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18.02.2011 Feature Article

Helping Others in Their Time of Need

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It is essential to care about other people and help them out in their time of need. Do not be shelfish and greedy and think of only yourself. If you have the money to help a person(s) out, then by all means do so. I know I have donated clothing, that was brand new and gave money to organizations as well, as churches too. I helped a woman and her 2 children and husband by allowing them to live with me for a while and they never helped me pay one bill but it is important that I be kind to others. I have even helped one woman out by paying her bills and bying food for her and her three children as they had no father around to help them out, and I gave a nice doll house and clothing to one woman as she needed some toys for her child, plus I have donated 50 dollars to Red Cross and 50 more dollars to a church of my choice and gave money when I could to friends too. I have done my part as a human or christian woman, and gave money when I could. I try to this date to give people clothing and money, to help them pay a bill.

All people need to help others, as'' it is better to give then to receive'', just like the holy bible tells us to do. We need to follow the Ten Commandments too, and never harm another no matter what. If someone or someone's steals from you, just turn the other cheek. You can not take it to heaven when you leave this earth anyways, so do not fret none and worry about lost treasures and the bible even tells people to not have treasures in the home or dwelling where theives can find it and steal it. Well I do not know about this, as if someone wants jewels and cash in a safe, I really see nothing wrong with this. One person or persons stole a bunch of my costly jewelry but I have already forgiven them in my heart and know that I can not take it with me once I am gone anyways and they may of needed the money, to pond them or sale them and if they needed the money than God Bless them anyways. I am not a greedy person but I do not enjoy someone stealing from me. I have had nice leather coats that wore stolen from me before and forgive them in my heart as well. We must be forgiving, even if another lied on us, or mistreated our bodies. I used to be abused both physically and sexually, and forgive this person what he done to me, and one day I will tell this to his face if we ever meet again or cross paths.( that I have forgiven him )

See you must be forgiving and help others, as it is one's duty to be kind to even strangers as well as friends and family members. There are so many homeless people and we need to help them out too. If I wore rich I would give most of my money to charities but I am not rich. I do write books and have them all published, with my poems in one book called Melanie's Paradise of Poetry and there are many poems I have personally wrote, and I do not profit off my books in any way and if I did, all the money would go to a charity anyways. I do love to write and read my Wiccan books plus the bible as well. I am more of a wiccan woman these days, and love life. I love to be kind to all creatures, animals and people as well. I donate what I can and barely pay my own bills as is but as a human I know in my own heart that it is the right thing to do, is to help others in their time of need. I hope you too can or are able to help another individual(s) as well, even if you are dirt poor, try and donate clothing and food to charities,or churches even, and you will feel better about yourself, in the long run.

Well...I hope my article was of some help and that you take heed to my words and remember what you do for others will come back on you and maybe some one will help you in your time of need.

Take care!

Melanie Miller
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