21.06.2022 Feature Article

Gossiping is a criminal offense

Gossiping is a criminal offense
21.06.2022 LISTEN

Gossiping to make money, for entertainment purposes, or to be a loudspeaker for higher moral values standing tall above the rest of the people has become an ever more burden on societies now than ever before.

Busy bodies in the financial hardship of Africa keep themselves meaningful and entertained by gossiping too much during the day, and throughout the night. Gospel musician of Ghana, Joyce Blessing, is discussed on social media and in homes with endless passion. Posting herself disturbing videos fires up the heat against her.

Freedom of Speech is a vital part of society and human rights. Always people had an interest in other people's matters and something to say, be it right or wrong. Media houses of the Yellow Press make vast profits by putting out stories of gossiping. Fines to be paid as compensation to victims of wrong and defaming information are less than the publicity and profit generated after the printing press had spite of evil news.

In many cases, gossiping had created great harm to people, organizations, and companies. In societies in which citizens are occupied looking after themselves with less time at hand to care for others or too busy to generate a good future for family and friends gossiping is very limited, mostly not in existence.

In poorer societies like Ghana and Africa as the whole gossiping seems to be the food for the hungry soul. When stomachs are empty, and a better future is out of sight the traditional spirit of interfering with other people's matters becomes not only a disturbing but harmful issue in society.

Gossiping by nature is never positive but is intended to bring people down. When in poor societies it can be observed that gossiping is out of control and does serious harm than just understandable entertainment for the nosy soul it must be declared a criminal offense. Stop gossiping in private circles is hard if not impossible to achieve.

Any responsible African leader, a father of his nation, would write gossiping into the book of the law of the country and ensure all channels of public gossiping are dried out.

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