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16.09.2019 Feature Article

Put People First

Image credit: Then Technology
LISTEN SEP 16, 2019
Image credit: Then Technology

Life is fragile yet most often, we only get to realize this after exhausting all our years and energy on chasing material and non lasting things.

At the end of everything, all we have left is our very own lives, and that of family and friends. As important as money could be in life, it is of less importance in our old age, when we had realize we are approaching our end here on earth.

As a youth with all the energy and time, making money becomes the primal motive of many a people, most people even. Here, we easily betray family and friends by showing a little care and concern to them. Nothing seems important to us at this stage of our lives but money. Relationships come crumbling down and family are distanced. Most people lived their childhood years never having an experience of sharing beautiful moments with their parents. The only hearty evidence of their parents love towards them is the provision for their material and educational needs at all times. But true affection towards one another is often missed because their parents were busily making money with their time to provide them their material needs. As good as this is, it's not the ultimate, unfortunately.

Of all forms of love you can show a family or relation, time and care is the ultimate. In as much as children long that their parents will always provide their needs, they long the more for their passionate love which is demonstrated in spending time with them to create affection.

Many people only tend to become this in life at their very old age when their children had become grown ups and working on their own future. At this point, as if life was responding to karma; our friends and family are distanced from us and our lives seem to become a desert. With this, many old folks become despair of life because they do not have people to share affection with. The few days of life at this moment seems like eternity with this experience. This is the time when we realize and admit, nothing mattered in our lives but giving love and affection to dear ones when they were with us.

Before anything else, put relationships first. At the end, we get to realize only that meant everything.


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