30.08.2023 Feature Article

Coups in Africa, Our Union Government Unfolding

Give the military a Chance.Give the military a Chance.
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For our UNION GOVERNMENT to be realized, Africa must eliminate all obstacles which are the current crop of African misleaders serving their greed and the West. These misleaders are puppets and imperialist agents working against the progress and prosperity of Africa. I wish the military in africa make these mis leaders their target inorder to speed African unity by bringing all the sovereign African states to unite so that good governance, economic freedom, prosperity and a UNION GOVERNMENT for Africa becomes the Cardinal pillar of Africa and for Africans, except Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger whose leaders are ruling in the interest of Africans the rest must make way for good and competent leaders to unite Africa.

"If a leader is useless we dispose him."
Kwame Nkrumah, the first President of the Republic of Ghana said, 'If change is denied, or too long delayed, violence will break out here and there. It is not that man planned or willed it, but it is their accumulated grievances that shall break out with volcanic fury.”

Africa is suffering from despotism, crimes, corruption, poverty etc because of the type of leaders we have had and it must take bold decisions and steps such as coups to make Africa giant in the world. We must not think that the military are ignorant of governing a country, for we have seen elites with PhD in economics, political science, Business and financial management, lawyers etc being a total contradiction, alot of them are very corrupt, dishonest, very bane and useless when giving the chance to lead and the others with low education doing better in practical ideals and implementation. Wisdom is not in degrees and PhDs. The only thing in PHD is the name, thievery and dishonesty. Wisdom is God given and people with low education can beat those with PhD when they are given the chance.

Let Africa not be scared of the military rule unfolding, the military is more than competence and can give us the Africa we want.

Long live Africa ! Long live the fighting spirit of African freedom fighters and pan Africans!

Long live Africa military!
Article by freedom fighter Anthony Akudago
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