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Germany hates Germans

Germany hates Germans
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Each year over 100.000 Germans leave Germany to work for their German companies, hired by foreign countries or companies or see their happiness as individuals in a foreign land.

For many reasons one day, they would like to return to their country of birth only to see the birthplace lets them down on many occasions making leaving Germany a nightmare and high-risk life decision. No political party has their interest at heart and no Manifesto is fighting for these returning Germans one reason the current political system has failed its citizens is impossible to vote for.

Germans returning to Germany without a valid work contract with a German company faces enormous difficulties. Many of them have no new job offer and if so no income record which any landlord would accept. In most cases, the relatives of these Germans cannot welcome them in their homes, maybe parents have died and siblings have their child to be looked after, so most friends. To get a work contract an address is needed. To get health insurance cover as mandated by German law an address is needed. To get a job an health insurance cover is needed. Without three months payslips and credit record no landlord will accept a new tenant.

The German returning alone or with his family is trapped in misery risking his well being, peace and reputation. No NGO or government organisations are in the system to assist in any way such Germans.

The request to help by using for a minimum of six months a Post Box able to be rented before arrival falls on death ears. Mostly because it is expected that Germans returning know their way around the country by themselves. When returning e.g. after ten years even the language is still the same but rules and regulations have changed to demand from the Germans returning complete new approach.

Refugees are welcomed with open arms. Refugee camps are provided, laws to assist in various ways, NGOs are on standby, the way is paved for health care, job training courses, language teaching, among many more.

While refugees bring votes providing ways for Germans returning never does. For that reason, no political party in Germany has any idea or agenda to assist their people.

Based on this and other factors the political and party system of Germany can not be trusted. The votes for extreme left or right-wing parties and increased disinterest to vote at all but focus on private issues (generation X) is visible proof.

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