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Whch Awɔmefia Signed Aŋlɔ Into Goldcoast?

Whch Awmefia Signed Al Into Goldcoast?
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My writeup today will just be presenting and assessing some evidence available to us to determine whom to believe.

According to a book written by the Agbotadua Kumassah of Aŋlɔ, who is also said to be the official historian of the Awɔmefia Palace and one of those who claim that Aŋlɔ was Gold Coast since 1874, this is the list of Awɔmefias since we settled in our current location and the year they ruled.

1.Tɔgbi Sri I -Adzɔvia (1468-1504)
2.Tɔgbi Adeladza I- Bate (1504-1524)
3.Tɔgbi Zanyedɔ I-Adzɔvia (1525-1538)
4.Tɔgbi Akɔtsui I-Bate (1540-1568)
5.Tɔgbi ŋditsi I-Adzɔvia (1568-1594)
6.Tɔgbi Adzanu I(Fiayidziehe)-Bate ( 1595-1630)
7.Tɔgbi Agɔdɔmatu I-Bate (1631-1660)
8.Tɔgbi Agɔleha I -Adzɔvia (1661-1685)
9.Tɔgbi Axɔlu NunyaI-Bate (1686-1725)
10.Tɔgbi Atsia I-Adzɔvia (1726-1776)
11. Tɔgbi AtsiasaI-Adzɔvia (1784-1810)
12. Tɔgbi Letsa Gbagba I-Bate (1810-1840)
13.Tɔgbi Amedor KpeglaI-Bate (1849-1906)
14.Tɔgbi Sri II-Adzɔvia (1906-1956)
15.Tɔgbi Adeladza II-Bate (1957-1997)
Attached to their name is their respective clans Adzɔvia or Bate. Mind you I am referring from the 2009 edition of the book "The Migration Saga of the Anlo-Ɛʋɛs of Ghana" page 109.

Another book titled "Ɛʋɛawo ƒe Blemanyawo Le Hogbe Kple Etsotso ŋʋti" written by F.B Kwami(kakabiku) and published in 1970 has this order for us but without years.

1.Sroe I (Adzɔviawo)
2.Adeladzea (Bateawo)
3.Zanyidɔ (Adzɔviawo)
5.Fiayidziehe (Adzɔviawo)
6.Akɔtsui (Bateawo)
7.ŋditsi (Adzɔviawo)
8.Axɔlu Nunya (Bateawo)
9.Atsã (Adzɔviawo)
11.Amedɔ Kpeglã (Bateawo)
12.Sroe II (Adzɔviawo)
The next list is what i gathered from Wikipedia and their only reference was Modern

1. c.1650 Togbi Azamu Bata Dynasty (date unknown)
2. Awɔmefia (Acoli Nguña)Azovi Dynasty (Date unknown )

3.Togbi Atsa,Bata Dynasty(date unknown)
4.Togbi Agodo,Azovi Dynasty (date unknown).
5.Togbi Atsasa,Bata Dynasty(date unknown)
6.Togbi Hola Muña,(date unknown)
7.Togbi Abagba, unknown Dynasty(1855-unknown)
8.Togbi Amedor Kpengla,(ante/c.1884 to1907)
9.Togbi Sri II, (July 1907 to 1956)
10.Togbi Adeladza II, (1956 to1 August 1997)
11.Togbi Agbesi Awusu II,Acting Awoamefia (1997 to 2011)

The Treaty that some people claimed made Aŋlɔ a part of Goldcoast was said to have been signed in 1874. So from these lists of the Aŋlɔ leaders which can we accept to be most credible? Maybe the official historians list would be accepted by many as the most credible but permit to analyze the three. Since it is the fact/truth that we all seek.

The first list from the Agbotadua of Aŋlɔ who is also referred to as the chief historian for the Awɔmefia suggests that Tɔgbi Amedor Kpengla I, who was from the Bate Clan and ruled c.1849-1906 is the most likely leader to have signed the treaty of 1874 that supposedly made Aŋlɔ a goldcoast territory.

The second source did not provide dates therefore we can assume that Amedɔ Kpegla who came directly before Tɔgbi Sroe II (the darling of the British colonialist) was the one who signed the treaty. This gives us two sources backing Tɔgbi Amedor Kpegla I.

The third source however, gives us a more interesting twist. It brings into the equation one Tɔgbi Agbagba whose dynasty is said to be unknown, and who was said to have ruled from 1855 to a time that is also not known. After him comes Tɔgbui Amedor Kpengla. This third source or list tells us that Tɔgbui Amedor Kpegla ruled Circa (ante/c.1884-1907). Which means that Tɔgbi Amedor Kpegla according to this third source was not a signatory.

This is where this becomes a writeup for the thinkers. Where did Tɔgbi Agbagba emerge from? If he was from the Bate clan as was recorded in the book written by the Agbotadua of Aŋlɔ why was his rule followed by another ruler from the Bate clan?

From historical accounts available, since the stool was returned from ŋɔtsie by he nephews of Tɔgbi Sroe I, a leader from the Adzɔvia clan should be followed by one from the Bate. So why did two subsequent leaders emerge from the Bate clan in the case of Tɔgbi Agbagba and Tɔgbi Amedɔ Kpegla?

Was Togbui Agbagba an imposter or an usurper who was later discovered as such and removed as a false claimant to be replaced by the rightful heir from the Bate clan by name Tɔgbui Amedor Kpegla I? Was that why two subsequent leaders emerged from the same clan?

Even as recently as AD2000 we witnessed the chieftaincy dispute in Aŋlɔ which lasted over 10years. And this was because two factions were claiming to be the rightful heir to the Awɔmezi. And even as I type this we have kingmakers who are still of the view that the current occupant of the Awɔmefia throne is not the rightful heir.

These chieftaincy disputes did not start in this century. It has been in existence since Tɔgbi Sroe I announced that his nephews who risked their lives to retrieve the Awɔmezi from Ŋɔtsie must ascend the throne before his own children. And that is why it is necessary for us to know who Tɔgbi Agbagba is.

Should our elders not be happy to tell the young the truth about their history and identity? Should money and the promise of gift or a good life be the driver or the determinant of whether truth should be upheld or falsehood justified?