Bawumia Has Shamefully Betrayed Akufo Addo For His Presidential Ambition

Feature Article Bawumia Has Shamefully Betrayed Akufo Addo For His Presidential Ambition

When I heard Bawumia's address yesterday, I was taken aback. He was attempting to distance himself from Akufo Addo and convince Ghanaians that the president is to blame for the tragedies that have befallen our nation. In addition to being aware of Bawumia's evil and dangerous political nature, I have also sensed that similar to Akufo Addo, who is willing to kill for power, Bawumia is willing to do whatever it takes to obtain that power, for this reason, I wasn't shocked to see how he betrayed the president.

Bawumia was chosen by the outcome of the presidential elections since the vice president of Ghana is the second most important person in the nation after the president. During the campaign, he promised to provide jobs, bank accounts for every individual, toilets, and make Ghana a better country than it was under former President John Mahama. So why is Bawumia blaming Akufo Addo if the NPP party has not lived up to its promises and has ruined the country and its economy?

In his capacity as vice president, Bawumia has the right to speak to Akufo Addo about political issues negatively impacting the country and its economy, and more importantly, when widespread corruption is harming the country, increasing unemployment, and pushing young people into poverty. If the president would not listen to him and he was unhappy with the decision, Bawumia had the option to quit, but he chose not to do so. Instead, he is blaming Akufo Addo for his aspirations to become president.

The people protested against the E-Levy, which was approved by parliament, but no one paid attention. Ursula Owusu, Bawumia, and other NPP politicians disagreed and fought against the opposition. An NPP politician on a sick bed was brought by an ambulance to make it work, eventually leading to the collapse of small businesses across the nation. Bawumia’s crime is collaborating with the governor of the Bank of Ghana three times to print money without the parliament's approval.

The printing of the new currencies accelerated the already precarious economy's collapse, which led to the nation’s tragic outcome. If Bawumia is an economist, he ought to have known better; it’s only a fool who will print money into a troubled economy. Therefore, if Bawumia decides to run for president today and claims that Akufo Addo is to blame for the disaster that has befallen our country, I believe it will be foolish of him to make such a claim or for Ghanaians to put up with such nonsense.

Many NPP politicians, supporters, activists, state-sponsored journalists, and tribal radio stations, among others, do not care about Ghana's current dire circumstances; all they care about is Bawumia being president. Excuse me, but what kind of human beings are they? Is their need to feed their family so great that they should overlook issues impacting the weaker members of society and support a failing vice president running for president? No matter how hard they try, that will never materialize.

Everyone in Ghana, whether educated, academicians, graduates, professors, or not, needs to rise to prevent Bawumia from being elected president and avert an even greater calamity. If today Bawumia is lying to Ghanaians about the creation of jobs that don’t exist, that means the vice president wants Ghanaians to understand that Akufo Addo instructed him to lie to them. Is this logic for any sane person? People who have been sleeping in Ghana for too long ought to wake up.

The NPP has been bragging about having men, but they don't have any men with morality or character; if they had, they wouldn't ask Ghanaians to vote for someone like Bawumia for president. After seven years in office, his only accomplishment with Akufo Addo and Ken Ofori-Atta was massive debt with no accountability and widespread corruption, which ultimately caused the economy, businesses, and investments to collapse. So, why is Bawumia holding Akufo Addo responsible for something both did?

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Many politicians, including Kennedy Agyapong and Hopeson Adorye, have had their lives destroyed by Akufo Addo by engaging them in crimes to fulfill his desires. However, Hopeson Adorye did something that made me respect him: he didn't point the finger at anyone or blame Akufo Addo for ruining his reputation; instead, he made the wise decision to flush his party's membership card down the toilet. So, if Bawumia is brave, he should follow suit and stop blaming Akufo Addo for his desire to become president.