22.02.2021 Feature Article

The Life We Came Across

The Life We Came Across
22.02.2021 LISTEN

Often, music and books come to my rescue. I peek into life trying to identify the best days and times that needed to last longer.

It may be the time spent with old friends, times with the weirdest people, times spent on night beaches with beautiful people, people we classify as -Fe- before a -Male- or just males, and people we might never meet again. I personally remember a disappointing dinner date. Could have been nicer If there weren't three ladies waiting to have the memorable time with me, when in fact I was expecting two to turn down the invitation.

Life just makes these times pass by so fast that you later look back and wish you did things differently. Sometimes, we knew we would have had the best moment of our lives but sadly we were in the spotlight as the organizers or the busy bees that needed to make the place come together alive nicely.

Life seems like a rolling stone. The good things always left in the past ungathered and we only seem to realize this when we have passed that stage and a terrible obstacle stops the rock in its track and we now have the task to inspect what we have gathered so far.

I am listening to Samakue- a beautiful song by Harryson featuring Timaya. The song just takes my mind to good times I could have had another way.

It is not late but the folks needed for these good times might be too busy finding money now. Responsibilities knocking on their doors now. They cannot just leave all that to spend a night on the beach doing nothing but drinking and scheming and plotting to defeat an opponent in an fanfare or maybe an election of a student leader.

All the good times seem to have been left in the past but we can relive it again. But how?