16.04.2021 Feature Article

Social media Man And The Real Man: The Case of Rosemond Brown

Social media Man And The Real Man: The Case of Rosemond Brown
16.04.2021 LISTEN

The advancement in technology has brought upon us more questions than we can pretend to have answers. Some call it a handle, others a page, a blog and the list goes on depending on whether one uses tiktok, whatsapp or weebo.

This discussion has become very necessary because the social media world cannot be our new real world. It is a realm of gadgets interacting with one another and we cannot accept that these are real creatures.

Before one gets onto these sites, he pays for data, he feels lonely, he might be frustrated by the bills or needs to reach out somehow, not knowing whom exactly to talk to. So, many a time, they choose the space provided by the toys. Toys could be dildos and ladies can confirm that the world of a dildo can never be the real world.

But here, I am talking about the toys that permit us on their Twitter and Facebook walls. They assure us of company, privacy and permit us to give off ourselves in their world of toys. Sometimes, they either control what we do or tease us to do something. And depending on the level of our loneliness and vulnerability we take an action.

The usual greeting the toys offer us to lead us in is "What is on your mind". And here is where the story of one Rosemond Brown comes to mind.

How could we address her in the real world by what her toy provoked out of her? Even the creators of Facebook understand this and that is why there is a space for one's gadget to block, spam or report what the other gadget has provoked from its user and even if this gets reported, the authorities at Facebook do not target the individual outside the gadget but rather his/her gadget.

But here we are allowing the toys to jail the vulnerable. The vulnerable who by virtue of having no one to talk to went to a realm where humans do not belong to spill her guts because the gadgets assured her of secrecy and company?

Is this really sane?
I am beginning to think that those who accuse others of witchcraft are right. If they are able to see people in their dreams and confirm them as witches why then do we preach against the witches' camps littering parts of the North where candidacy is determined by dreams?

I do not intend to write too much but permit me to ask that when we have social media pages dedicated to pets or dead people, and these pets and official pages for the dead offend real humans in the space created for gadgets or toys are we equally bringing them to life or the world of the human to judge them or are we letting it slide?

It is time to think of the social media space as an independent space and find how to sue and pronounce judgement on the social media element/page without transferring that to vulnerable human being who exist in a different and real human space.

We can only hope Rosemond Brown was well represented in the human court of law and her son too is being given justice!

Good day!