Fri, 12 Apr 2024 Feature Article

Elected Kings are not corrupt, elected politicians are!

Elected Kings are not corrupt, elected politicians are!

Former Vice President of the EU, Ms. Kaili, is facing a legal uphill battle of corruption charges for her involvement in the procurement process of securing Covid 19 vaccines for EU member states from Pfizer. Ursula von der Leyen, President of the EU Commission, refuses to release documents regarding this complex, and the EU General Prosecutor is investigating the issue. Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder is Chair of the Russian Gas company Rosneft and still Putin's close friend. He took up the job right after ending his term as Chancellor.

Elected Kings, unlike the inherited kingdoms, were in history not corrupt personalities. Being rich before the election to add illegally more wealth was not on their mind. In addition to this fact, they were well-established experienced personalities with a proven success track record. Future elected kings by statute can be only financially and personally settled persons.

The former King of Spain, Juan Carlos, inherited the throne via the Dictator Franco in direct line with his royal family. He was involved in corruption scandals and forced by his son, the current king, to leave Spain. Prince Bernard, husband to the late Queen of the Netherlands, was involved in the Lochhead fighter scandal. Other Chancellors (e.g. Austria) or PMs do the same. Ministers and high-ranking politicians take up CEO positions in the industry or their association they supervised as politicians before with a much higher salary than their previous public funding. They see politics as a gateway to glory and financial blessings.

An elected king is far from such thinking or engagements. He has climbed to the top of society and the future of his nation is the center of his interests. He does not need more money to be relevant and famous and rich; he is it by a given mandate. In the very unlikely event, that he still is corrupt in a way that can be traced down easily as he is only one person while unveiling the truth about many politicians is a mammoth task often frustrating a nation for years with trust lost in a just political system.

The old saying is that if Germany is under attack from outside we establish committees and discussion groups before striking back. This true and extreme example uncovers the frustration of many Democrats. In our complex and competitive world fast decision-making is essential for a nation's success. Developed democracies more often than not block the improvement of a nation or slow it.

The old Greek system improved by elements of modern knowledge on how better to improve a nation seems to be the better answer, especially for Africa but it not only for them.