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Why Yaoh Never Baptizes Women!!

Why Yaoh Never Baptizes Women!!

For regular readers of this my column, I write this article as a sequel to one that was published about two years ago titled The Baptism of Adam Revealed. And so, new readers of the column should endeavor to read that article before reading this sequel.

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Every holy and righteous man who is also a good and critical observer of the ways and things of the Most High One naturally becomes a good interpreter of them from being liberally imbued with some amount of the wisdom of the Creator.

Of such men of wisdom, there is one who I admire so much as I have constantly sought to model my life after his. This man is called Anakh (Enoch) of the book of Barashayath (Genesis) 5:21-22, who, for all three hundred years of a special friendship he maintained with the Creator on Earth, was very critical in observing the landing and taking-off techniques of Yaoh in His invisible aircraft as He frequently visited Earth.

Anakh was so observant of these techniques of Yaoh as to also succeed in flying out into outer space with Yaoh after one of His visits to Earth one day and was thus thereafter never to be seen by any humans on Earth ever again!

Following after this lifestyle of observance and study of my ancestor Anakh, by giving serious thought to the ways and manners by which Yaoh conducts baptism for His creation, I have come to know of His wisdom behind the performance of this ritual as to learn the secrets behind why He never baptizes women.

These secrets I feel duty-bound to share with salvation seekers of my generation by this article.

From the details of the article referenced in my opening paragraph here, it was established that the Most High One performed baptism on several occasions on mature men, only, who were always either on some kind of a holy pilgrimage from His presence into the Earth or on a journey at His behest from one place to another on it.

And that even though there were always women in the company of these men who got baptized by Yaoh, none of these women nor any children below the spiritual maturity age of twenty, as established by Yaoh for only males of the house of Yaohsharal, belonging to these mature men were ever also baptized!

I will seek to explain here in this article why Yaoh never baptized all other people, particularly women, who were with these men He baptized. And hopefully, this task will be executed by my use of common sense, critical thought and examination like my ancestor Anakh also did in his day, and by the wisdom of Yaoh which He has always poured forth freely into my thoughts!

Considering the mother to all mankind, Eve, of the book of Genesis of the English Bible as someone who Yaoh never baptized at the time He did for Adam as narrated in my past article concerning Adam, the question to ask is: Where was Eve when Adam was baptized since she was not yet born at the time waters begat his first mature and fully bearded old-man (Adam) through, by, of and onto the Earth?

The answer to this question gives the first clue and the most important reason, from even by applying common sense alone, why women never get to be baptized by Yaoh.

You see, at the time Adam got a touch of the living waters as he came out of the Earth that was begotten by these same Living Waters, Eve was sheltering within the body of Adam as bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh, and was thus baptized at the same time too, albeit indirectly and by induction!!

So then, since it is clear that Eve was baptized through the baptism of Adam, she too was eternally linked to whatever blessings which accrued from the baptism to Adam from the Creator, Yaoh Ala’aym.

And so, Eve never had any need for baptism in all her days on Earth just as anyone once born does not ever need or have to be reborn. And in this, I pray that Christians may see the born again doctrine of their faith as a vile and impossible thing which is nowhere close to the wisdom and intents of Yaoh.

The second clue as to why Yaoh never baptizes women has to do with the headship of the man established over her at Creation; and in fact, not just headship but ownership of the woman by the man too as taught in even the English Bible.

You see, Yaoh owns the man (every male human) who is born to Earth according to His will since it is He who makes this happen and thus the reason why man must always answer to the Creator concerning all the goings-on on Earth that He puts under man’s dominion and watch.

Because of this and for this purpose, the man was created in the image and likeness of the Creator to qualify to always stand before Him as of same Class of Beings and as His worthy and capable representative over His Creation!!

But then, a woman is not made in the image of the Creator!! A woman is made in the image and likeness of the man since she was taken out of the man. This means that every woman is, at best, only a duplicate or replica, a look-alike, to some man in being indeed made of that man’s bones and his flesh.

In not being original but a duplicate, like all products of man’s hands and mind, a woman can never be directly handled or used for any of the needs or purposes of Yaoh toward blessing His universe or governing His creation and thus fit to be touched directly in being baptized by Him in living waters.

You see, in the truest sense, no woman has ever begotten or even brought forth any man into the Earth! Yes, indeed it has never been so, for it is neither the will nor the plan of Yaoh for a woman to ever bring forth a man to Earth to ever think of she owning the man!!

