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29.03.2011 Feature Article

How to Ease Depression

How to Ease Depression
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If you're feeling down and blue, don't be. You can find hobbies, such as reading a good book, making crafts or working on find a words or cross word puzzles or work on a jig saw puzzle with a friend. If you need to talk or speak with someone about your depression, don't hesitate to do so, as their are councelors whom will listen to you. If you find yourself drinking heavily, there are plenty of free clinics to go to or meetings, to talk about your drinking or doing drugs. You do not need drinking nor drugs, to make yourself feel better, in will only make matters worse. If it is a mental problem you may have, you may need to seek a therapist or doctor, to talk to and a dr. can prescribe you medications. I, in fact, take medicine to help me sleep at night. I can not sleep correctly, unless I take prescribed medication to help induce sleep. There are many people that need to be on medications. You are not alone if you are taking prescribed medicines. I know people other than me, that take medicines, and they feel much better for doing so. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you are indeed taking medicines to help you sleep or for depression. There are lots of folks that need to take medications and do not want to admit they have a serious problem. They think and feel, it will all go away, in time..not always so, if you are clinically depressed, seek a doctors or therapist help immediatly...Only they can tell you if you need to be put on medicines or not. I can not tell you you need to be on them, I can only inform one, that if they need to talk to a councelor or therapist for depression, as is good advice I am giving people, then by all means talk to a trained therapist or doctor, in your immediate town or you may go out of town, if you prefer to. Some people feel they can not afford their medications so you may need to get a medicaid or medicare card, check into it first, to see if you can get this assistance and then take it from there. Some doctors' office will give you free medicines so check into this right away, find out from your therapist or doctor if you can obtain free medicines if your physician feels you need to be on medicines. Do not share you medications with others, as it may not agree with their body. Just because it may work for you properly, does not mean it will work for others. In the meantime, find a hobby and you can take walks with family members or a friend. If you feel you are not always depressed all the time, you may not need to be on medicines. I have local friends that are manic or depressed, and bi polar whom need to be on medicines and they are glad they got on them. I myself am not manic depressive or manic bi-polar...I just have a difficult time sleeping at nights. I have had a hard life, but I make every second count in my life. I do not blame others if I feel depressed at times, which is very rare, as I find hobbies such as sewing doll dresses by hand, or reading a magazine or working on cross word and jigsaw puzzles with my partner. There are so many types of individuals that will not admit they are depressed and go through life feeling upset, and will not take heed to a doctors advice and get on prescribed medications, or medication, and then end up feeling sad and lonely. You do not have to feel all alone though as there are many individuals that will not admit they have a problem and drinking and taking illegal drugs along with your medication is a bad thing to do, never drink heavy liqour or alcohol with your medications, and if you wish to drink moderatly, you need to consult with a doctor and ask if a little red or white wine will be acceptable while taking prescribed medications, and if your doctor is against this, then take heed to his or her words.

I know of people that have drank alcohol with their medications and regretted it. Your medications will not work properly if drinking excessive alcoholic beverages, even a beer can mess up in your system if taking medications. There are so many people that do though and they should not not unless they ask a doctor first, if a little alcohol is fine if one their medicines. Sometimes, one can still drink a little wine, but always ask a doctor first. I would not reccomend one drinking alcohol if on medications, but a doctor can tell you the same thing, so first ask this important question, before consuming any or all alcoholic beverages.

You do need to ask yourself if you need to consume alcohol and why you are drinking or taking drugs that are not good for your body. I do not drink or take anything into my body that will affect my night time medication, as would not be a wise thing to do as it may affect my medication to not work properly. I can only inform others, that to think it over if they are on medications before consuming any or all alcoholic beverages. Well..I hope my article was informative and that you seek a doctors advice if you have any questions regarding your medicines, if you are taking prescribed medication, this is to say...and take it from me, you do not have to live in isolation and depression, and sure...I get depressed at times, but not often as said, but I do make crafts and puzzles, I work on during the day, and make homemade pies and cook other dishes, just to take things off my mind. You too, can find suitable hobbies, and it will help but if you need to be on medicines, only your family doctor can tell you if you need to be on medication or medications, or talk to a friend and ask her or him if you feel you have been acting depressed lately, and best thing to do, is to listen to your doctor and see if you need medications, if he or she feels you do need them, then chances are your doctor is right and he or she will help you to get the neccessary medicines you need to be on. You may feel drowsy at times, or sleepy, but in time, this will pass and you will get used to your medicines, and you may not be able to operate a moving vehicle for some time until you get used to the medication or medications, but in time, you should be able to drive, unless the medications say on the bottle otherwise. I do take my night time medication as said, and it enduces sleep so I am unable to drive at night time, but during the day time, I can drive a vehicle so I have no problem there. If you need to talk to someone that is a doctor or a nurse even and ask him or her if you should be on medication, do not hesitate to ask questions, but a family doctor is your best way to go, and you can talk to a trained psychiatrist as well. You just need to take care of yourself and take advice but do not take it as a grain of salt, just listen what your doctor has to inform you, and you will be one step closer to being healed.