshai (Joshua) as the latter led the army of Yaoh to enter Yarcha (Jericho) to capture it according to the book of Yaohshai chapter 5 of the Tanakh; and the man who brought glad tidings and hope to Yaohsharal through a man of the house of Dan of Yaohsharal by name Manoah and his wife according to the book of Judges chapter 13 of the English Bible.

It might seem that these three holy servants of Yaoh represent the last batch of asexually procreated humans before the coming into effect of the real era of sexual procreation of humans arising from the effect of the curse of Yaoh upon Eve after she ate of the fruit of the forbidden tree. Well, this might just be so.---Read the concluding part of the article in Part 3 of 3.

The writer, NngmingBongle Bapuohyele aka Abyaoh Ban Tabalyaoh, is a Thorah-Based Life-Coach of HaBayath Yaohsharal (GH) and Author. His Email Contact Address is; [email protected].