Rather, it has always been the will and plan of the Creator for the man to own the woman, forever, and thus the reason He placed woman as a permanent seed in his loins to be begotten in due time. And this was exactly what Yaoh did of Eve for Adam; acting as midwife to deliver baby Eve in due time out of the body of Adam.

Even when a baby is conceived in a woman’s body, there is never a direct contact between the flesh of the woman and the child growing in her womb. For, every fetus is surrounded by a sack of water-like fluid the same as composed of its father and thus every fetus is firmly cuddled by its father for the nine months it lived in the body of a woman which acted as an incubator, before its delivery.

Now, by this same fluid was everyman begotten to Earth, by a watery-Earth during Creation, together with the woman in the body of the man as we learn in the beginning at Creation.

So then, the error in human-thinking that it is a woman who brings forth a man out from her womb after conceiving him for nine months and therefore must own the man must be seen as wrong and need to be corrected.

For, in talking about the length of time between the conception of the human seed and birth, it is rather the man who holds the woman for years in his loins to eventually begat her in due time through using the womb of a woman as an incubator!!

From the first day that any man descends to Earth from the Presence of the Creator, he bears in his body (loins) a heavy cargo of all the children he is empowered by Yaoh and destined to deliver to and on Earth, and may only be able to start reducing the weight of this cargo he bears in him, earliest though pre-maturely, in his teen years.

These children, this man can only start to deliver or bring forth one at a time into the womb of some woman or women, to incubate!! And yet, he is never free of the entire weight in his loins for all his years on Earth; as against the nine months, a woman may hold a child captive in her womb till delivery; and then taking a rest thereafter.

Even as women are pregnant for just nine months, men are always pregnant with their babies as human cargo in their loins from the time they enter the Earth to their time of departure or death, and thus returning with them whatever seed of babies was never dispensed during their days on Earth back to the Creator!!

So then, when a child is born, which of the parents must the child resemble naturally, or be used to and thus be more attached to? Of course, it must be the father since every baby is in the first place the flesh and bones of the father; in much the same way that woman is the flesh and bones of a man.

I am sad to observe that ignorance about this truth has made Earth not a so pleasant and peaceful place for habitation as ought to have been.

You possess what you own; and you also own what you possess. And just as a man owns the bones and flesh of the woman, it is only sensible for every man to love and cherish a woman and any child born to him; and bless them as much as he can ever bless himself. And for every woman and child too, to show unfeigned appreciation to man; as husband and father.

And if the woman was blessed by the man, in and by the baptism of the man, simply because the two are of one same bone and flesh, so must the son too, and thus neither of the two (woman or child) should need some other kind of baptism besides what they received when yet in the loins of the man who begat them who too was baptized while he was in the loins of his ancestor such as Adam who led the era of his, and their dispensation.

So then, Christian clergymen who baptize infants by dropping a few drops of water upon their foreheads do not, therefore, know what they do. Their display of stark ignorance and spiritual buffoonery or illiteracy in this regard reveals them as not being servants of Yaoh, or trained by Him who is the Wisest Being, who they, in lying, claim to represent on Earth and serve!!

For, even by the teaching of the Canaanite English Bible, male children become spiritually mature at the age of twenty and, at this age, become eligible for marriage and the starting of a household of their own; and thus become due for consecration and anointing to be used in any service to Yaoh such as starting to deliver their human cargo they have been holding in their loins from their days of birth.

A third reason why Yaoh never baptizes women can be discerned from the selective baptism He gave simultaneously to the three sons of Nakh who were together with their father in the ark that sheltered them for a hundred and ninety days while they were in it at the time when Yaoh flooded the Earth to kill all its other inhabitants whom He deemed unrighteous at that era.

Note that at that time also there were the wives of these four men (of a father and his three sons) who like in earlier instances relating to baptism mentioned in this teaching, were also never baptized.

And this must mean that the baptism these three sons of Nakh received at the hand of Yaoh Himself was not toward cleansing them from any sin as Christian clergymen have erroneously taught baptism to always bring to its faithful recipients; even thus ridiculing themselves by rendering a weird kind of baptism to infants who had never sinned, before this their so-called baptism performed on them by dropping a few drops of water on their foreheads!!

If that act of baptism that was performed on the sons of Nakh were for them to be cleansed from sin as baptism is taught by Christian clergymen to always bring about according to the doctrines of the Canaanite English New Testament Bible, then why did all other humans outside the family of Nakh all of whom were judged to be sinners not also simply baptized to deal with their sin problem but had to be drowned to their deaths?

