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26.08.2019 Feature Article

Don’t Just Watch On

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LISTEN AUG 26, 2019
Image credit: Tapsmart

We live in a world where we can't but always recognize the weaknesses in others. Our carnal mind is programmed to quickly make out what is wrong about people. Admirable virtues take several years of discipline to build. In a moment, it comes down crushing and crumbling, sadly. In life, building takes a lot, but destruction happens within a twinkle of an eye.

People invest so much into building gracious virtues and admirable character.

When you visit the restaurant and the food tastes horrible, you'll definitely complain. Well, are we supposed to be complainers only? What about praising what is worth praising, even more than we would complain? Do you appreciate and encourage the waiter when he serves you awesomely? I know it's his or her responsibility, you deserve it and you're paying for it ultimately. How many times do we receive in value less than we paid for? Very often! What do we do? We just nag and complain and perhaps never to return to that place, although it might be the convenient one considering proximity and more. People are expected to put up and live on good attitudes but then only a few do this. Those few that do, you've got to encourage them.

In a world where everything is in disharmony and messed up, and good virtues are rarely encouraged, decide to make a difference by recognizing and appreciating people in whom you see admirable qualities. That guy who's smiling always, it doesn't make him a problem-free or having-it-all guy. It took several months or years of discipline to build it. Don't just watch on. Appreciate and honour it just by your words. We are all encouraged to do better in life when we realize our hard-fought-for attitudes are recognized and celebrated.



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