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08.01.2020 Feature Article

Top Ten Books you should read in 2020

Top Ten Books you should read in 2020
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I have been an ardent reader and I've never regretted. It has saved me a lot in life ranging from all forms of misery, shame, despair and more.

It is of no doubt that the total outcome of life is a reflection of our knowledge. Knowledge is highly prized in every institution of life including religion. The Christian faith expresses the value of knowledge, which comes through studies, in the Bible. The Apostle Paul was quoted saying, "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15." Hence, approval from God in the Christian faith comes through studies, which leads to knowledge! With this, the popular saying that knowledge is power could not be undermined. In almost every endeavor of life, those that lead are those that read.

In reading, we contact knowledge, find solution to our problems as well as are made masters over life ultimately. We learn to steer the course of life in our own ways. It's at this place when we are made architects over our own lives.

Many things can transform a man in his lifetime including money, environment, health and more, but then, knowledge will always lead. With knowledge, limitations are broken and life's hurdles become irrelevant.

Every level of a man's life reflects how much knowledge he has contacted. Do you want to be a millionaire in the next decade? Or do you want to be an inspiration to your world? What it is that you want in life? The answer is in books, find it, read it and immense yourself in it, you'll become what you read.

Whatever you give attention to in life is great, but then far greater it'd be if you'll give attention the more to reading and prize it over anything. In 2020, read and read and read. Again I say, read!

I have compiled a list of ten books that you could go through 2020 reading. They are my best, you can try them.

Book 10, Gifted Hands by Ben Carson

I had to choose this title over one of my childhood's favorite, "Yellow bird and I" and the popular "Start with Why."

Gifted Hands was authored by the famous American neurosurgeon and politician, Ben Carson. As a young boy, Ben had to overcome a lot including poverty, anger and surprisingly, weak studies disability- guy was one of the fondest definitions of "educational crap" in his primary days. With time, this guy's story changed when he got glasses to complement his sight impairment. He could now see clearly from the board and read from books. He was raised together with his brother, the senior, by a single mother after losing their dad to divorce at a very young age. Ben found his way to Yale University. There, he shared on his supernatural breakthrough in the final exams when he dreamt seeing all the questions, which he learnt before the exam day.

I never appreciated the work of doctors until I read this book. In the surgery involving the separation of the first Siamese twins, Ben along with a colleague doctor stood on their feet for nineteen hours to perform that surgery. He went ahead to bring life, hope and smiles to many faces when he performed neurosurgery on retard children.

I love this book for many reasons. It's full of imagery of hope, impact and fulfillment in life. In 2020, get this book on your reading list and inhale the fragrance of life the pages exhale.

Book 9, Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

Whoosh! What a book. This is a book full of humor right from the first page through to the last page. In this book, Trevor Noah shares on the South African setting during the apartheid system. It's surprising how Trevor was able to share history and story of his childhood society and still got you laughing and tensed all through. In dedication to his mum, he wrote this book sharing on their life.

In the concluding chapters, Trevor's mum was shot in the head, a near death situation just like you'd imagine. When she woke up from coma and noticed Trevor by the bed, expecting that his son will cry, he assured the son to look at the brighter side of the situation. A brighter side in this? She said you're now the most beautiful person in the family. Guy has been competing with mum over who's beautiful.

In 2020, make sure you have this book on your reading shelf and trust me; you'll never regret you did.

Book 8, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

I came across this book in my third year in the university. This was around a time when I was about starting my first formal business which involved dealing with a lot of people, mostly students and their parents as well as working with my own mates also from the university.

Leading a people is one thing but then leading your colleagues who are better students and are only going to acknowledge your leadership by how well you can inspire and relate with them is another thing. We spent close to three months on this and the first time I experienced what fulfillment is in life was after this time.

Every man's success and feats in life are tied to people. Your success in life will be proportional to how well you treat people. You've got to study human beings as a course, you've got to learn how to motivate and inspire people to make you, and you've got to learn how to dig out the gold in every person you encounter in life. This book gives you just that.

In 2020, make it a priority to inculcate habits that inspire people around you and reward you ultimately. Get this book and you shall access just that.

Book 7, Top Five Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware

I read many wonderful books in 2019, but then none of them surpasses this book. This was the best book I read in the year.

A young woman who seeks to live a satisfied life found herself living with and caring for individuals who were awaiting death. She will develop an attachment and love with her clients even though she knew she will be losing them in weeks or months’ time. However, she still found satisfaction in this job because of the numerous life lessons her clients pass on to her in their last days.

Life could be related to a puzzle which we set out to solve. Many times, it is when we've gotten to the latter part that we notice all the mistakes we should have avoided and what we wasted time on that was irrelevant. Few people get the time, energy and zeal to complete it after this time. This is the sad situation of life stemming out of the sole fact that no man has ever lived the future. Hence, we are able to guide younger ones by our experiences but then with what's ahead of our own selves we seem never to know it all. At the end of everything, when we have come to the last days of our lives, two things happen to us; we either look back and enjoy the life we lived or we look back and regret it all.

This book shares lessons on all we seek in life; what's worth it and what's not, who deserves our love and what does not, who we should make time for and what doesn't deserve our time.

In 2020, make sure you have this book on your list; it sure will save you from the usual regrets of many a man in his expiring days, which is inevitable.