Oh no! That baptism was not to deal with any sins and certainly not one that dealt with sins of a good people who Yaoh had already considered righteous and worthy to live and to be used by Him as seed for the procreation of mankind.

That baptism was to fortify and anoint the only seed of mankind present at the time then on Earth, found at the time only within the loins of the three sons of Nakh to be, later on, used to populate the entire Earth.

And thus the reason why, the wives of these three sons and of Nakh too, who, being women, did not have any human seed in them, and Nakh too who had already dispensed of all that was initially in his loins by the births of his sons, were never baptized by Yaoh.

Since Nakh had at the time finished discharging his heavy cargo of all the would-be inhabitants on Earth in and by the births of his three sons, he had no remaining seed in him to be fortified, used to impregnate and to be delivered as babies in later days to come, after stepping out of the floodwaters and ark.

For, even long before entering the ark, Nakh was already in the state of permanent menopause which started for him in and by his obedience to the ways of Yaoh; by obeying the dictates of nature that commanded that “men o pause” from all sexual activity with your wives!!

So as you can see, menopause is a disease of impaired libido in men and not to be thought of as a hormonal irritation in women causing women to easily lose their temper; as often wrongly explained away by medical science.

But of course, a curtailment of sexual services from their husbands in itself could irritate any woman even when she is in her state of vaginal dryness and frigidity arising from hormonal changes in her body to even make her quick-tempered and easily cause her to vent her spleen on her husband and other members of her household at the least provocation. Men must just know their women!

Also, all four women too would have been baptized if that baptism were for the cleansing from sin since none of them would have been deemed to be without a spot of sin on their spirit or not need a permanent immunization or delivery from sin as Christian clergymen teach that baptism in the name of JESUS CHRIST brings to its recipient sinners.

For me, the reason why Yaoh performed this act of selective baptism upon these sons of Nakh was simply to fortify and anoint the human cargo they held in their loins so they could eventually begin to populate the Earth with a strong and holy seed.

Note that no seed had as yet come out of any of these three sons of Nakh before their baptismal experience in and by the floodwaters while being sheltered in the ark.

When Yaoh instituted a permanent baptism at the River Yardan (Jordan) crossing by the entire house of Yaohsharal as it journeyed from Matsraym (Egypt) into Kanayan (Canaan) to possess it, it involved only men who thus represented and constituted the entirety of this house simply because they held in their loins the entire population of Yaohsharal from that day forth to ever comprise it and to eventually be born.

The permanent burial or submersion of twelve stones in the middle of the Yardan River which has remained there to this day as representing the twelve tribes of Yaohsharal by their names and that of the tribe of Loay (Levy) too, who did this burial, was meant to bring an eternal anointing and fortification of the entire holy seed in the loins of the family heads and men of the entire nation of Yaohsharal.

The baptism of only men who were members of the house of Yaohsharal in and by the Yardan river crossing and immortalized by the permanently buried stones bearing the names of men only was also to eternally serve as a consecration and anointing of all men beyond the militarily mature and marital eligibility age of twenty, to also fight the wars of Yaoh for the possession of the lands of Kanayan which they commenced at Yarcha (Jerico), not long after this crossing of Yardan that symbolized their baptism.

Many years after the house of Yaohsharal crossed the Yardan and after the tribe of Loay buried stones in the channel of the river Yardan as representing each of the twelve male family-heads of Yaohsharal and with all of Yaohsharal now dwelling in Kanayan, and needing a spiritual revival, this burial of the stones representing every male leader of a tribe of Yaohsharal was reenacted in a ceremony on Har Karmal (Mt. Carmel) led by a naba (prophet) by name Alyaoh (Elijah), whereby another reason of a male-only baptism by Yaoh was revealed and openly displayed.

The descent of the fire of Yaoh from Above upon the waters surrounding the stones forming the altar that was erected and flooded with water, on that occasion, was an open demonstration of the results of baptism to all males who receive it according to the will of Yaoh as being a visitation and a reenergizing by the holy rawakh (spirit) of Yaoh upon them.

For, as in Barashayath (Genesis) 1:1-2 we see Rawakh HaKhadash (Spirit the Holy) hovering over living waters, so we see not only the Rawakh HaKhadash hovering over any qualified living people who receive baptism at the hands of Yaoh, thus becoming completely saturated with and as pure waters too, but the real fire of this same Rawakh HaKhadash coming to permanently dwell in the one to possess and keep him holy, hot, and eternally protected and thus capable of rendering worthy worship to his creator, fight in His battles and to serve Him by running errands for Him.

