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How Human Procreation by Sexual Means came as Punishment for Sin (Part 3 of 3)

How Human Procreation by Sexual Means came as Punishment for Sin (Part 3 of 3)

However, since there is never a hard and fast rule separating what is right in a particular dispensation from that of an incoming one, there might just be found two look-alikes of holy men on the loose border separating two dispensations as to put these three holy men on either side of the border separating the two dispensations.

Similarly, it seems to me also that it was toward the end of that dispensation in sexual procreation which first arose from the effect of the curse on Eve, and around the beginning of the law dispensation specifically for the house of Yaohsharal, that such holy men like Rawal (Reuel) aka Yathra (Jethro) a kahan (priest) who lived in the land of Median and to whom Mashah (Moses) fled from the Pharaoh of Matsraym (Egypt) for safety, according to the book of Shamat (Exodus) of the Tanakh, first appeared on Earth.

This kahan was not of the house of Yaohsharal but was born ahead of the coming of the Thorah and served a holy prince and naba (Mashah) of the house of Yaohsharal.

Yet another kahan of this immediate pre-Thorah dispensation was known by name Yoab (Job) and judged the most righteous man living in the then East-world of the Fertile Crescent where the ancestors of Abram possibly also lived with him.

Yoab too served as a pre-Aharan (pre-Aaron) priest just as Rawal also served Yaoh in the land of Median during one same dispensation and to a people of holy ancestry from which the house of Yaohsharal descended.

This we learn of Joab in his service as kahan to his four friends of Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar, and Elihu when he offered animal sacrifices acceptable to Yaoh on their behalf according to the book of Yoab (Job) 42:8 of the Tanakh.

It seems to me that this relationship in the services of the two holy kahanym (priests) thus meant that both Rawal aka Yathra and Yoab as being consecrated into a higher spiritual calling and fervor than any of the kahanym of the Thorah era.

These two mysterious holy kahanym (Rawal aka Yathra and Yoab) of Yaoh the Creator whose mothers are yet to be known or declared were however known to have been married and even bore children of known sexes and names by sexual means and would thus not be qualified to be strictly speaking called by the description son of man.

But in as much as they both once lived on Earth outside the house of Yaohsharal but of mankind’s single holy lineage and rendered a holy service to Yaoh and some of His holy servants, they would have been ordinarily born by some man or men, anyway, and could thus be qualified to individually be loosely called ‘son of man’ in a kind of reverence to them.

Of all people called by the appellation son of man, it seems to me that the JESUS CHRIST of Christians is the odd one out as being the least deserving. For, he not only describes himself so, in self-praise while claiming no genuine witness testifies of himself, but is also even thrilled when his followers call him so even though he was begotten of a woman!

He is the only so-called messenger to have come from the Creator to have been born by a woman and this birth ought to make him uniquely the son of woman among all messengers of the Creator.

And with no known man ever begotten on Earth as his father, it seems to me, a sacrilege for this son of woman and so-called teacher of truth to arrogate to himself the title son of man and also delight in his followers calling him so!!

Christians have equated this JESUS CHRIST of theirs to the holy and revered Malak Tsadak, who was begotten of man asexually and belonged to the first class of adults born on Earth by a man in the image and likeness of the Creator, and yet are unashamed teaching that this same JESUS CHRIST was a baby born by a woman. What fallacy, inconsistency and untruth is this?

Or is this their JESUS CHRIST a hybrid of some kind involving a holy being and some beasts, in similitude to how Nephilims were born? And if the JESUS CHRIST of Christians must be same as Malak Tsadak for his ministry to Earth as its savior from sin, in having the power to bruise the head of the serpent, then he bungled and brought futility to his mission to Earth in allowing himself to be born a baby by a woman.

I particularly find it strange and puzzling why Christian teachers teach that the leader of their faith, one they call by the heathen name JESUS CHRIST, is the one same Malak Tsadak of old who is known to be of a higher priesthood than that of Aharan and Loay (Levy) into which this JESUS CHRIST was born as a baby and not an adult man to be subservient to, but still not recognize him as being one born of man (but instead confirm him as being born of a woman) to indeed be the Son of Man he was said to describe himself in the days he is alleged to have walked this Earth!

How come that this JESUS CHRIST whom Christians vouch as being the son of Yaoh could have been born by sexual means, which this article has proven as being corruptible and thus prone to abuse, and as a baby too as the Canaanite English New Testament Bible teaches and testifies of him, even when the Malak Tsadak they equate him to was neither born a baby by any known mother nor existed in an era of human procreation by asexual means.

Is the Son of Man of Christians an exception to the rule for all genuine and true sons of men to be born asexually by men in their claims that he was born by a virgin woman called Mary?

Does Christianity contradict the revelations of Yaoh or does it have something it is hiding? Methinks it is both.

