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29.01.2011 Feature Article

Dealing with Alcohol and Abuse

Dealing with Alcohol and Abuse
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Have you ever seen a pup wag its tail and thought, '' cute?" sure you have. It makes one feel happy inside to see animals wagging their tail. They are full of love, dogs are...and I love dogs, and cats too.

Do you feel love is good to feel in your heart, is. I love to love animals and people as well. We should all love one another. Even the bible will tell many that we should love thy neighbor and the Ten Commandments are good to live by as well. Of course some folks do not live by them, and they murder or harm another, dishonor their earthy father and mother. Teens and children alike- should love their parents and listen to them and take heed to their words and advice. Too many kids these days do not want to listen to their parents and there are teens on drugs and smoke and drink alcohol. I do neither of these things, as harm the body. Your body is a temple and you need to take care of it, and this is a form of love, when you eat properly, do not take drugs or smoke, or drink for this matter.

People need to be careful what they consume, even eat. If one over eats this is sin, and so is drinking essessively. One needs to realize their body is special. I know my body is special, and is why I do not drink alcohol, I used to though many yrs. ago, drink but no longer do.

Take care of your temple as is the only temple(body) you have. Some folks take life for granted and do not take care of their body and when you don't, means you are not loving yourself enough to take care of it.

Now back to loving creatures and people of all races. You should love others, no matter if they are christains, or buddist or muslims. We all need love, and you can worship any god or goddess you so desire to. There is no harm in whatever religion you choose. All people need to be cared for. I have many pen pals, and many of them are wiccans, pagans and some are down to earth christians and I have a few agnostic friends too, does...this make them bad people? No! it does not.

'To each their own' I say, and it is good to love others as said, and you need to ask yourself why, if you do not love all walks of life. It shows ones' ignorance if they do not love others simply because they maybe African-American, or Jewish or whatever race they may be. We all are people and we all need love.

I can not say this any better, but to say, that love is wonderful...and we all should love one another no matter what. I love everyone, no matter what they may of done to me in the past, that is the past and you can not dwell on the past, so just let it go, and note, that We all make mistakes, as we are only human and no one is perfect, only the gods and or goddesses are, not us. We all fail at times, we all say something we regret. so what! it shows we all are just human. We must live by our mistakes and try not to make the same mistakes again, but of course many folks make the same mistakes again and again. This happens and when it does, brush yourself off and start anew.

Some people feel they are better then others, just because they are rich or own a fancy home or nice cars! This does not make anyone better, and even if one is famous, do you personally feel they are much better off then you? No! they are not better off. Think about it for a second will you? We all have our own problems and we face them head on, and some folks take drugs and drink to ward off their problems they maybe facing, but it will only make the problem worse and even cause more future problems for them. There are stars that took drugs and died over an overdose, why did they do this, we all may never know. They should of loved their body enough not to take drugs and mix with alcohol, and if you really and truly love your body, your temple, then you will not take illegal substances. I hope this article will help people out, as I know what it is like living with a drunkard and dope addict. I left my second husband because he was taking pot and drinking heavily and was abusing me and remember folks, when someone is mixing dope and drinking together, then they can become violent and they need some serious counceling, and you need to get out of any relationship like this, if you are living with someone that does alcohol and drugs and harming you. can chose the alternative, go to a therapist with him or her, and try to work the marriage or partnership out and see what occurs next. He or she may change for the better and tell this person, "If you love me and yourself, you will get off the drugs and alchol." If they refuse to get off either one, then perhaps you are better off moving on with your life. Drugs take over and make an individual act different, like they are not themselves. Just note, if you live with someone like this, something bad is bound to happen to you. Take my advice, I been there, and it is no fun living with an abusiving alcoholic. I used to be beaten on a daily basis and believe you me, it was no picnic! I got my children out of there fast and decided to never go back again and so I stayed clear away from this person and later divorced him.

Someone on drugs can and will harm you eventually or even your children...and your kids and teens do not need abused, and neither do you, and as a parent, you need to ensure their safety. They are precious to you, your kids are, I know this much, and you do not want to live like this and neither do your children or teens. I hope my article was of some help, take care and hope you liked my story, it is much appreciated, that you took the time to read this. Please note-if you or someone you know of is being abused, there are safe homes to go to. Do not allow anyone to abuse you, your body is indeed special and you need to ensure your safety and the safety of your loved ones.

Melanie Miller
Melanie Miller, © 2011

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