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Jan 16, 2019 | Home & Food

Geese- Incredible Watchdogs

By Catherine Forson Agbo
Geese- Incredible Watchdogs

Historically, Geese was believed to have come to the forefront of Roman life in 390 BC. Sacred to the goddess, Juno, a flock of geese that were kept in her sanctuary saw a troop of Gauls sneaking up the hill to attack the city of Rome. The frightened and alarmed honks of the geese awoke the Roman gatekeepers, who attacked the invaders and successfully defended their city. Geese were one of the first creatures to become part of human everyday life for over 3,000 years ago since Roman times,… yeah long before you were born.

A goose attack is one I can never under any circumstance forget because it left quite a significant memory. I strikingly recall being pursued by a goose pet in my uncle's compound when I was a kid. Trust me it wasn’t funny at all. I cried like a baby in light of the fact that I was startled to the bones. Well, today isn't about me, but the geese and how security savvy, they could be in your home. First, how about we attempt to understand the difference between Geese and Goose? Note that; Goose is in the singular and Geese is the plural.

Features of Geese
They are excellent and magnificent show birds with incredible character, particularly if they are familiar with you. They want to play around with you and go with you wherever, just like puppies would.

Geese can lay around ten to fifty colossal per year on average, but a few breeds have been known to lay a hundred. Note that their breeds come in three types, the light, medium and heavy breeds. These eggs are usually laid between the season period of spring and summer or autumn and winter, and to a great extent subject to their breed and age.

Moreover, with regards to their feeding, I’m certain you can figure that out… they eat grass. If you got long grass and having problems with your mower, simply put a few geese in there, they help you trim them short. Notwithstanding that, you may need to supplement their diet with wheat and layer pellets.

Geese are incredible watchdogs
Strikingly, geese are great "watchdogs" or "security guards" which can't be remunerated or better still bribed with treats or gifts. They are incredibly noisy and have keener eyesight and hearing capabilities of human movements. They make it a point not to miss any potential intruder barging in. Geese rush to respond when they hear the slightest questionable noise. They generally understand you when you speak without any necessary training. They can differentiate among outsiders/intruders and individuals or other animals living on their property. Truth be told, they tend to have no fear whatsoever, rather, they challenge any human or animal that intrudes their property or threatens "their" master. A flock of geese may be very effective in defense without special training. They will warn and alarm you of any intruder by honking. Note that some geese can be aggressive, though some others are docile.

Anticipating on keeping Geese at home?
The first thing you require is a good quality grass. In the event that you do not have a field or land, an ideal option is to have two large grass areas and rotate them every few weeks to enable the grass to grow back. A vast garden would also be perfect to harbor them. Believe it or not, geese are not as muddled or messy as ducks and chickens, because they avoid scratching the ground. Some breeds of geese fly, so you might need to clip their wings. Most importantly, dogs and geese do not mix - keep them separate for the dog's benefit.

Are there Still Geese Used Today?
Don’t be surprised by the fact that today, people still use them as guard animals. Here are a few examples; In Scotland, geese are used to guard business such as whiskey warehouses. In Europe, specifically, West Germany, they are kept on guard duty to guard and monitor U.S military base. Also, throughout China Xinjiang province, geese are presently used to guard police stations.

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