3 Tips to Have a Successful Repatriation to Africa

Feature Article Rashad McCrorey in Aburi Botanical Gardens in West Africa Ghana
SEP 10, 2021 LISTEN
Rashad McCrorey in Aburi Botanical Gardens in West Africa Ghana

In my new book "The 10 Expat Commandments: 10 Tips and Strategies for African Americans repatriating to Ghana" now available on Amazon. I share 10 life philosophies that has enabled me to have a successful transition from living in America to now living in Ghana. Since moving to the West African country of Ghana February of 2020, I have gained much valuable insight into repatriation.. I will briefly share 3 of the 10 commandments I live by.

#1) See for Yourself
Try your best to physically see and experience where you will be living for yourself before committing to a lease or long term living agreement. Most individuals and families who are looking to move to Africa or any foreign country attempt to set up their living arrangements ahead of time. Disappointingly when they arrived here, the place is not what they thought it would be or nor what they were promised. The location can be in the middle of nowhere, significantly further from the city or town than expected, the safety of the neighborhood is in question, or what would be considered a death sentence for a digital nomad; inconsistent internet /wifi. For a digital nomad wifi is literally life or death. Wi-Fi can be sketchy at best or non-existent for a myriad of reasons including little or no signal due to the building materials used in the home, bad location such as ocean / beach side regions, or general infrastructure issues.

#2 No Matter Where You Go, There You Are
You are who you are and that can be either good or bad. Many people change locations looking for a fresh start and or new experiences. Unfortunately, Not long after they arrive in a new country they are confronted with the same trials and tribulations they faced in their previous location. One may move from the United States to Africa and no longer face systematic oppression and racism but still find themselve in toxic relationships, or petty scuffles. If you have a bad temper in America, you will have a temper abroad, if you get into toxic relationships in America you will find yourself in them Africa. However, your strong qualities also follow you, if you are able to form solid relationships at home you will form solid relationships abroad, if you are generous and kind, you will be that way in Africa. Identify your strength and weakness now, and strengthen the positives and work on improving the weaknesses so you can be the best you in your new location.

#3 Always Keep Learning The Culture
Always be a student of the country and especially the immediate area that you are living in. The more you learn about the culture of the country and pin point it down to the region, city, town, neighborhood and even the families you interact with; the natives will respect you, and embrace you. The more in tune you are with the traditions, cultures, languages, customs, and nuances of your living environment you will unlock many beauties and insights many foreigners rarely experience.