17.05.2022 Feature Article

Newly Enstooled Elmina Chief of Tourism Choice of Colors Explained

Rashad McCrorey speaking to Elmina Traditional CounselRashad McCrorey speaking to Elmina Traditional Counsel
17.05.2022 LISTEN

One of the most pleasant surprises I had after my installation ceremony as Tourism Chief of Elmina was the compliments and social media buzz received over the purple and gold traditional cloth and accessories I wore. As a black American male from Harlem, New York, Harlem is a place known for fashion, design and creativity. Besides just being a traditional fashionable Harlemite, for all those who are interested, I will give you the deeper more spiritual truth about my choice of wardrobe.

I have been a long time student of the spiritual properties of colors. Ask me about any color and I can give you a thorough break down of that color. I can tell you what properties and qualities that color enhances both positive and negative. Colors effect our mood, thoughts, and the energies we both give to others and receive ourselves. The skill of color coordination can be a valuable asset as you navigate a life of being successful on purpose.

The purple I chose to wear for my installation ceremony was my request to the ancestors and universe to give me spiritual insight and wisdom. The gold was a request to bless me with an abundance of spiritual, material and financial wealth.

Many know purple as a color that represents royalty. So yes, royalty, however, in addition to royalty, purple has amazing spiritual properties. Purple is a color that enhances intuition, instinct, psychic abilities, and spiritual insight. With my newly enstooled role of chief of tourism, as I continue to learn the craft of chieftaincy in the physical realm, I also need to be in tune with my instincts and intuition in the spiritual realm. There will be times when decisions will be easy, but there will also be times when I may have trouble reading the situation, I will have to make decisions with missing information whether it is accidental or the information is purposely misleading. In life, we should be able to develop the skill to be able to see the unseen, and the color purple enhances that ability.

Gold symbolizes wealth and prosperity. As Elmina’s Chief of tourism part of my duties is to bring wealth and finances to Iture, to Elmina and continue to bring wealth to all of Ghana as a country. One of the reasons I accepted becoming Chief of Tourism is due to my previous experience in tourism and understanding it is a win/win situation for everyone involved. Handled correctly, not only will my personal wealth will be increased many times over but also the wealth of the village, town, region and country that has promoted me with the prestigious honor and great responsibility.

If you would like me to give you a consultation about color coding whether its decorating your room (when I painted my bedroom this color I began to sleep like a baby), your personal wardrobe or anything you can think of, reach out to me and let’s see how I can help.