The future humans: the new Dinos?

Feature Article The future humans: the new Dinos?
JAN 19, 2022 LISTEN

"The paperwork will be less in the future but humans will still be needed I think!" said the Immigration Officer of the regional office Bezirksamt Nord, Kuemmelstrasse handing over the extended residence permit.

For generations especially in Africa working in and for the public sector makes societies today aware of answering fundamental questions of how we see the human of the future, its interaction in groups and as citizens among other nationals on a global scale.

Digitalization like in the public sector will limit the officer to an individual interaction of a minimum. In other sectors of society nationally and internationally the same applies. Traditional work patterns and expectations will fundamentally shift to set people free. Yet states need to function well and humans find a sense and destiny in work to sustain their lives and right to exist on the planet earth.

Self-determination will subsidize traditional expectations of human values and their regulations. Rules set by history, relatives and societies based on traditions will constantly be challenged particularly in the light of the fast progression of global values and access to values. Competition in times of overpopulation for individuals and societies get tougher by the day.

Human and social life is filled with problems. Problems create big chances of growth. The faster passe to address these creates happiness. Unlike the oppressed and by authorities guided and regulated humans of the past will see humans single-handing their affairs to push and drag others to accept their solutions. LGBTQ movement e.g. is one sign of it that minorities voices want to be heard and be seen as a mainstream lifestyle. The further we move away from satisfying our basic needs of comfort, security and hope to live in luxury it leaves time and space to fall back onto what we are humans created to fulfil a specific individual and social mandate.

Modern technology used wisely will potentially rise humans and humanity to the next level and be the next flexible Dinos in world history.

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