30.07.2021 Opinion

Don't Pollute The Minds Of Those Willing To Support The Construction Of The Cathedral

By Bright Agropah
Don't Pollute The Minds Of Those Willing To Support The Construction Of The Cathedral
LISTEN JUL 30, 2021

If there is a religion full of people who work against its interest, Christianity would stand out. Suffice to say that those who put the meagre red notes into the offering bowl are those who shout the most. I shudder to understand why many professing Christians are bent on fighting the construction of the national cathedral. Even more worrying is the attempt to corrupt the minds of people who support the project to see the project as an evil pursuit. Well, they shall fail abysmally.

The Muslim community with the help of the Turkish government constructed the National Mosque some time ago. My sources tell me that some Muslims contributed to the project. Yet, those in the Islamic religion did not take to the media to criticize the project.

There are schools, hospitals and other equally important projects that could have been championed with the money that went into the construction of the national mosque. Yet, there wasn't any backlash at the project. Why should it be a problem if Ghanaians are called upon to financially support the construction of the National Cathedral? Do we hate Christianity that much? Must all of Ghana's issues be resolved before we see the need to construct a national cathedral?

To even see some Muslims joining Christians to condemn the construction of the cathedral astonishes me. Yes, the state didn't champion the construction of the national mosque, but it has supported the Islamic faith in many other ways Christians haven't benefited. If government champions the construction of a cathedral, it is not out of place. The last time I checked, Islam is the only religion that gets goodies from government and politicians during its festivities. Are we complaining? Was there not a need for schools, hospitals, and roads when the national mosque was constructed? Why didn't you complain too? Let's be fair to all. If we preach religious tolerance, let's not forget to preach fairness too.

In any case, the finance minister didn't say all Ghanaians are to support the project. His call for Ghanaians to financially support the national cathedral is just an invitation and it is within the right of anyone to accept or reject it. Why make noise when there is no knife on your neck for you to support the construction of the cathedral?

Dear Ghanaian, the national cathedral is a good project worthy of your support. Do not be discouraged by the Sanballat and Tobiah of our time.

Bright Agropah

Author, Speaker and Reformist!

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