#Dreadlocks: Progression and Diversity are cousins

Feature Article #Dreadlocks: Progression and Diversity are cousins
MAR 25, 2021 LISTEN

A society with no imagination is a dead society!
A progressive society with a progressive approach to life is crucial at this point especially when one takes a cursory look at the world that's evolving, the reality is that, society cannot afford to remain rigid in the face of the changing world however hesitant we become!

I remember when teachers used to seize phones from students during SSS days but today, looking at where we stand right now with the emerging technological evolution that has taken the world by storm, I am not sure any reasonable person can advocate same this time that is ..".barring students from using smart phones at school at the SHS level today" such a suggestion will be deemed coming from an antiquated mind, because today , time has made it even possible for the introduction of smartphones at the kindergarten level, we only have to adhere.

Barring the use of smart phones in secondary schools apart from reasons stated above will not work considering the kind of tomorrow that's emerging.... it cannot work even if efforts used to achieve same during the SSS days are doubled.... because the society that existed then, lifted itself, travelled with time.... to arrive at where we are today !

Wearing of dreadlocks to school should never be an issue in a society with imagination! A society that's very conscious of the direction the world is heading towards :

And unfortunately for us until we appreciate the modern conceptual prescriptions of the world and realigned our most cherished beliefs, cherished cultural practices and laws ..we will continue to live on the fringes ( outside the world ) and wage constant war with ourselves over non salient issues such as dreadlocks, mobiles phones etc ....

The World now is a progressive society and it embraces nothing but diversity.. nothing more nothing less ...I am aware God himself is a progressive man , the reason he gave man freedom over a lot of things !

I listened to the NAGRAT boss and I was indeed ashamed with the kind of backward assertions he made , It is essential to admit that time is indeed timeless ... time gives relevance to rules and infact time overrides many things ! Let's sit up !

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