So then, as from the foregoing it can be seen that it is only mature and militarily-fit men who are first called by Yaoh to lead in any dispensation, fight in His holy wars, populate His holy lands won in holy wars with a holy human seed, lead in all kingly, priestly and other duties by people such as nabaym (prophets) only in the house of Yaohsharal, none of which was ever a woman throughout the entire history of Yaohsharal, it means that no woman was ever worthy for baptism so she may come into the blessings which this act or ritual, performed by Yaoh Himself on His servants to empower and anoint them to serve Him. My dear women pastors and archbishops of Christianity, I hope you get to know this!

All men who were leaders in their dispensations such as Adam, Nakh, Abram, Mashah, Yaohshai (Joshua), etc., all had contact with living waters in a natural reservoir and stepped out of these same waters in demonstration of having been born out of them into a new life before the one becomes deemed worthy of use by Yaoh to render Him service, just as baptism did for grandpapa Adam at creation.

Following these men who served the Most High One was every other servant who was chosen or descended from only the house of Yaohsharal whose baptism was thus referenced within the leaders of the dispensation represented by the permanently buried stones, as a baptism of baptisms, in the middle of the Yardan under the supervision of Yaohshai.

You see, Yaoh owns no woman; man does! And so, it is for man to give instructions to the woman as to how to live on Earth to please the Creator. Yaoh never instructs women, directly, even right from the day the first of them came to be in Eden with a man (Adam); for the woman was made to glorify man while man must glorify the Creator.

Concerning even any laws on anti-prostitution or anti-witchcraft lifestyles by women, which might seem logical for Yaoh to direct them at the woman, it is rather the man who Yaoh instructs to keep from associating with women who indulge in them because He is concerned about the safety of the man whom He owns, and therefore has given instructions to man not to allow women indulging in such lifestyle to live to his hurt but to stone them to death.

All of the laws of Yaoh are instructions to man (males) only and thereafter, it then becomes the responsibility of man to then instruct the woman with him in his own words and not to be deemed to lie in saying directly to a woman in quoting to her that “thus sayeth the Most High One” since He never speaks directly to any woman except in matters relating to her conception of the human seed and childbirth!!

But as can sadly be observed among practitioners of Christianity, all the holy and lofty protocols relating to baptism in days past are thrown overboard to allow all manner of people to administer baptism to all manner of people from all manner of races of all manner of nations of the Earth who may be of whatever ages and sex!! How ridiculous and sad.

Baptism, whenever administered to anyone, is administered only by the Creator Himself simply because it is a ritual that is intrinsically connected to Creation and the giving of life which is the very Life of and in Yaoh, the Creator.

And for those who experience it at the hand of Yaoh, they were never even aware of what newness of life was coming their way through it as to be happy about it and thus even desire or ask for it; for, whoever asks to be created by the Creator at all!!

However, Christian faithful of the doctrines of the Canaanite-fabricated English Bible are misled to believe in baptism performed on them by clergymen of Christianity as the ultimate experience in life that will qualify any god damned sinner to someday live in the presence of the Creator, eternally, and therefore fall head over heels to be baptized by all manner of their leaders who have no evidence of authorization and instruction from the Creator to minister baptism to their followers!

In this craze of Christianity, anyone at all of the world’s nations and races, inclusive even of the house of Kanayan who are eternally cursed people but are desirous of living in the presence of Yaoh, of which baptism is said to be the number-one pre-requisite, are misled to go for it; ignorant that Yaoh only performs baptism on only male members of the house of Yaohsharal alone.

The ministration of a holy baptism by the Creator alone in secret locations of the Earth and to only males of the house of Yaohsharal in days gone by is now deemed the same as being performed by leaders of Christianity on all manner of people, inclusive of women to qualify them to play roles in their Churches. How could that be??

One can understand why the state of Christianity and its churches today are as demonic as they plainly show themselves to be if the holy leadership as seen in the Tanakh (Old Testament) which was the sole preserve of men has now been made open to all manner of slay queens married to all manner of men calling themselves pastors and archbishops to also become leaders of Christian flocks of sheep (and goats, too?) elected by mankind. Oh! Christianity, whither are you going?

The writer, NngmingBongle Bapuohyele aka AbYaoh Ban TabalYaoh, is a Thorah-Based Life-Coach of HaBayath Yaohsharal (GH) and Author. His Email Contact Address is; [email protected].

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