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Opinion | Mar 11, 2017

My Pastor is my Hero

Dedicated to my Spiritual Father, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, Glorious Wave Church Int., Sakumono, Ghana
Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, Glorious Wave Church Int., Sakumono, Ghana
Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, Glorious Wave Church Int., Sakumono, Ghana

Man was created, lived, left caves, grilled Meat, build houses and used mind capacity to develop Cultures influenced by Nature. Small places became larger settling areas and Leaders emerged by physical force out of groups of equals shaping societies in divers’ structures and, when having an inner wisdom to understand the needs of their people while anticipating events to be ahead of and prepare for them, stood the chance to survive and be of meaning for generations, the first Heroes of our world.

It has been often criticised that Pastors and their Churches, especially in Africa, gather riches unseen in the Developed World like Europe and Russia or USA while at the same time many members of their congregations are suffering in poverty. Anyone attending any Church and their Services is free to give whatever he/she feels right to contribute to the specific Church. No Pastor, famous or unknown, has a Task Force that can take money away from people. We live in a world in which everyone has the right and chance to stand for a certain Pastor and when no longer in agreement with him, can leave his Church at any moment without any explanation required.

Preacher 9, 16 states that a wise man without riches will not be respected and followed by a man. As much as the rich Churches, business empires in their own structures, come as a shock to people, when not acquired and managed for the Glorification of an Individual but used only as an impressive and visible platform on which the Pastor can pronounce the word of GOD, so let it be as this world is an Earthly World that follows the Matters of the Earth which is demonstrated in touchable and usable riches like cars, dresses, shoes, Banks, Hotels, impressive Auditoriums, Airplanes and private Mansions of Pastors. If GOD would not want this to happen, it will not be possible or collapse over time by which the real core of a Pastor and his Church would be unveiled.

When the White Man brought Christianity to Africa via their Missionaries, he himself was in a degrading spiritual situation. It was the time the Church split in half, Catholics and Protestants. While the Church in Europe fought over the right way forward in their structures as well as teachings and believes leaving many dead worshipers behind and confused, the inner core values and Bible knowledge got lost. The main two Churches focused on teaching the text of the Bible by forgetting the more needed Revelations to share with the Believers to impart their lives from level to level.

Industrialisation split societies into growing richer Elites and the impoverished working classes disconnected from Farming, to give them the basic needs for daily survival, they ended up into the hands of ruthless Industrialist with no sense of Humanity and long lasting responsibility for their workers and Nations they operated in. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were prominent figures to tell their stories (even themselves having never suffered poverty but being served by House Maids in their upper-class houses) while the Churches in Europe stood by their helpless Members that found themselves in the turmoil of Kings and Politicians to redefine the Status and Rules of Governance of their countries with wars among Nations.

Churches of the White Man today are still only able to quote the Bible from various angles while Christianity is all Jesus Christ lived for and demonstrated in his daily life on Earth. It is Revelation of life’s wisdom coming from his Father and the universal power invested in him using his anointing, assignment through words; he had explained and had given instructions besides sharing the power that was in him and transferred from his body to the body of others by touching them.

This universal power in our times can only be observed, somehow strange enough, in African Churches. While the Catholic Church in Rome makes Exorcism an unproportionate exceptional event behind closed doors, in Africa it is a daily routine in Churches to bring out the Devil and Demons in people demonstrated in dramatic scenes which have become normal in Churches on the Black Continent.

Gifted Pastors can heal Church Goers in an instant or in short time like Jesus Christ did in his time on earth; only a handful of White Pastors are capable of doing the same. The balance to understand the Depth and true teachings of the Bible have these days shifted from Europe to Africa. When Africa will broaden and deepen their teachings while coming together closer as one voice of GOD, the pathway is open to overtake the White Man’s Church and teachings of people in need in their souls and spirits.

In a secular and diverse world offering many ideas of how best to live life with massive economic, cultural, environmental and political issues informing people overwhelmingly about the dark sides of life, people are more than ever hungry for simple answers that can make their individual lives better; answers that have a proven track record to give stability and is sustainable for a long lifetime.

Political Heroes of our times are not only shining examples of our race but offer simple answers to complex questions of an uncertain future.

The African Church, once united, will give people of this world the much needed right information, stand out as true Heroes as Heroes never praise themselves knowing their strength and ability, their assignment given, but be followed by many. A Hero is a Human with inner sovereign King Power that can lead people to greater heights based on wisdom that is acquired over time and shared at the right time, at the right place with the right people to make teachings and power, which is embedded in the given anointing, most effective.

Author: Dipl.-Pol. Karl-Heinz Heerde, Sakumono Estate, Tema West, Ghana, phone +233(0)265078287, [email protected] , 10.03.2016

Karl-Heinz Heerde
Karl-Heinz Heerde, © 2017

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