Or, is a misunderstanding of the meaning of the curse placed on Eve by Yaoh in Barashayath 3:15 by Christians what has misled Christians to teach that their JESUS CHRIST was born a holy baby by a cursed woman to save them and all cursed people?

If this is the predicament of Christians, let me state to them that the seed mentioned in that verse does not refer to a baby born of a woman since no woman from the days of creation to date has ever possessed a seed in her being to ever beget and own one.

The seed mentioned in Barashayath 3:15 is about what seed that ever begat the first man to Earth since all human seed-bearers from creation have always been only men and never has a woman held in her body the seed of man.

And so, the seed of the woman in that context can only mean the seed that bore or begat the woman; that seed being the begetter of all seeds of men as mankind. So then, baby JESUS CHRIST of Christians must not be thought of as being a seed of a virgin called Mary. Period.

Maybe, because Christians equate the seed of the woman in Barashayath 3:15 to their JESUS CHRIST is the reason why the head of the serpent has remained uncrushed or yet to be bruised in their lives to date and why the committing of sin is still prevalent in their lives.

And if the head of the serpent whose trickery of Eve caused the asexual procreation of humans tabled by Yaoh, in the beginning, to be rendered impotent was indeed crushed by the JESUS CHRIST of Christians, why is that era of asexual procreation of humans not restored to Earth as a matter of cause to fit into the teaching of Christian clergymen that the coming of their JESUS CHRIST was to restore all things as were ordained to exist and live on forever in the beginning and also end the committing of sin on Earth?

For, it would seem just in the eyes of the Creator to do so if indeed the real culprit in this sin saga involving Eve had had his head bruised, eternally, to have the sin committed pardoned, its power and effects rendered impotent and removed in the lives of mankind, and thus for man to return to his pre-sin qualities of life and capabilities such as being able to procreate himself asexually, just as Yaoh had empowered him to do in the very beginning of all things of creation.

That restoration would have seemed like what Christian clergymen have espoused in their JESUS CHRIST as the only savior of the world who can deliver mankind from the power and dominion of sin and of evil influences too.

I must say that Christianity today has more questions than answers in man’s search for salvation and the solution to the sin problem on Earth that was ignited by Eve and Adam.

And with the Thorah of Yaoh being the only light and wisdom to the truth which (Thorah) Christians have spurned, in claiming it was nailed to some wooden cross on which their savior JESUS CHRIST was said to have been nailed and died, and thus has become irrelevant to them, how may they ever come to see the light of truth to be set free from the power and snare of sin?

One can only ache in one’s heart while mourning for all the many Christians who have over two thousand years lived in avoidable deceptions. Oh, Christianity!!

However, there is a flicker of hope. For, I can confidently say there was never some men living on Earth and doing the will and bidding of Yaoh since that would cause the entire creation to be razed down into total oblivion. Why would creation be allowed to exist if judged to do contrarily to the will of its Creator?

So then, the eyes of the Creator must be on the handful of mankind who are loyalists to His cause on Earth because they are blessed in having the head of the serpent crushed in their lives, for whose sake He continues to sustain His creation with His life.

And if these blessed of Yaoh are ever taken out of the way, He would have no option but to rain down fire and brimstone from above to destroy all evil mankind on the Earth.

I hope the countdown by Abram for righteous people in Sodom and Gomorrah from 50 to 10 with no good result draws your mind to the predicament we face in our world today and its soon-coming judgment.

Are you one of the four in Sodom and Gomorrah in the days of Abram who represent the holy of the Earth today and for whose sake Yaoh is still sustaining our Earth and holding His hand from destroying it with fire and brimstone as a result of the world-wide sin that has corrupted the human seed?

Blessed are you then, and my prayer is that you and I connect in the spirit as representing this dispensation to intercede, as Abram did for Sodom, on behalf of the eight billion or so people on Earth today who are squandering the resources of the Creator.

Before I draw down the curtain on this article, let me take you back to its beginning where I taught that the Creator empowered and mandated man to procreate himself on Earth, asexually, and intended His empowerment to last forever on the Earth.

And since the coming of sexual procreation was as a result of sin committed by two people against the law of the Creator and was thus in punishment to only those two (and their ensuing offspring), it never affected the offspring they produced before the offense was committed.

So then, any pre-sin offspring of Adam must have continued to procreate asexually, and even to date, since nothing that Yaoh establishes to exist on Earth ever gets extinct on it.

And so, my dear reader, don’t ever be surprised to encounter any of such holy asexually begotten offspring of Adam in this strange world of ours today or to even, in ignorance, think of such humans as reincarnates by the thinking of some people today.

When indeed the true sons of Yaoh are revealed someday, the surprises will be shocking, varied, and many.

The writer, NngmingBongle Bapuohyele aka Abyaoh Ban Tabalyaoh, is a Thorah-Based Life-Coach of HaBayath Yaohsharal (GH) and Author. His Email Contact Address is; [email protected].