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How Human Procreation by Sexual Means came as Punishment for Sin (Part 1 of 3)

How Human Procreation by Sexual Means came as Punishment for Sin (Part 1 of 3)

Every believer in the Thorah of Yaoh which was given to the children of Yaohsharal knows that: It is the glory of Yaoh to conceal a matter and that it is to the honor of a king to reveal it by his wisdom. For, wisdom and enlightenment are the rewards of Yaoh to lovers and doers of His Thorah.

It has also been said by someone that: The illiterate of the twenty-first century will not be one who cannot read and write but one who cannot learn to unlearn and relearn.

Yet another earthling, even a WWII warmonger, once said: Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

And from my own experiences of close to seven decades of life on Earth too, I’d say this: You must never ignore thinking over a persistent seemingly little thought that comes to your mind if you desire to ever be deemed a great thinker and a man of wisdom.

So then, as I write this article with all the above words in mind, I’d urge readers too, as they read, to also have these thoughts to be blessed by it. So then, let’s get on with it!

Did you know, dear reader, that the first person to ever live on Earth was a man and, therefore, there was once a time on Earth when every male human conceived and gave birth to an adult woman to be his life partner until Yaoh took them both at the same time out of view of all others on Earth?

And so, in that era of mankind’s existence on Earth, there were no widows or widowers since the life of every man and woman were intertwined as the man was the life-giver of the woman. And as the two started life at the same time, they both ended it together with the woman first re-entering the being of the man for them to exit Earth together or become invisible on it!

Did you know this happened according to the original plan of the Creator for the man (every individual male) to procreate and fill the Earth, asexually, with himself as human beings and that we can learn of this history of mankind’s past from even the English Bible of Canaanites which was translated from the Tanakh (Old Testament) of the children of Yaohsharal?

So then, a woman in that era was only a companion and helpmate for the man and her services to him thus came to an end when her man’s visa to Earth expired which meant that she vanished with him from the general view of all on Earth by re-entering his being!

A woman was never to function as a wife to bear children for the man, sexually, and thus to be deemed needful of staying on Earth—should her man [seem to] depart it before her—and take care of any fatherless children left behind, as is often the case on Earth today.

You see, every man came to Earth as the representative of the Creator from His presence to play the role of being in charge and having dominion over all of creation and to also possess it forever together with his elders who came before him or to be gone in due time according to the scheme of things and programs of the Creator! This made the Earth a big stage for actors who exited it after their acts. And these may still someday return to this stage since no beings in the image and likeness of the Creator ever die!

The plan of Yaoh to always have a man worthy and capable of representing Him on Earth and to see to the smooth running of His creation, caused Him to send such men to come never as babies born by woman, to be schooled on Earth in its manner of life for the execution of his mandate to represent and serve Him, but only as adults and mature men who were already fully loaded and programmed with His instructions on how to represent and serve Him.

All of these messengers of Yaoh to Earth have always, from the beginning, been fully bearded and grey-haired men who were in His image as HaAtak Yamaym (the ancient of days) to qualify to stand in His presence for their briefing before departing to Earth on assignment and as being worthy and qualified to even work on it as His representative. No child’s play in this; and so no babies were involved.

This being the plan and arrangement of Yaoh, it was to exist from generation to generation among all mankind since everything the Creator makes is made to last or exist forever. How come, then, the change to what we see differently on Earth now?

Asexual reproduction of humans might seem impossible to humans today who are even living in an era dubbed the information age, in which many know of only two ways to the procreation of life on Earth—that is, sexual and vegetative or asexual.

But then, let us go to the book of Barashayath (Genesis) of the Bible to learn all about this novelty in human procreation by asexual means.

In the book of Barashayath 1:26-30, we learn that Yaoh made man in His image and likeness, and then immediately after making him, He gave him all the instructions about how to execute his mandate on Earth inclusive of procreating and filling the Earth with his kind and being.

If we believe what we read in these verses of Barashayath we will see that, before we read further into chapter two, the man already existed as a living being on Earth who was in the image and likeness of the Being of his Creator and thus could function or even functioned just like Him.

The man was at that point too not only capable of doing what he had been instructed to come to do on Earth, as per these verses, but had already started to do them as his being or nature then enabled and empowered him,; without having to wait till he was grown up.

