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Use Discerment When Choosing Your Travel Company or Your Next Destination.

Use Discerment When Choosing Your Travel Company or Your Next Destination.
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This article is an excerpt from my book “The 10 Repatriation Commandments” and “The 10 Repatriation Commandments Master Class” video course. This is the final of 3 articles for Modern Ghana where I discuss 3 avenues that mislead people when wanting to visit and/or move to Africa. First, we discussed how to YouTube Algorithm misleads viewers and limits resources, second was media bias usually only discusses the positives of moving to Africa, and now the final article, how client testimonials can mislead many travelers.

Use Discerment When Choosing Your Travel Company or Your Next Destination.

In the social media, era people tend to not publically share their frustrations or embarrassments when traveling. As a tour operator, I have experienced couples vehemently argue with each other their entire trip with my company while I only saw hashtag baecation coupled with smiles and kisses on their timeline. Companies almost never publish their negative testimonials and critical feedback. I know I rarely post mine (I have in the past posted negative feedback that improved my company), but at least I try my best to acknowledge my faults and embrace critical feedback for company improvement and personal self-development.

Countries rarely openly admit their internal issues in international news. I will keep this article short, but the overall theme discusses my belief that in the social media world primarily share the highs but not the lows and in some cases, rightfully so privacy is important. However, if you only believe the sunny days and unicorns that you find in your average Facebook groups, TikTok travel pages, and Instagram stories, you will be sadly mistaken.

I also do not want you to be fooled by the distraught traveler complaining about a travel agency or tour operator. Some tour guides or tour companies regularly do not provide solid customer service. Time will close them down, do not worry. I myself have made mistakes and not performed at my best, in my post-trip evaluation I knew I didn’t perform adequately or I wish my patience did not run out with clients who were overly rude, passive-aggressive texters, or difficult to please. At the time of this writing, I have served well over 400 customers in the last 6 years. Unfortunately, I have experienced the “travelers from hell” more times than I like to remember. A harsh truth is that quite a fair amount of solo travelers tend not to be pleasant people, which is why many are traveling alone. In this nomad, noire, wanderlust, black travel world where every solo traveler is portrayed as a “survivor”.

The true solo traveler who travels so much people just can’t keep up, or someone like myself who travels for a living, or the common story of “I travel alone (all the time?) because no one wanted to come with me to this specific destination. These are rare at best in the grand scheme of vacation travel a trillion-dollar industry. Overall, I love Africa, I am happy here. However, part of my spiritual calling is to help Black Americans and Diasporas make a successful transition from life in America to life in the Mother Land. No matter how many more times you see me in the media, how many times you see me post amazing pictures or videos across various social media outlets; with me, you will always find resources to help you prepare for the good and the bad. Let me help you as a mentor and advisor as you navigate through difficult terrain that is part of achieving what I call the African dream.

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