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16.04.2011 Feature Article

Loving Yourself As You Are

Loving Yourself As You Are
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Some folks do not love their body but each person is built differently. You should accept yourself for whom you are. If you need to or wish to lose some weight this is if you are heavy set or a bit overweight, then this is understandable but if you can not seem to take off the pounds, do not worry about it. You can however work about the house, clean and feel you have lost some weight. You can play tennis too, and or shoot some hoops with a basketball. I noticed I lost weight when I laid off pizzas and donuts, and you too can accept the way you are, or lose weight that you really feel you need to. accept yourself, even if you are a bit overweight. There are slendor people that can wear a size 2 as I used to be able to do back in high school, but now, I wear a size 16 and I love my body just the way it is, and so does my partner accept me just the way that I am. I feel at times that I need to lose some weight but actually I am glad and grateful that I am a plus size. I can go shopping and find good low cost bargains and fit into the clothes nicely, and I see models in the pages of magazines and I do not wish to be like them any more. I have learned to accept myself and my body just the way it is. You too, can learn to love your body, even if you have scars. I have scars on my stomach and other places as well, but this does not make me not love my body. I am just glad to have my sight, and that I can walk. Some people are a lot worse off, and they can not even see nor ever did have the gift of sight, something to think about right? I mean there are folks that are angry at themselves for being so heavy set but why, why be ashamed of your body, this is if you are ashamed of your body this is to say. No one should ever be embarrassed just because they or he or she may have a weight problem. It takes all kinds of people to make this world and you are one of them so be proud of yourself and take great pride in who you are. Be loving towards other people and remember, "Pretty is as pretty does." You can be someone to yourself even if you feel some folks do not like or love you. You are not here to impress them but here to impress yourself, so love whom you are, and be glad your special if not to others, then to yourself. Yes, you are a special someone and you will find that certain someone if you have not already, will come knocking at your door, and that special someone will love you and accept you...just the way you are.