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01.08.2020 Feature Article

Reduce Fuel prices to reduce transport fares to mitigate hardship Ghanaians are facing in this pandemic.

Reduce Fuel prices to reduce transport fares to mitigate hardship Ghanaians are facing in this pandemic.
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If government have allowed fares to shoot to about 30%.Implementing 5% in place of the existing 30% will not work, it has never worked. The 30% increment is gross and bad but is not the problem. Government decision to allow commercial vehicles to carry full capacity is the problem. It beats logic and common sense for government to say so in this era of COVID-19.

We are already paying the 30%, though things are hard we are comfortable because we are somehow safe but full capacity means NO SOCIAL DISTANCING. And you know what, people are not even wearing their mask well in the crowded troskies. And it seems we are told COVID is over, looking at government posture and peoples behaviour. There are no strict safety protocols observed especially in public places.

So now what is the prudence allowing us to sit in full capacity and paying 30%?

The government is extremely confused, not proactive and now struggling to pull the fares down, is not feasible.

The government has already betrayed Ghanaians. The 30% was deliberate. Government had the capacity to stop it but it never happened.

I am calling on government to reduce the full capacity in the commercial buses and also reduce fuel prices to reduce transport fares. Government must know he has to tackle matters from the roots. Firstly, reduce fuel prices before battling the fares, if not it will look like killing the tree from the branches.

Government should use the COVID-19 fund to drastically reduce fuel prices. Also, strengthen the social distancing protocols in crowded areas including the transport sector.

We are dead than alive if this COVID-19 mean business in Africa and in Ghana.

Our survival is in our own hands. Keep safe.

The government is a scam and sham.


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