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The Most Befitting Memorial in Honor of the Late J. J. Rawlings

The Most Befitting Memorial in Honor of the Late J. J. Rawlings

My warmest salutation to all dear traditional, political, and religious leaders of the most recent post-J J Rawlings Era of Ghana. Undoubtedly, the late JJ was the first-ever bearded President of Ghana and thus, arguably, the most awed-inspired and celebrated.

Now, J J Rawlings, your colleague-leader of the people of Ghana is dead and no more; and I see you are all in grief and outdoing yourselves to accord him a lasting memory in honor of his departure and also establish for him an eternal memorial to his demise.

In support of your efforts in this regard, I, too a very obscured spiritual Ghanaian leader born into the holy lineage of biblical Ab-Ram (Abraham), Yaoh-Tsakhak (Isaac), and Yaoh-Ghakab (Jacob) of the Bible, some close to seven-decades ago, do lend you my hand.

Acting in the holy wisdom as accorded freely by the Creator and made available to particularly the male members of the lineage of the tribe of Yashshachar (Issachar) of the house of Ab-ram, I offer the timely counsel characteristic of this house of Yaohsharal (Israel) mentioned in the book of First Chronicles 12:32 of the English Bible, what I believe all Ghanaian leaders must do to accord a lasting memory to the departed iconic J J Rawlings.

I wish to reveal, in my view, the most powerful spiritual secret of J J Rawlings, which he never talked about to anyone, but which had made him so unique a political leader, always visible on every platform, admired, and who always left a lasting memory in the minds of all who got to know him closely simply by his keeping of a trade-mark beard according to Thorah-instructions in all his days as a national leader.

Coming out of the ranks of Junior Officers of the Ghana Army, wherein beard-keeping was not permitted for them, to taste the liberation granted by the Thorah for all men of mature age to keep all facial hairs within borders described by the laws of the Creator and as maintained by Him, it seemed J. J. was insatiable in the obedience of the Creator’s Thorah on facial hairs for men and thus kept one till his death.

Ghana’s first-ever bearded President, J J Rawlings, therefore meticulously kept his beard, mustache, sideburns, et al, within their holy borderlines determined and commanded by the Creator; and as per their color relating to his age at any time and thus honored his Creator throughout his days as President whose word says it is only He, who alone can turn the color of man’s hair from black to grey to white or vice versa.

So then, J J Rawlings, even though born in Accra, seemed never to have heard the fashion cliché, Yoomo b33 Ga, for old women fashion-lovers of Accra that came in the immediate post-Independence era; to wit or meaning, there is no grey-haired old lady in Accra.

Therefore, when the Thorah commands that everyman seated in a room must stand-up to his feet once a hoary-haired (grey-haired) man enters their midst, J J Rawlings always enjoyed this standing ovation not because he was president, but essentially because he obeyed the Thorah-instructions of the Creator on facial hairs, to the letter.

When once in my dream at night I saw seated in a long row all the company of spiritual leaders, nabaym (prophets), of the Thorah era with myself walking in front of them from the end where Mashah (Moses) was seated at the head down to the other end of the row as if I was being introduced to them, their awesome display of grey-colored long bushy facial hairs were what caught this unforgettable spectacle in my memory forever; and so, like naba (prophet) Mashah, Like President JJ.

This must be so since the Creator has never picked a spiritual leader such as a malak (king), naba (prophet), kahan (priest), or zakan (family/tribal head) to lead His people who never was a bushy grey-haired man just like Himself as the never-shaven Atak Yamaym (Ancient of Days).

What a shame that with my already-matured full beard I am not running for office in Ghana on 7 December 2020 for I would have garnered over 62 percent of votes to be cast in the election by simply campaigning with the beards of naba Mashah, late President JJ, and mine, to be easily voted the Second bearded President of Ghana and the first of the post-JJ Era.

With only a few days to the polls, dear reader, why don’t you let your male Presidential candidate of the December 2020 elections into this secret of mine and JJ which we learned from the inspiration of the Thorah on facial hairs for a cheap and an emphatic win of your candidate in the coming elections?

Also all you male presidential hopefuls, please consider the substance of my article and start from the night of 30th November 2020 to 7th December 2020 to wear a beard purposely for beginning to obey the Thorah laws on facial hairs and experience your miracle in believing a servant of the Creator of the house of Yashshachar.

Remember the holy word that commands all to believe the Creator to be established and to listen to His nabaym to be prosperous.

And when your Maker smiles on you and you begin the celebration, don’t forget to send the servant of the Creator also an invite to come inspire your celebrations by my holy beard.

The writer, NngmingBongle Bapuohyele aka Abyaoh Ban Tabalyaoh, is a Thorah-Based Life-Coach of HaBayath Yaohsharal (GH) and Author. His Email Contact Address is; [email protected].

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