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01.06.2019 Feature Article

Ministers and Members of Parliament on one Bus

Ministers and Members of Parliament on one Bus
LISTEN JUN 1, 2019

For quite a good number of years now, our politicians have greatly failed the Ghanaian citizens and Africans at large. We've felt betrayed and deceived, with every single accusation seeming true and concrete. They've looted and keep looting the economy. The average citizen has lost the worth in political leaders. Seemingly angels who gave us every reason to believe them prove to us that of a truth some Sheep indeed can put on wolf skins! This we would never have known until they won our trust and we voted them into office, very unfortunate though. I personally have lost trust in our political leaders and will never defend their actions and attitudes on any day.

Putting our ministers and M.Ps on one bus of a truth will cut down huge costs incurred on transporting these people like was done in previous years, considering the long convoys used daily.

This undoubtedly should sound good to the citizens. But just a thought!

Having these leaders as ones managing the affairs of our nation, even though we might disagree and detest their actions a good number of times, they remain our leaders until we vote them out of power and as such we must do everything to protect them, ultimately their lives. I've not lived for a thousand years on earth, but wisdom tells me it's very wrong to put all your leaders on one bus which we all agree to, that accident which could result in loss of lives is possible. Of a surety, there are evil days! Are we saying we don't mind losing all our leaders in a day? Are we going to celebrate if this ever happens? Have we thought of the possible consequences if we ever lose all our leaders in a day?

There's always a way around every situation, and this issue of long convoys costing our country much is no different. But I believe this is not the best way to handle this.

Inasmuch as we might not be pleased with our leaders just because we feel betrayed by them, I believe we will not want to risk losing them all at a moment this way. Let's reconsider this dear Ghanaians.

By Asamoah Isaac Eli

Isaac Eli Asamoah
Isaac Eli Asamoah, © 2019

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