Book 6, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Awesome book! An amazing book! Great enlightening tool! Going through school ages of life, you're programmed to get good grades in school and hope to be employed by the government or a big organization after school. However, the 21st century era as well as history has proven that this is a great deception. With this mindset, you only end up bound in the "never enough," slow pace and unsatisfied life described by Robert in this book as the "rat race."

This book opens you up to the world of business, enlightening you on assets and liabilities. The most paying job in the world will never make anyone wealthy in life. True wealth is found in how much assets you have. This idea counters the popular notion of saving a lot, getting high paying jobs and the numerous work myths.

Again, this book taught me that we work to learn and not for money, this was a golden nugget to me. As a student in the university, I was inspired to take up business opportunities and ideas with the ultimate aim of learning, after reading this book. I have never regretted! Finally, the assertion that you don't need money to start a business became my reality by the help of the lessons in this book.

Hello dear, 2020 is here; show some love to yourself, you deserve it. Just get this book on your reading list and let's be great together.

Book 5, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Oh Yh, I know it's on everybody's list, it deserves to be. When I first encountered this book years ago, I told myself I know the book to get when I'm ready to make money: I was still a student then. After that time, I've made it a ritual to include this book in my January list every other year. This book is not just about money as the title suggests, but then keys to fulfillment and life as well.

The chapter on Desire is all you need if you want to develop zeal and passion towards any pursuit.

This book has been tested and proven by many great people who walked this planet. Trust me, all the billionaires and a greater percentage of all millionaires you know, read and loves this book.

Dearie, you need this book. Get it in 2020. You can never regret you did.

Book 4, The power of self-Discipline (No excuses) by Brian Tracy

Ever read a book on success that got you very scared of life because you realized you were everything opposite of success according to the book? Oh Yh, this book gave me that experience.

I chanced on this book in 2017 when a brother, Flipper, and I visited a friend in the famous Katanga hall in KNUST. Before that time, I had never shown any interest towards books of this kind. But then I just felt I should get this.

In this book, I got convinced that success leave tracks. If you want to be successful in life, just study the life of successful people and you'll discover how they became successful.

The most awakening part of this book was what the writer called the expediency factor. Boy that was scary. I've lived all my life avoiding almost every single thing that seems to stretch me minutely and I will always choose that which is easy. Unknown to me, I was organizing to be an average person in life at best with this lifestyle. But then I was awakened to this after reading this book.

I found this book the best discipline and self-development guide. Get this book in 2020, and I will wait to hear its impact in your life.

Book 3, Secrets of the Secret Place by Bob Sorge

And oh this book by Bob Sorge, how I love it. I gave this book to a friend who never returned it (hi Gabby), and I spent the next two years searching for it, never stopped until I found it.

Life is spiritual, every wise person knows this. There is a wisdom operated by the eagle; the wisdom of separation. The eagle at a point in its life separates itself to a lonely place. There, it will go through intense moments to revitalize and rejuvenate itself. It will return to its group afterwards far better than was known. The eagle knows this, but sadly, many walk through life never giving themselves to this practice.

There's "The Source" of life to everything on earth including man. Some torch lights operate using dry cells. After sometime, these dry cells ought to be changed to enable it produce maximum brightness at all times. If it fails to be changed, the brightness will keep dimming until it finally disappears. This is same of every man; the only way you can be productive at all times is to constantly connect and reconnect to the Source, God. This book makes me long to give myself to this wisdom each time I read it. Whenever I read it, a sense of urgency arouse in my soul and all I ever want is to draw closer to God at this point. When I do this, I can tell the difference that follows at all times.

Dear pal, you need to walk in this wisdom in 2020. I can assure you to love it. Get this book, read it and experience the desire it arouse in your heart towards God.

Book 2, The Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma

I'm trying to put down words for this book but words are just failing me.

A successful litigator shunned his occupation to find lasting happiness. He met the sages. These are men who have lived centuries dedicating their lives to pursuing and teaching the true meaning of life and finding lasting happiness, the inevitable craving of every man. There, he discovered the secrets known by the ancients.

As the year began, I ought to reflect on life, set goals and take up pursuits that will impact my world and ultimately bless me. I started my year reading this book. Don't go through this year without reading this book, and neither delay reading it: you're going to cuss yourself when you realize you should have read this book earlier.

In 2020, we can be great together. Get this book!

Book 1, The Seven Pillars of Wisdom by Obed Obeng Addae

This book does something to me each time I read it and rarely can I explain. I found the keys in this book to be the foundation to every pursuit in life ranging from religion, work, education, family and all. After reading this book, embedded and firmly rooted in my conscience is that I have the answers to all the challenges I will encounter in life by communing with the wisdom within. I started big things and attained admirable feats barely with nothing but just the knowledge I contacted in this book. I've never found myself confused, stuck or wanting after encountering this book. As a young man who's passionate about business and life ultimately, I get stuck at certain times just like many others, but then I seem to be skyrocketed with ideas and more when I resort to reading this book.

I chose this book to be my number one because of what it does to me each time I read it. I hope you find it a great tool for life too. Well, you might not need everything in the book, I've never read it all myself even. Yet, it remains my number one. Get this book in 2020, immerse yourself in it and let me hear your testimonies.


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