29.11.2022 Feature Article

Selling values for money

Selling values for money
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The former UK Prime Minister has asked his fellow citizens not to criticize Qatar for handling the Fifa World Cup as they invest much in the UK like in Harrods, Sainsbury, Heathrow Airport, Hotels among others. Late Ghana President Professor Evans Atta Mills refused the demand from former UK Prime Minister David Cameron who asked Ghana to accept LGBT+ legislation in exchange for financial support. He refused!

Money and values are like heaven and hell in one cooking pot, your decision about which meal you want to eat.

Kings of the Medival Age lived a lavish lifestyle. To finance palaces, armies, and wars they borrowed from Jewish-owned banks. Bankers hoped for promotion and protection. As Kings wished bankers were executed to taste when asking for money back. Forced into this world by the moral laws of Europe (lending money in return for interest was regarded as the work of evil) Jews become rich and influential experts resulting in the time of Adolf Hitler in the Holocaust.

Bill Gates uses his wealth to pay for vaccines and humanistic intervention to better the lives of many. Through his interventions, more Africans survive and live longer so in the absence of social security systems give birth to more people and assist overpopulation.

Money makes the world go round, a powerful instrument not only to create jobs and wealth but to as well influence politics, culture, and the social course of nations and globally. As the old question is unanswered whether the egg was first or the chicken debates are heated about what has the greater influence on humanity and the life of people. Humanity is marginally touched by the power of money to extract wisdom out of the money's performance at any given time while money shapes daily life on a shorter outlook.

Nations that want to stand tall for generations to come must base money based on values sooner or later. China e.g. is focused on money to take dominion leaving the need for new values abandoned will see unexpectedly a society earthquake of which currently Covid19 protests are the first single bells of wanted society changes.

Africa focuses on catching up with the developed world, especially in the economic sector. As much as Africans forget to promote new positive African values in a new dress they might eventually see ideas of the white man be forced onto them. History displayed in the form of tourist attractions is good enough to remember the past but unfit to conquer the challenges of today to create grounds for tomorrow.