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16.01.2021 Feature Article

The World Ruler - Part 45

The World Ruler - Part 45
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"And I thought you more...I mean, how can you...oh no, this can never be true!"

"It is true...and it is true all the time!"

"But we have finished...I mean, we have ended so many lives already that you were cherished so much. So, why...why on earth have you come?"

"I protect my saints always...even at times it might not seem like that. But I watch you and them at any time a when my time has risen, I will rise and save my people from your hands...that is my promise and I never fail my promise. People might not understand, might complain, might question my intentions. Sure, they do as they are flesh and not a spirit. But they should always rest assured, when you have an agenda you sneak into people, confuse them, make them mad and use them against other humans. Once your mission has been completed, you dump them, and they lay down in history in disgrace and shame."

Mallam Naa Zali was feeling the something that was coming from his leg now in his stomach to cause him serious pain. That blockage brought him close to vomiting but as the blockage moved further to his chest he was about to panic, still unable to move any part of his body. His mind was darkened, his spiritual strength was fading. He took a deep breath, the blockage moved closer to his heart. He felt his hard was not pumping blood through his body rather working as a vacuum cleaner to suck up all the dirt in his body parts. He took another very deep breath, and the blockage was right before his heart.

"This is the end!"

"Yes, this is the end of a long road!" responded the unknown man by his side feeling the heavy head of Mallam Naa Zali on his left shoulder. He pushed his head back into an upright position. The shining light faded away minute by minute.

The presiding judge said: "Good we finally can see...the light is no more so intense. So, let us see what we have got here!"

The unknown man-made sure Mallam Naa Zali sat in an upright position without falling to his right or left before quietly leaving his set and the courthouse. As he had left the courthouse behind, he heard from the distance how an ambulance was rushing to the scene.

"When I look at the documents before the court," said the presiding Judge, "no in this light to me it seems clear that all the documents presented before the court are well mastered fake papers. If you agree, my colleague, let us just return to my office and discuss the situation before we deliver our verdict." Not even an hour had passed, the panel of judges returned to the courtroom, took their seats and the judgment was delivered by the presiding judge saying: "Anonymously did all the judges of the court agree that the documents presented before them are fake evidence intended to discredit King Thomas and overthrow his government. The court hereby rules the immediate release of King Thomas from prison custody that he might return to his rightful throne and that the persons that had brought this case before the court shall be arrested, investigated, and brought before the court here in speedy time to judge them and hand down their much-deserved judgement. let me use this special moment in our nation's history and apologize to King Thomas that we, the court, and many in our nation, were utterly wrong and blinded. We owe King Thomas our future and we are convinced the good Lord will always protect him and hold his hands over him. A legacy is never to die and a human that carries a legacy on his shoulders will always live even when his body one day is no more working for him. We know even more than before that God is truly on our side and has sent all of us here in Ghana and across the continent, a white man turning the tables, telling is in which direction to change and how to go about it, a person that unites our continent which was so much divided along spiritual and political lines. As God never fails his Saints, so history will never fail its people in space and time. What is meant to happen, even there are a delay lasting generation, eventually is to rule the waves of time and space? King Thomas, even it is not for a judge to say in his courtroom, even not for any Barrister to get emotional, but on behalf of all my fellow judges in this room, let me let you go by saying that we love you so much, God bless you, Your Majesty. God bless you!"

While King Thomas stepped out of the courthouse cheered on by his supporters and microphones holds towards him to give a brief statement concerning his victory and how he felt during the time in prison, he hearts a clear voice in his mind saying: "Remember always the Arab Spring, the uprising of people with no well laid out plan, no ideas about a new constitution, no vision for a better life and successful nation, but only anger on the streets with many casualties and power vacuum caused. That time in history was a failure, wasting precious time and resources, back to square one. Do never allow as a man of wisdom to happen this ever again to the new Kingdom of Ghana and promote my words always across the African continent to make my people stand tall above the rest of the world and be a true and long-lasting World Leader." He looked up to the heavens and said off-camera: "Amen, I will!"

"It is well with you," said King Thomas seeing his Prime Minister and all Cabinet Ministers around the light brownish conference table again for the first time after his release from prison. "We must from now on work even harder than before, giving our vison a boost and accelerate our efforts to change the new Kingdom of Ghana and be a raw model for the change of the African continent. The time I was in prison was never lost but a clear and powerful demonstration of God`s will and the position he holds in this world...that no one for always will hold the destiny of this world in his hands except him. He is the Maker, the him, we trust always and forever. With what he did to me, and the good country of Ghana is a powerful statement of his will and power. He will now speed up things so that we can go ahead of the overpopulation problem of the African continent and mark the places of change, print his word and his will in ever new Kingdom on our beloved continent to stand tall and mighty in history and dominate the rest of the world. We will educate our people on the issue of trading on time, trading on honesty, on cooperating as teams and nations, trading on a new concept of humanity which is above all the concept of human history had ever seen to bring mankind on a much higher level than before. By my release from prison, from the bondage of fake documents, God has given us a clear sign that the evil spirits which had haunting Africa for countless generations in the past have finally ended. We are now a new creation and must educate our people along with the new concept of humanity, a new vision for Africa and the rest of the world. God wants nothing more and nothing less of us to be a well-recognized World Leader that deserves all the credit to go before the rest of mankind. The clock, golden as it is, standing right in the middle of the table, should remind you all that time is key in the new concept of humanity and that doing business in time is what we need from now on. Our success in this world depends on our renewed spirit that trading on time is our economic tool of success guided by our great vision of humanity new defined to make our country great and strong indeed, the World Leader that deserves the glorious title."

