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December 6, 2018 | Entertainment Exclusive News

Fiesta Channel To Start Mpaebo Gospel Show In January 2019 – Jay Foley

Fiesta Channel To Start Mpaebo Gospel Show In January 2019 – Jay Foley

Jay Foley , Business Manager of FIESTA Channel had an exclusive chat with OdarteyGHTV exclusive about fiesta channel now airing in 48 countries in Africa.

At the official launch in September 2018, brands manager, Jay Foley disclosed that the Fiesta channel is geared towards airing 80% Ghanaian content and 20% foreign.

Tilly Akua Nipaa interviewing Jay Foley, asked him if Fiesta Channe l expanding their territories will affect the ratio they initially promised Ghanaians. Jay foley said,” Obviously the ratio will change because we are speaking to a wider community and it will be fair that we make room for other countries, Fiesta at any point in time will priorities Ghanaian content over other contents”

Tilly Akua Nipaa asked why Gospel contents are being excluded from the channel, Jay Foley responded that they are not being sidelined, as a matter of fact, from January 2019 Fiesta channel will start airing their new gospel show dubbed MPAEBO .

Fiesta is a 24-hour TV channel which delivers a wide range of programming genres, including lifestyle, music, events, entertainment news bulletins and many more.

Watch full interview below;

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