Since at that point man was already in the image of the Creator, he could think, speak, exhibit wisdom and do all that the Creator could do; most especially reproduce himself in others just as Yaoh reproduced Himself in him since he not only had the orders of his Creator to do as reproduce himself but also the capacity to do so, immediately, at once and without further ado according to the orders given to him by his Creator.

So then, just as Yaoh reproduced Himself in the man without anyone’s involvement or assistance since there was none other anyway, so the man too reproduced himself as another man in his image and likeness, (and the woman too in a slightly different form from his image and thus not exactly in the image and likeness of Yaoh which he as the man had), without anyone’s assistance or involvement, just as Yaoh did in him coming as the man. And so, the man was in the image of Yaoh while the woman was in the image of man.

Let me state that at this point, man existed just like his Creator Yaoh also existed, in part, as a bundle of knowledge, wisdom, power, and energy; invisible to all other creation but only visible to his kind and Yaoh; able to speedily transport himself about and capable of being in all places at the same time, just like his Creator: and was thus a spirit being with sharp mental faculties, just like his Creator; while he remained invisible to all others of creation, such as the baser animals, all of which even though alive with the breath of life in them could not be in the image and likeness of Yaoh.

At this point, the naughty and troublesome mosquito could not see the man to worry him even though it could sense his presence and hear him command him to move away from him, just as no animal of creation could see the Creator but could only sense His presence.

And so has Yaoh remained invisible to all His creation, inclusive of man when in the flesh, except those men He may choose to reveal Himself to. Thus too, was the man also made to be invisible to all living creatures, as a sign of honor and respect to him and for his safety, just as man is made to not see Yaoh ordinarily and commonly in He being invisible to him unless He decides to make Himself visible to man.

Since today we understand and see that the complete man is a tripartite being composed of spirit, soul, and body, we can say that when Barashayath chapter one came to its end, we had a man who was a two-parts being of spirit and soul, just as we understand the Creator to be today, and was thus already the full and perfect image and likeness of the Creator and capable of doing all things He could do and did.

As we move to read chapter two of the book of Barashayath, we begin to see a body of earth now being molded into a receptacle by the bare hands of the Creator to be used as housing or covering for the man He had already made in His image and likeness, as a being who was self-sustaining of himself just as He has ever been, in chapter one of Barashayath.

When Yaoh had finished making this housing of dark fertile Earth that can sustain life, He breathed the breath of life into it to make it capable of holding the two-parts life of spirit and soul of man to give compatibility of this casing in housing the spirit and soul of man, made alive and active in His likeness for all three—body, soul, and spirit—to co-exist as one forever; and then transferred Adam into it.

Later events following this feat in man’s history on Earth will go to show whether the coming of an earth-housing for man, who’d already been made in the complete full image and likeness of the Creator, was a blessing in being a value-addition to him as spirit and soul, or a curse in being a hindrance to his execution on his mandate to fill the Earth with humans and in possessing and exercising dominion over all creation.

But for now, tripartite Adam is made and standing as the epitome of excellence exhibited by the Creator of all the things He ever created; and seemingly heavier, bigger, and better than his Creator who cannot confine Himself to a receptacle of Earth. But then, such thinking can only be deceptive and bereft of wisdom.

After Adam stood before the Creator who Himself was satisfied and joyful at His handiwork, the Creator thought about something that would make Adam happier on Earth—a physical companion and a helpmate, but neither as a wife to be sexually molested or harassed to bring forth children for him nor used for sexual entertainment!

And so Adam had to be put to sleep toward forming Eve. Mind you, Yaoh was not creating her since Yaoh being Man cannot create a woman to be in his image and likeness, as the law of creation demands for all to reproduce their kind, and as one who can represent or look like Him.

The issue of Yaoh making man male and female as we are told in Barashayath 1:26-30 must have to be examined critically to put that statement into the correct and right perspectives in as much as women or females are not in the image of the Creator.

I dare say Adam could not have slept at such a time and thus not be conscious as one of his ribs and some flesh of his body were being taken to form a housing of earth to house Eve. He would have been too excited enjoying the view of a beautiful and fresh Earth he was just settling in and desiring to observe all that Yaoh was doing to him and with it so he could learn to be in charge in His absence to also do similarly as to need sleep!

