27.03.2017 Feature Article


27.03.2017 LISTEN

Dear youth of Ghana, an international agency has asked me to go through some CVs for them and instead of being excited about my pro bono support, I have already asked to be excused from the interviewing panel.

I beg beg beg you all. There are some things you don't put on your CV, at least not in my professional view:

(1) Don't say you are God-fearing. Religion is a very personal thing and some employers who don't even believe in it may just interprete that to mean you will be asking plenty permissions for church church programmes or that you may not be aggressive or ruthless in business circles enough, as the job may require: if the role demands a high level of honesty e.g. accounting, just say you can demonstrate high integrity and leave it there waii.

(2) If asked why you left your last role, DON'T start blabbing about confidential wahala that happened at your last employers. If you have nothing to say just write, "new opportunities or challenges explored" What you say about your last employers is a reflection of what the current one can expect you will say about it when employed. And hey.... most employers know themselves you know?

(3) The age for listing all your hobbies is past gone - I am not interested. If you must list it, there must be clear transferable skills from that hobby that applies to the role at hand. Table tennis that doesn't add any value to the role applied to, is that one too Table Tennis?

(4) I am a savvy recruiter, so don't think I will just read your CV and interview you. Ah you paaa. I have probably seen all the nonsense you've been spitting on Social Media the last 2 years. I can tell if your CV is the real you or not. Am just saying.

(5) Oh and here is a free valuable tip. Every industry has the KIND of people it looks out for. If you are applying to an organisation in the Creative Industry and your CV or covering letter is sounding all so "hard brain, Mr super structured and Mrs A is A and B is B - I no see you sef. Creativity is messy - wo Wofa ankakyr3 wo?. ..

Anyway.....see you at the Labadi Beach on 6th April for more insightful stuff...... this one be comedies mmpo.