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25.01.2011 Feature Article

The Power of Magick

The Power of Magick
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Have you ever wondered if magic was real or not? Well..I am here to say, that magic indeed is very real, just like there are many gods and goddesses and I always ask a goddess during all my spell craft. I have been a wiccan witch for many years now.

There are witches whom prefer not to tell anyone they are a witch, even if they are good witches.

One time, years ago, some men said to me that I was a witch and that they would burn me at a stake! I would of hexed them good if they tried to burn me on a pole or a stake. I know there are many witches in this world and witch craft was here way before religion ever took place or began.

I have male and female friends who are into wiccan and or pagan magick and pen pals I have that I talk to about my many books published. I have a new book entitled, Mystical and Magical Melanie's Spooky Stories and there are some exciting stories and articles to read in my book. I love to write about magick, and also write spooky tales.

When I was 14, a teacher of mine told the whole class that I would become a writer one day and he was right! Sure the kids laughed and thought I would never write stories or become an author but they can eat dust now- as I am a true blue writer and will be writing even more books in the future, or I hope to anyways.

I have solved one murder case a long time ago, and the woman that lost her daughter, offered to pay me a grand if I solved the case, and I refused to accept the money. I have helped many folks find lost objects or reunite lovers, and protection spells I have cast as well in the past. Some folks still ask for free spells and in which, I do not mind helping others out, if I can.

I am not saying that all my spells come true but most of them do come true. I still read many witch craft books at home, to get insight and feel enlightened by all my books I read on the subject, of the occult.

Many feel occult books are evil but they are not. Witchcraft is not evil, it is the individual that maybe evil in his or her own ways. Words can not harm another person, only a person can harm another- but there are Voodoo spells many cast in a certain gods name or goddess and the god or goddess can harm another person.

I am not saying that people are wrong in asking, or requesting gods and or goddesses for a spell to work, as they are most powerful and they are the one's that make the final decision whom is to be harmed and not to be harmed. The gods and goddesses know what to do, and they take very little pity on those that have wronged an innocent.

There are many people that believe in the power of magick, and then there are others that feel magick has no real power. It is a strong power, wiccans and pagans have inside their heart, soul and mind once they cast their magick, but the deities as said prior to this, have the final say so. Only they can deliver, so to speak and make the magic work for you and if you are skeptical and do not believe in the power of the gods or goddesses, think again my friend.

Gods and Goddesses possess much spiritual magick in them. They are kind gods/goddesses but can be cruel to those many that have wronged someone that did not deserve to be wronged. There are good witches and bad witches too.

My book has many stories in its pages and if you gain a copy of my Melanie's Witchy World, you will find out more about magick, the occult, and I even have a book of poetry I have wrote, entitled Melanie's Paradise of Poetry. There are some witchy poems in it as well.

So if you wish to gain a copy of either book, you simply log onto and order one today...or whenever you wish. You can write to me at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments on my articles or books.

Thanks for taking the time to read my short story, it is much appreciated. I hope all people, one day, can and will believe in the power of magick!

Melanie Miller
Melanie Miller, © 2011

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