Wed, 10 Apr 2024 Feature Article

War exposes the truth of values

War exposes the truth of values

Around 600 people including High Court Judges in the UK signed a petition to stop arms supply to Israel claiming it stands against the laws. Joe Biden President of the USA asks Israel to agree to a ceasefire and to stay away from an operation in Rafah as well as allow more human aid to enter Gaza. Both refuse to stop the sale of weapons to Israel. Both countries are in an election year.

War has always been a big business be it in the form of colonialism or expanding the political system into a foreign territory. Moral values support war activities paving the way for local citizens to shed their blood on foreign soil.

The Marshall Plan (European Recovery Fund) was a boost and sustainable strategy for the USA. The late intervention in World War II against the backdrop of the 1929 Stock Exchange collapse led in the USA and around the world to aftershocks while the build-up of the subsequent war industry created massive jobs for Americans. The politically stabilized US economy by job creation set sail across the Atlantic Ocean to participate in the Second World War. To sustain the war economy the ERF was set up as a loan and not an aid facility. Together with the win of the war the political and economic powerhouse USA was created.

Vietnam and Korean wars at the surface were political wars to fight against Communism while indeed wars to maintain markets to do business with. Iraq war was not about killing a once-useful dictator but the lies about weapons of mass destruction were intended to create a friendly country against Iran and its power in the region.

The American Civil War (1861-1865) was a war not for American unity but a war of economic interests of some states against the principles of human rights and humanity.

The compendium "Mein Kampf" from Adolf Hitler was not entirely of his mind. Imprisoned in Landsberg (from 1923) Rudolf Hess invited people to see him in his cell. He was introduced to the concept of race and living rooms in Eastern Europe among other ideas. Like a puzzle, he pieced together bits and pieces introduced to while incarcerated. To win elections he promised massive job-creating programs which led to high depts once he took power in 1933. Soon he realized that he could only stay in power when more and more money would hit the public purse. The invasion of Austria and other countries was seen as the first vital step to emptying the foreign Central Banks. Only by stealing foreign assets was he able to get the support of the Germans. After the end of World War II immediately he was no longer of interest to the Germans.

Any political system is about values and money. War was/is often seen as politics with other means. Extreme situations highlight the truth behind the situation. Capitalism and Communism alike have their views on human values and how best to achieve them. Without money and power structure, this cannot be accomplished. Both systems are hungry for ever more money while their views on how to share the benefits/profit differ fundamentally. Both systems are willing to go to war when more money can be seen on the horizon.

The war in Ukraine is not only a demonstration of Vladimir Putin's to protect his stolen Russian assets and be seen internally as untouchable but in the end if successful increases the income for Russia. Whether or not politics or money is more powerful can be answered when wars and values are carefully analyzed and with caution be addressed.