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7 September 2017 | Home & Food

Fine Dining Principles

Cynthia Tumwine
Fine Dining Principles

Fine Dining is an interesting experience that many people in Uganda are slowly getting more acquainted with. What does Fine Dining entail exactly you wonder? To enjoy the finest in food, service and atmosphere that is usually relaxed and set to have you forgetting all your day’s stress. Of course with fine dining the cost of a meal is usually higher than what you would normally pay at a fast food restaurant or your nearby local food bistro.

Characterised by specials of the day where a select meal is prepared by the chef and the regular options off of the menu, which consist of starters, the main course and dessert. For some people they opt to have the full three course meal but if you are a terrible eater you could just opt for two out of the three or even just one. Special shouts to you if a restaurant has held you hostage based on just its dessert menu. House wines, champagnes and the drinks menu also usually has various options catering to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

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Fine dining also incorporates high standards of dining table behavior. Once you reach these exquisite restaurants, you are seated at a set table by usually polite and well trained waiter/waitress staff. The table will have a clean crisp table cloth, a napkin and different cutlery for the different foods you are going to eat. As fine dine etiquette would have it using a fork and knife to eat is key.

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Kampala has several top star restaurants which offer this experience around town and it’s outskirts including; Mediterraneo on Acacia Avenue that serves Italian Cuisine, Tamarai on the lower Kololo terrace that offers Thai cuisine, Pardis that does Middle Eastern Cuisine or Nawab Indian Restaurant at Garden City and Acacia Mall rooftop that specialize in Indian cuisine to name a few that can also be found on Jumia Food if you are in a rush and do not have enough time to sit and enjoy the meal at leisure or prefer to order in.

Cynthia Tumwine.
The writer is the PR Manager at Jumia Travel Uganda

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