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Opinion | Jun 18, 2018

Essay: Life misused - Part 3

What she is doing would, after all, benefit the whole family, would give them a stable future, money needed so much for the education of her sister and brother, for her medication, for their food, did she try to justify her nakedness and open legs, wet, so wet!

Philister looked angry at her fucking daughter, for that she had never raised her. The times Sunday mornings her she had taken all her children to church, the Pastors that had prayed for her and the kids, the neighbours that supported her in times of need with the little money they were able to give, the food they had shared with her to feed the children, the auntie in the nearby small town that had taken one sister to her to keep her company being childless herself to help in the household, all these were ways to move forward in life and bring her to where she was now, in a better place, in a country of milk and honey, in a society that has a good social system to protect anyone in need; no fear for what to eat tomorrow or how to pay the medical bills.

She tried to speak into the heart of her mother by saying, she is not a bad girl, she is a good daughter and all her thoughts always go out to them each day. She would care so much for them. Here among the blacks, many women would do what she is doing, getting pregnant to have a right to stay. Certainly, all those women would be honourable ladies that have their own and their families back home interest at heart.

With wide opened eyes and sadness around her lips, Philister shouted loud out to her, that she would not want her family´s happiness to be built on a sin like that, to take a man, cheat on him, give him a baby of another man and cause heartache in so many other people´s lives. No, if not for her desperate situation of no food around her, she would have separated herself from her own daughter as Jesus Christ was her savior. The voice was failing her. She looked down to the ground she was standing on wishing it would open and swallow her, making her forget what she had gone through in life to have raise such a child and watch her living against GOD`s plan.

A hot drop of his body sweat was falling unto her right nipple, making it tickle. She looked at him with the inner eye from far distance remembering that it was not her husband she originally wanted to catch and take her to Germany, a much younger man was supposed to be the one and only. But he had never replied to her emails; so she had settled for a man twice her age.

When he had come to Nairobi, her two uncles, tall and well trained twins, had wanted to rob him from all his procession, but she had been vigilant and protective of her crown jewel.

From far was she hearing the deep, faster coming breath of her boy-friend, a good sign that any minute she would feel his warm sperm coming through his dick pushed out into her wet pussy, running down towards her fertile eggs that she had checked before the night to nest finally in her womb to bring out her future of a better life. His dick got harder by the second, his chest went up and down, his heartbeat was running like wild fire, her breast were hard standing, he hips wide spread to give him comfort to come in and out and use her for his enjoyment.

“You will hurt so many people in your life, including yourself and the child you might be getting from this man that will one day be punished by GOD with madness fighting with you over the child always…do not do what your body and soul are telling you to do; you can stop it, right here, right now”, tried Philister to teach her daughter seeing her fading away into a destiny that was not of her own imagination. Like a hollow figure from endless distance was she hearing her mother echoing and begging not to give her sinful money, but honest money from a clean heart.

It was already too late, he had released his sperm into her body and she was feeling the warm juicy sperms running down her pussy towards her womb. While he pulled his smaller getting dick out of her and laid down sidewise by her side to recover from the exercise, did she look at him with a sign of disgust and victory. A glimpse of her eyes was telling the universe, that this time round he would have better made her pregnant, another night of sex with that idiot would be too stressful for her.

In Sülldorf the night was coming to an end, only hours left before the Police Station in Rissen would open for him to investigate the disappearance of his wife. Before he went to bed with Moritz his old cat keeping him company as always in times of pain, he took his mobile phone, looked at the times he had dialed the numbers of his wife. On an impulse, he dialed the number again, finally hearing her voice. As she had planned, she told him the story of the party with the girls from school and missed train. He did not question her, even a strange feeling tried to mount itself up in his belly, oppressing it with the relieve that she is okay and will soon be with him again.


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