17.05.2022 Feature Article

When vision is not served glory is not gained

When vision is not served glory is not gained
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The many current crises on various continents highlight a serious problem dilemma for man and humanity. Political blocks stand in open or behind the smiling truth against each other fighting for relevance and the biggest slice of the political and economic power of the world.

The war in Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Taiwan, and North Korea tensions expose the fundamental shortcomings of our times. The African intellectual elites are busy discussing African internal problems and the blame they see relevant to put onto the shoulders of the white man. A vision and concept of the world for the next hundred years with specific emphasis on the African contribution to achieving the desired target is not on their minds. Without it, Africa continues to struggle to be seen as a great contributor to man and the development of humanity rather than be the burden of many nations.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz born President struggles daily to keep the momentum of Germany going for the nation to be meaningful and find long-lasting answers for the future yet to come. Other Presidents of the developed world join him in his overall attitude, solutions, and level of creative vision. Troubleshooter former German Chancellor Angela Merkel is a fine example of a breed of political leaders capable to solve each month new problems yet missing out on the broader picture of a glorious world of tomorrow.

China activates its powers around the world only intending to make its people survive and live a good life by managing the problems of an ever-growing population. Interest in the development of man and humanity is not in Chinese minds and was in the past only on rare occasions.

Alexander the Great, Plato, Aristotle, Martin Luther, Voltaire, Karl Marx, etc. are a few names to be mentioned lifting man and humanity with big steps to higher levels. For more than one hundred years with the tragic exception of the Third Reich man and mankind have not seen nor been boosted by visionary ideas for the better world of tomorrow in its totality of the place to live in for mankind. Isolated solutions or technical answers and initiatives to solve economic, social, and environmental issues are not sufficient enough to change and shape the world of tomorrow. The man of today is an infant with his own life experiences and expectations yet compared to the man of tomorrow still lacks fundamentals.

Glory will come to the nation that understands the wisdom behind the today and develops a new great concept inclusive of all nations, all people, and the entire universe to overcome the shifting in power struggles and live a dominion life in glory.

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