And so, he would at best be in the sleep-conscious mode and be observing the taking of his bone and flesh to form Eve so he could do the same shortly when then representing Yaoh on Earth.

When eventually the Earth mold to be used as housing for Eve was ready, the two-part spirit and soul component of Eve begotten out of Adam (and not of Yaoh nor by Yaoh) was transferred into it to now form tripartite Eve in all elegance and as a perfect near-replica of Adam but for her bigger bust, more fleshy behind or backside, and different undercarriage or genitalia than that of Adam! And then voila, (behold) the beautiful helpmate and companion to Adam!!

When Yaoh left the scene after getting Adam and Eve to the status of perfect tripartite beings, Adam got into serious work in producing a housing molded with dark fertile Earth for the first spirit and soul man he brought forth out of his being as a perfect replica of himself in obedience to the instructions of Yaoh in Barashayath 1:26-30.

He was thereafter also to do another housing from flesh and bones which were taken from the housing of the man for a female, such as was made for Eve to house her two-part of spirit and soul to form a tripartite woman. But because all three parts of a body (housing), soul, and spirit of this tripartite woman and all subsequent ones were made by man alone and not by Yaoh, these could not come out perfect as all things made solely by Yaoh.

Upon the complete production of this first pair of tripartite man and woman, by Adam alone, he would, in satisfaction with his handiwork and success in procreating himself, continue to fill and subdue the Earth with his image and likeness as would desire no rest but work on zealously and obediently toward fulfilling his mandate from the Creator to do so.

Not long into successfully fulfilling this procreation command of Yaoh by Adam, he was to be joined by some of the male two-part beings of spirit and soul he had produced out of his being, who he also succeeded in turning into tripartite beings; who too thus could take out of the dark fertile part of Earth to make housings for their female companions they brought forth out of their beings, as Yaoh had made them capable of doing and empowered them with His mandate to continually do toward making the Earth full of humans; all of whom were to look alike in every way,; and to be like Yaoh too in nature but not perfect in physical looks!!

This system and means of procreating man on Earth were all that existed in the beginning since they involved the absolute power, wisdom, and only mandate of Yaoh to the first man to ever live on Earth to do so, asexually.

And so, this must-have continued to be the only system and means to human procreation on Earth for as long as there were people on Earth who were fit and worthy to obey the will of Yaoh in this regard.

As I wrote this article, an experience I had in the bushes of my hometown of Saa-Sabalah in the Nadowli District of the Upper West Region of Ghana came to my mind, which I’d like to share with readers of it.

I was a teenager at the time and had gone hunting for wild-rabbits and squirrels with friends after school hours one day. By our hunting strategy, we would normally spread ourselves out as we walk in one direction not far from each other in the bush looking and sniffing for and rousing from their sleep these game animals we were hunting.

All of sudden, I saw a snake lying in my path in the bush. I came to an immediate halt fearing I was in danger. I whistled to my colleagues as though I had spotted something like any of those we were hunting for.

When they came over, we went closer to what looked like a real snake. The oldest among us went closer, bending over it with his cudgel raised over his head in readiness to strike the sleeping snake, only to realize it was neither alive nor dead.

How come? What was in front of us was the sheath or outer skin that encased the living snake. The live snake had managed to wriggle itself out of it, maybe tired of using it as its covering, and just went off leaving it behind!

We were relieved that we faced no danger and I was later to become a recipient of teasing among these friends. Other hunting expeditions in later years revealed this as a common occurrence in the bushes of Saa-Sabalah involving snake sheaths.

What if, as a mature snake comes out of its full, complete, and undamaged sheath, it was also the plan of Yaoh to stuff it with the same flesh and bone that constitute the actual snake? Would what we saw in our hunting expedition not be a baby snake of the size as and to the one that lived before it?

Well, “is anything too hard for Yaoh to do?”, I began thinking to myself as I wrote this my article concerning an asexual reproduction of humans in mankind’s ancient past!!---Please continue the reading in Part 2 of 3.

The writer, NngmingBongle Bapuohyele aka Abyaoh Ban Tabalyaoh, is a Thorah-Based Life-Coach of HaBayath Yaohsharal (GH) and Author. His Email Contact Address is; [email protected].