Minister of defense, Abdul Abadi smiled and got up to say: "We in the Arab World are, like the people on the African continent, not time conscious as we still have the mentality that time does not matter too much, but that money speaks louder than anything in this world except the word of Allah. Therefore, I am truly honoured and proud to be part of this great team of experts from around the world that has set its mind on trading on time with a great vision guiding that process. Money is an important power tool to achieve greatness in this world as it had been for centuries. But money, as you always say, King Thomas, is nothing but one form of human expression and not a power in itself as such; for that reason, we must see that only when people believe in money, in its value, in its currency, in its meaningfulness, then the money is powerful. It is only paperwork or metal after all like metal and paper is around the world in so many other forms and places. Only the mindset we have make paper and metal powerful and meaningful as money. The power, therefore, is not first and foremost in material things as thoughts, vision and ideas are spirits that over time become pictures and see the world in form of material things. Times only change when we change our thoughts, our pictures before we see the results in the real, touchable world that surrounds all of us. The forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden was a material thing and by the thought and picture Adam and Eva had created it triggered a process to bring humans out of innocence and their comfort zone into the hard reality of what life can also mean for us humans, to struggle and reflect on the process of struggling by which to move ahead always from level to level. Without hardship from time to time in which we reflect on ourselves and the rest of the world we simply would be a bunch of lazy human creatures laying on beaches to enjoy the sun trusting milk and honey would always be served to us. I do understand and appreciate the time you were in prison as an important learning curve for yourself and a blessing to our African continent. It is indeed a powerful statement that there is a God, there is Allah...and that the evil spirits that have haunted our societies for far too long are now defeated. We are all ready to work tirelessly to make the vision you outlined on so many occasions possible and set Ghana, the new Kingdom, as a shining example high up on the throne of history and make it is well deserved World Leader."

The rest of the Cabinet Ministers said as a choir: "Amen!"

"I thank all of you, Ambassadors, to have come today to this special session of the UNO General Assembly here in New York City at the Hudson River. I know this is a very important meeting for all of us," started the UN General Secretary the extra Session which was called in only three days ago, "as we stand at the forefront of a new time in our history books. We all in this room, in the small conference rooms in small groups and face-to-face meetings, in the Security Council and our apparatus in our organization something during the past years have witnessed a great change and shift in this world that belongs to all of us. As we all are aware of even, we humans and nations are all equal, there will always be some of us that are more talented than others, more enthusiastic and more blessed at certain times in history to go before us and lead others into the promised land. There was never a time in history to my best knowledge that a powerful force, an Empire, a Superpower was an empire or Superpower forever. Empires and superpowers come and go, they only differ in the length of their reign and the impact they leave behind in the development of mankind and the world we see around us, the various shapes, and sizes of countries we live in and find ourselves as citizens. As much as the belief that things should comfort us and stay, they should stay intact is understandable as very human, as much as it is also true life is turning around and around in circles like the moon and the earth is circling the sun. Mankind once was born in Africa and so did humanity, the great concept of how humans on earth should live their lives. Time showed us that the power on earth had moved away from the black man and eventually was touching the hands of the white man for him to lay the power in his hands above foreign nations, so on Africa. As Superpowers replaced Empires and Democracies Kingdoms, we also have seen in the past years the effects of overpopulation on the shift of powers and the vital aspect and demand for a new concept of humanity the world over so much sought and wished for. The old nations were tired ready to rest, no longer able to give vital and meaningful input to change societies for the better and solve the pressing issues, foremost overpopulation crisis, for the Africans themselves to take back their birthright as they see it and dominate the time and space on earth in every corner of the world. Under the leadership of the new Kingdom of Ghana and it's King Thomas has the African continent proven itself once again in our world history to be the only place where the pressing questions for the future generations can come from, from where mankind once had started to emerge from dust and ashes of the past. It is there were the overpopulation finds its peak and most pressing questions that the issue can and will be addressed to the benefit not only of Africans but the entire world. Yes, it needed a foreigner to generate and simulate the process to find the right answers, but lets us all not forget, the fact that King Thomas is a German does not matter too much as he is a human-like all of us...gifted with the inner instinct of time and discipline, of knowing the importance and values of a great vision, a great strategic plan to make a vision benefitting most people and the wisdom to teach others to follow the plan by the letter with an open eye for any possible mistake the plan might hide in reflection to the process of implementing the vision. In that spirit, and after long hours of discussions, we all have decided to meet today here in the UN building, representatives of all nations, to acknowledge the leadership of the new Kingdom of Ghana under its leader King Thomas and that we all swear diligence towards the leadership of the new Kingdom of Ghana, to lead and guide us into a better world, into a more human future, to show and demonstrate the new concept of humanity to all of us. We swear our diligence to a country, the new Kingdom of Ghana, and acknowledge by that that the circle has been completed, the journey of mankind being born in Africa, the power shifted to the Western World, that now the power has come back to complete a circle for generations to come. Let us all rise and swear our diligence to the new Kingdom of Ghana under the leadership of their king, King Thomas."

"We swear our diligence to Africa!" said all Ambassadors standing and applauding each other for their bravery to have finally overcome their resistance and seen and accepted the benefits ahead of them.

Karl-Heinz Heerde
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