25.01.2022 Feature Article

Africa unite to salvage your citizens

Africa unite to salvage your citizens
25.01.2022 LISTEN

Is there UNITY among African freedom Fighters? Is there any conjuncture among Pan Africans all over the world fighting and pursuing African unity agenda to relinquish neocolonialism and oppression so to mitigate Africans sufferings? What about Africans in the diaspora, What is the plan and program for this agenda? I opine there must be an stern organization aside the imperialist and Capitalist AU that is mimicking the Western bourgeosie to oppress Africans while impoverishing us to destitute. This Western bourgeosie is using greedy and self centered African leaders to sodomize Africa. Most African Leaders are puppets and stooges of neocolonialism. Unlike the revolutionary EFF championing this monumental struggle at all cost to realize African unity and Economic freedom in our lifetime. Africa needs unity like we need freedom for all Africans in the world who are degenerated and treated as minority and inferior race. We are Africans, we are not inferior but the mother of all races so we must stand United to transform Africa and the world .

Kwame Nkrumah once said "
All people of African descent, whether they live in North or South America, the Caribbean, or in any part of the world are Africans and belong to the African nation."

Africans in the diaspora should
Conjuct the agenda and contribute massively to it's success.

Let's begin our African UNITY by uniting Africa regionally. The North, South, West, East should be boarderless without boundaries with one head of state, one currency,one trade market and equal opportunities for their citizens then by degrees and ostensibly we unite all these regions to form one large country of the African nation.

"The strength of the OPPRESSED is UNITY". Unity against systems of all forms including imperialism and neocolonialism. Africans of the African descent must unite and Love one another, our culture and our continent. This would make us win over excessive exploitation of the West.

There has never been fairness and peace in African politics . We hear of elections rigging, mafia tactics and strategems in African body polity and this not mere speculation. African relics and seniles like PAUL BIYAH of Cameroon, Musevuni of Uganda, Akufo Addo of Ghana,the king of eSwatini and the rest of failed undemocratic and tyrant African heads of states must let democracy, transparency and leadership define their charisma . They must be mindful of the muddled legacies they are printing. Africa needs real leaders with actions and not cosmetic talkers throwing gimmicks and rhetorics while their citizens are messed up and oppressed economically,with double standard, political and tribal bigotries. We are against leaders in love with corruption , mediocrity and incompetence which tendercies retards and tarnish the image of Africa.

We need leaders in love with Africa and her citizens and not sellouts, puppets of neocolonialism who bet Africa for their parochial interest. Africa needs her own Economy and indigenous monetary institutions to leverage and transform Africa Economy for rapid development and human transformation.

Colonial boarders of imperialism must be defunct.They divided us so why are we still divided knowing they did divide us. Lets flow freely in our continent for trade, shelter and settlement.

Is time to put an end to a dictatorial and tyrant regimes in Africa. The youth and all well wishers of Africa are calling for freedom from the oppression of imperialist apartheid system exploiting the poor workers and the vulnerable across the continent and we can achieve this when we are United as one nation putting the prosperity of Africans first.

Politics took a different tangent in Ghana , raising lickspittle folks to drain the country resources, it devolute our development in education, Agriculture and sports and in every department of the country . It is in our sport arena where the game of politics is played even on the pitch of football.

Everything is retrogressing in this country, education, Agriculture, employment, Economic freedom etc We are all at risk till we wake up in fury and demand better livelihoods for ourselves.

Africa should invest in the youth. Investing in the youth is liking to attacking the enemy with the right arms. Our youth needs much attention from our leaders because the youth would compete with the western to protect the continent.

Our resources must benefit the youth more than the elites who are already rich through sodomizing this continent.

Our education must be equipped with modern science and technology, this because the world needs science now more than politics. Doing so we must not forget Agriculture.

Our continent must be job accommodating with a robust economy to improve and change livelihoods.

We must defeat diseases, poverty and hunger to put our continent on top of the world.

We can build the AFRICA we want!
Article by FIGHTER Anthony AKudago
Economic Freedom Fighters of Ghana.
Movement for GHANA First.
Email: [email protected]