When values die people die

Feature Article When values die people die
JAN 26, 2023 LISTEN

The President of Ukraine had asked early in the current war against Russia's invasion for heavy military equipment like Leopard 2 tanks and the establishment of a No Fly Zone over Ukraine's territory.

NATO refused both arguing that a No Fly Zone only makes sense when NATO would help to enforce it. Otherwise, World War III would be triggered. Is this true? Shooting down a Russian military plane by Ukraine forces is an act of self-defense. With direct or indirect help from NATO would be a different scenario. In that case, NATO would be a third party to the war.

But what would have been the most plausible scenario really learning from the Cuba Crisis of the 1960s? Vladimir Putin was not prepared for such a scenario not militarily, or economically, nor would have seen his people backing anything closer to WWIII. Despite the massive propaganda his administration uses to get support from his people and scare them of western cultures and their people he would have finally given up his rhetoric to see NATO as a Third Party to the war and respected the No Fly Zone.

Putin talks about a limited nuclear war as a means to achieve victory for his Russian troops. Since Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the NATO Double Treaty the nuclear bombs arsenal is overwhelming hugh a limited nuclear strike would trigger an automatism that would see mankind dead on the earth. Conventional wars can be ended while atomic wars end humans for good. The arsenal of atomic bombs has sadly kept much aggression in check.

Some NATO members are now willing to send tanks to Ukraine while on the battlefields many innocent soldiers from both sides of the bloody conflict had lost their lives already, crying, souls that could have been saved and lay in the arms of their wives and mothers, not in the cold dirty soil of freezing Ukraine. Children lost the caring hearts of their fathers while Politicians thought at dinner tables about the right and best strategy to bring an end to the conflict, one year after the desperate call for tanks was sent to NATO member states. Politicians in air-conditioning heated conference rooms with coffee and tea along with chocolate-coated biscuits did not lose loved ones but values.

The hybris problem (weakness problem) of Democracy is that political parties and politicians want to stay relevant to win the next General Election and their ideas not be seen as outdated and not fit for a brighter future. Opinion polls and newspaper headlines are of greater concern to them than doing what is right in their mind, taking action on their values and principles, and in case the opposition is getting too strong leaving politics but staying in everlasting love with values and principles needed for a brighter personal future on another turf to run the race of life in human dignity as well as reaching out to personal destiny.

Human life is never perfect, never fair and just, a constant learning curve, and often a grave for innocent souls that should be honored and never be forgotten.