Dear Mr President,
You and I know, that a good number of Ghanaians are justifiably livid about the prematurely ejaculated closure intended for the 4 Takoradi Missing girls case.

Apart from the emotional rollercoaster the families have been subjected to, it has become obvious, that too many questions remain unanswered and too many shows of incompetency surfaced in the process. You won't need an investigation to see the incompetency of your CID Boss, Maame Yaa Tiwaa Addo-Danquah - FIRE HER!

Your Excellency, may I ask on behalf of many sympathizing Ghanaians, myself included:

(1) Why (according to the families of the girls), is the police refusing to give them an authentic copy of certificate of proof, for the final DNA tests conducted? If true, why should an evidence-driven public institution like the police offer mere Word-Of-Mouth to the families, to substantiate something this contentious? The families deserve the certificate of DNA results, at least to validate the closure they are seeking.

(2) It is fast becoming a public perception of ridicule, that one of the kidnapped girls was an adopted child. If true, it surely casts an integrity question over the parents, for dishonest information supplied to the police and over the police, who still found a girl-guardian DNA match irrespective? Your excellency, even for your own peace of mind, for the integrity of our Police and for the relief of the families (killing 3 birds with one stone), you'd want this case to rest without any doubts... or? If so, and if nothing is being covered, will the police be willing to offer genuine samples from the discovered bodies for the families' private DNA review? If the police report is indeed TRUE, a private DNA test will match same results.

(3) If any good will come out of this case other than the hope that the girls were all found alive, it is any learning from the case, that will help Ghana Police better respond to or manage any future kidnappings. Your excellency, have the police at least established the Motivation for each of these kidnappings - are they INSTRUMENTAL (kidnappers use victims as instruments to get tangible benefits like ransoms or release of colleagues), or EXPRESSIVE (kidnap is an expression of perpetrator's psychological, social or criminal state of mind)? Isn't it conflicting, that the police claim these are for ransom (instrumental) yet hurriedly wish to establish a brutal sensless murder of all 4 girls (high probability expressive)? Is it coincidence all the girls are either named Ruth or Priscilla, in a close age range, from same area, is there a link? What has been learned, to help protect citizens from such future kidnappings and assure the safety of other families?

Your excellency, many Ghanaian families see themselves through the eyes of the 4 families of the missing girls, the treatment they have thus far received and the safety and integrity they can expect from our Police.

Ask yourself sir - if any of your 4 daughters Gyankroma, Edwina, Adriana or Yeboakua were kidnapped - is this how you would like to be treated as a grieving parent? I implore you - please give them the support to have the samples RE-DNA-tested, let them match with that of the Police, and let's put this matter to rest. Please.

Kofi Ghana


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Started: 02-07-2024 | Ends: 31-10-2024