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23.12.2019 Feature Article

How To Make Reading A Habit

How To Make Reading A Habit
LISTEN DEC 23, 2019

Reading is a practice and ritual ignored by many, yet in it is all a man can seek for in life. Reading should not be an option but a lifetime necessity.

In reading, we are opened up and enlightened to the bigger world beyond our view and reach. In reality, a man never learns something new in his lifetime, we only become awaken to what we already know. Man is uniquely made by the Creator and is enormously endowed with super abilities. But then, the pressures and demands of life make us lose out on acknowledging this. We tend to lose out on the consciousness of our enormous powers and abilities over time.

Science has proven that a shark can never outgrow its environment. Keep a baby shark in its habitat and you expect to find a great and a fierce shark after many years. This cannot be said of a baby shark that's kept in a tank; we will still find a baby shark after many years, sadly! This is same of a man who fails to give attention to reading in his lifetime. For in reading, we become awakened to ideas, opportunities, our capabilities and more.

As a young man who's very enthusiastic about business, I noticed over time that most of my business ideas came about when I was reading books. It has always been this way!

I love to be with friends, I love to play games and watch movies but in all these, I make the most time for books, and I cannot overly declare it all the impact it has brought to my life. Guy, I love books.

Reading is the fuel for achievement, success and fulfilment in life. Outside of reading, any man is sure to live a low quality of life expressing dearth and vulnerabilities.

There's no formulae for reading, just decide to read and do it your own way. You could decide to dedicate an hour to reading everyday of your life before retiring to sleep or just the first hour when you wake up. I love to make time every evening to read. I also make time to read few pages of a book during work breaks. Finally, on holidays and non-working days, I dedicate a good number of hours to reading. With this, I'm sure to read as many as twenty or more books every year. The quantity doesn't matter, take it slow on yourself and do it in your own convenient way. You sure will love the value this ritual will add up to your life.