It's a tragedy Akufo-Addo is President... a simple way to describe Ghana's current predicaments

Feature Article It's a tragedy Akufo-Addo is President... a simple way to describe Ghana's current predicaments
JUL 5, 2021 LISTEN

If there's one person to blame for the recent spate of insecurity in Ghana, the wave of lawlessness engulfing us and the many attacks on civilians by state sponsored bandits , that person is President Akuffo Addo. It's a fact that party - sponsored hoodlums have infiltrated the regular security architecture making it very difficult to distinguish a normal officer with a badge from a criminal with same badge and testimonies from the Ayawaso enquiry gave us enough reasons to make this conclusion. ... President Akuffo Addo cannot be isolated from this ugly happenings in our security setup and his attitude of indifference towards violent crimes by persons with affiliations either to him or his party makes the whole situation precarious to deal with.

President Akufo-Addo is on public record to have treated a commission of enquiry's report with utter disdain, the reason some of us are concluding that the 3 - Member ministerial Committee of enquiry tasked to probe the Ejura killings is nothing but a total waste of time, a drain on public purse and a deliberate attempt by the President to shield persons behind this heinous crime against innocent civilians. This enquiry will only add up to the many recent enquires undertaken by the state which all ended in the executive dustbin somewhere in the Jubilee House.

President Akuffo Addo has not only demonstrated his desire to use state sponsored thugs to unleash terror and mayhem on dissents but has also demonstrated sufficiently his desire to shield criminals used in such bloody enterprises and his reaction to the Ayawaso West Wuogon Commission of Enquiry's report lends much credence to the fact that , this current 3-member ministerial Committee of enquiry is only a face saving strategy contrived to fool Ghanaians once again.

After the Ayawaso West Wuogon commission's report, one would have expected any serious President to request a thorough inquisition into the National Security to ascertain how certain miscreants got themselves enlisted into such a sensitive agency by using Double's testimony before the commission as a strict guide... but hey no... the President in his infamous White paper even accused the sitting member of Parliament who was slapped by a rogue NS operative of extreme provocation justifying why it was proper for a bandit with NS tag to slap a sitting MP... typical of President Akuffo Addo.

Similar events replayed itself in a rather dramatic fashion during the 2020 elections in Techiman where innocent bystanders who were performing their constitutionally accredited duties after polls had ended, were were gunned down in a broad day by same trigger-happy demented criminals cladded in regular police and military uniforms and till date none of these criminals who were seen in multiple videos footages has been identified to face prosecution....

The sad aspect of the Techiman's situation was the President's address after benefiting from that bloodbath in Techiman, President Akuffo Addo shamefully tagged that horrific incident as " few regrettable deaths" and has since not apologised to the families of the victims or visited them.

Again, the Police in Kumasi in a separate incident killed innocent Muslims youth after falsely accusing them of being armed robbers which turned out to be palpable falsehood.... nobody has since been held responsible for that barbaric incident.

A friend just reminded me , the Banda incident where an innocent student was murdered by thugs with gang affiliation to the Npp at Banda during the needless voter registration exercise triggered by the disgraced EC boss , Jean Mensah and till date not a single person has been prosecuted.

Now one will understand the Ejura incident is just a by-product of a long standing impunity consciously created by the certain criminal elements in President Akuffo Addo's government to sustain their lust for power by using miscreants thrown into various security agencies to crackdown on dissents or persons of alternative views rise to the growing culture of silence Ghanaians are curently witnessing.

President Akufo-Addo has demonstrated he's never interested in the welfare of the ordinary Ghanaian and his posture and reactions to situations in Ghana is a clear vindication of this claim, I believe being President is all he's interested in, being President without responsibility, he's only living his childhood fantasies of being President and luckily he finds a perfect time to satisfy his dying days orgies at the expense of the suffering masses.

Its a tragedy Akufo-Addo is President. I'm Ivan Kyei Innocent and I'm no cynic.

Ivan Kyei Innocent writer !

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