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What Men Must Avoid With Regards To Their Penis

By Catherine Forson Agbo
What Men Must Avoid With Regards To Their Penis
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Dr. Jamie Wells is a medical specialist by profession and have composed such huge numbers of articles on men and their sexuality on the website American Council on Science and Health. There was one that specifically caught my attention and that was the point at which he presented a few kinds of stuff men ought to thoroughly stay away from with regards to their penis.

Overwhelming dependence on Jiftip
I very much recall one of my readers requesting an introduction to Jiftip in one of my articles. It’s well noted, I would find time to do that. Alright, so back to the question… in the event that you're searching for an optional alternative to condoms, you may have known about Jiftip. From the product site, Jiftip is a sticker intended for wear on the glans of a man's penis which attempts to keep discharge sperm in the wearer's from entering the urethra. However, it sufficiently adaptable to hold semen amid sex, it has not been proven to counteract pregnancies. The designers, of this product trust it gives men the delight upgrade, pleasure, and enhancement that is convenient to drive their sexual life. All things considered, Dr. Wells shares his musings on this;

Additionally, plugging the outlet for semen could pose a risk of retrograde ejaculation where the material enters the bladder instead of the outside world-- this can lead to male infertility issues. Urine could also be propelled in the wrong direction. Then, there is the potential of placing a bonding agent or adhesive on the very sensitive skin on the penile tip and the trauma this might cause. Since they don't provide the ingredients within the product on their site, understanding the extent of the possible hazards is unknown- Dr. Wells

He, also stated that the surgery that has to do with penile elongation and girth enhancement procedures usually results in sudden death

The drive for sexual fulfillment has made a lot of men to hand-off on different approaches such as using enlargement creams. Some, however, go to a very vast extent to expand their penis size by going through enhancement surgeries. Before this, more youthful and healthy men have died, in the wake of experiencing methods with the goal of having a bigger penis. With this sort of medical procedure, adverse impacts, such as disfigurement, swelling, hematomas, infection or bleeding may accompany it. Apart from that, there are challenges too with respect to these procedures, Its purpose was not to combat erectile dysfunction, but to alter the size (and cosmetic) perception. In fact, a component of the process performed-- loosening the fundiform ligament to elongate the penis-- can actually make erection more challenging”-Dr. Wells states.

My advice- for any maximum sexual satisfaction, use a condom. You don’t need to enlarge your penis through surgery just to fit in. If it’s that serious, well discuss with your specialist your concerns and how best to keep up your own sexual life safe.

Catherine Forson Agbo
Catherine Forson Agbo